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Wars of In-Laws II

Casts: Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui, Derek Kwok, Vivian Yeo, Nancy Wu, Stephen Wong
Episodes: 20

Magazine editor-in-chief KWO PIK (Liza Wang Ming Chun) will never save face for her superiors, nor will she come to the defense of her subordinates. She shows no mercy to her enemies and does everything she can to keep her son KWO TAK (Bosco Wong Chung Chak) under her thumb. She is an iron lady who can’t afford to lose anything. As she is still full of confidence that she can determine her son’s future life, a plain, geeky-looking girl named CHOW LAI-MAN (Myolie Wu Hang Yee) has already managed to become the wife of TAK. Later MAN resigns from the police force and chooses to work as a magazine journalist, thus leading to even more conflicts between her and PIK.

Not long after, PIK is dragged into a scandal and gets framed by her assistant KO PO-PO (Joyce Tang Lai Ming), which causes her to lose her place all of a sudden. Facing a dramatic career slump and her deteriorating relationship with her son and daughter-in-law, PIK moves to the outlying islands on her own. There she meets a new man in her life, the knowledgeable and talented BUT PING-FAN (Benz Hui Shiu Hung) who was once a convict. From FAN, PIK has learnt how to reflect on herself and let go of the past. As everything seems to be going fine, MAN discovers that there is a conspiracy going on and that the magazine she is working for is in danger of falling apart.

Synopsis Credits to: Astro on Demand


Adjustments to Official Synopsis

*MAN was sacked from the police force, she did not resign herself. She becomes a PIK’s assistant
*PIK has already met PING-FAN earlier in the series.

Comments: Another Sequel to series I really enjoyed watching – Wars of In-laws modern version will be out soon =) I remember the highlight to the prequel Wars of In-laws was the very cute chemistry shared between Bosco and Myolie and the whole Bosco’s secret identity thing. It was also the series I started liking Bosco a lot in. The other part of the series would have been seeing how Myolie and Liza would eventually get along. Funny moments. I’m really looking forward to it!


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12 Responses to “[New Series]: Wars of in-Laws II”

  • chibi says:

    wheeee..another sequel coming up =)

  • summer says:

    KTVB: wa.. WOIL II coming, so happy, wish to see Bosco and Myolie agian and oso the funny of Myolie fight wif Liza wong.. great…

  • Soojin says:

    Well, I’m kinda disappointed that the plot of the sequel sounds exactly the same as the original:
    1. Liza as an arrogant mother-in-law who wants to control everyone
    2. Myolie marries Bosco and creates conflicts with Liza
    3. Someone frames Liza for something and she loses everything
    4. Liza became a nice person again
    5. Liza came back to help the king/company from falling apart

    I’m looking forward to this sequel too, but I hope that they won’t be exactly alike or else it would be boring 🙁

  • stacy says:

    cool sequal cant wait to see it when it comes over to california

  • groovy says:

    in ep 15 and 16 I wanna kill Vivien’s character(not her). I also wanna slap Bosco’s character Kyle to wake up. Haha its getting too intense now. I miss all the Boscolie moments 😥

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 6

    We find out the relationship between Liza and Benz from Liza’s point of view.

    The remaining of the episode was about Bosco’s interest in Speculative Investments but Liza was against it, mainly because he doesn’t want his son anywhere near investments because of what Bosco’s father did (I also believe that Bosco’s interest and talent came from his father).

    Surprisingly, it wasn’t Myolie who stood firmly and encouraged Bosco to stand up against his mother’s wish, but it was Bosco’s strong desire to pursue his interest that. The two even move out!

  • TVBLuver says:

    *sighs* wonder wen the series gonna release in viet in the u.s

  • Elizabeth says:

    Haha yes i know i cant wait till it comes out in viet too!

  • KTVB says:

    In the latter part of the story, I actually sided more with Liza’s “Ophelia”. She very funny and comical. I can’t blame Liza for being so angry with how Myolie kept on getting in the way, in her career life, and private life.

    Two of the major things that happened: Myolie ruined her image and reputation at the election day when she blurts out the past things about “Fiona”. The other was when Myolie let “Mark” hear their conversation. Liza does have the skills and experience getting to that position in “Elva”- she really did work hard for it.

    I believe that Liza did try to be a good mother and mother in-law. She didn’t want Kyle (Bosco) to follow the footsteps of her father when he loses everything in investing. She didn’t want Bosco to be like his father and have an affair when he was already married. She could have easily encouraged Bosco for a divorce to marry someone else, but she doesn’t. She tries to help Bosco and Myolie maintain their marriage.

    Myolie is the one I found most annoying out of the three characters. She didn’t trust Bocsco when he told her there was nothing. Bosco was also annoying..he is so immature and blinded by Vivien’s Athena character. He kept on defending her and had many arguments with Myolie because of her. Bosco lies, saying there’s nothing between yet he should have clearly seen that Myolie was right that Vivien wanted to get in their relationship, especially how Vivien went to their home, telling Myolie what had happened in her room and that she and Bosco were kissing..Bosco didn’t say anything to her, he just let Vivien hurt Myolie..

  • lynnxda says:

    I was kind of disappointed in this sequel, it was more about Liza and that other guy *i forgot his name* than about Bosco & Myolie. But I’m still looking forward for THIS sequel. It was pretty good overall

  • JulyieL says:

    OiC! Why episode 9-17 no hv episode screencaptures ?? please reply 🙂

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