June 2010

[New Series]: When Lanes Merge

Title: When Lanes Merge

Chinese Title: 情越双白线 (Ching Yuet Seung Baak Sin)

Cast:  Kent Cheng, Raymond Wong Ho Yin, Kate Tsui, Sonija Kwok, Lee Heung Kam, Raymond Cho, Elaine Yiu,  Chan Chin Pang

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 28 June 2010 (after The Mysteries of Love)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: Won’t Leave won’t Abandon– Ryan Lau

Executive Producer: Leung Choy Yuen

Scriptwriter:Ng Shiu Tung  & Kar Wai Lam

When Lanes merge


Rushing along the road every day with a vibrant mix of passengers of all kinds, what taxi drivers see and hear is far more varied than one can ever imagine. Retired taxi driver HO KAU (Kent Cheng) returns to the job after his son HO KA-PO (Raymond Wong) is convicted of causing death by dangerous driving. The incident has exacerbated the already fractious relationship between the father and the son. PO works for KAU after his release from prison. Before long, he has another serious road accident, in which KAU is also involved and severely injured, both mentally and physically. PO feels so guilty towards his father and comes to understand the importance of careful driving. He maintains a high degree of vigilance while driving but still gets picked on constantly by female traffic police officer KO LAI-SAM (Kate Tsui). As time goes by, the pair have gradually developed a strong attachment to each other and finally become lovers. But PO’s ex-girlfriend CHEUNG HIU-MAN (Sonija Kwok) and SAM’s grandmother KO LI SHUK-CHING (Lee Heung Kam) turn out to be the biggest obstacle to their relationship, leaving the pair stranded in dismay along the tunnel of love…

的士司机每天在马路上兜兜转转,见闻识广,接载的乘客千奇百怪,祸 福难料。退休司机何球(郑则士)因儿子何加宝(黄浩然)危险驾驶导致他人死亡,被迫重操故业,令冷淡的父子关係更趋恶劣。加宝受刑出狱後替父亲开工,的士 失事撞毁,父亲刚好坐在车上,意外令他的精神及身体严重受创,加宝内疚不已,才开始明白小心驾车的重要性,从此加宝每逢开工都份外谨慎,但总会遇上交通女 警高丽芯(徐子珊)来找碴,二人从误解到了解,遂成为情侣关係,但加宝的旧情人张晓雯(郭羡妮)和丽芯的祖母高李淑贞(李香琴)都成了他们的障碍,令二人 在感情路上徘徘徊徊……

Credits: TVB.com.au

33 Responses to “[New Series]: When Lanes Merge”

  • Jenny says:

    Its good to see TVB raising awareness to careful driving though. I love Raymond Wong so I’ll definitely give this ago. I’m not a fan of Kent Cheng though, despite him being an actor since the 1970’s I’m not a fan of his acting.

    It’s nice to see TVB giving new pairings ago too, Raymond-Kate-Sonija love triangle? If I remember correctly I don’t think any of them have been in a series together yet?

  • chibi says:

    um………….. I dunno about this series XD Don’t really like the cast and the synopsis doesn’t sound too interesting ^^;;

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I’m interested in the Raymond-Kate pair but like chibi says, the storyline is a bit dodgy. But like Jenny says, it’s good to see TVB spreading the word of drive safely!

  • rachel says:

    hmm…interesting, tvb seems to be able to make a story out of every profession possible lol, but i haven’t heard any news about this series til now, hopefully it won’t be a disappointment like some of the past series…

  • Ri says:

    It IS interesting to see TVB make a series abt taxi drivers, something you see in virtually EVERY TVB series. The plot doesn’t sound strong and while I like Raymond Wong, I’m not really a Kate, Sonija nor Kent fan. Ah well, maybe I’ll catch the first few eps.

    BTW K, are you watching Mysteries of Love? 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Yea, I agree..taxi drivers lol…

      I’m surprised Raymond Wong is given a lead role 🙂 Like you, I’m not a fan of the other characters either, but I’ve been watching bits and pieces while it’s airring during dinner.

      I have to say the cast is refreshing but weird. Maybe because they haven’t acted in a series together before or something but they look out-of-place (as if Sonjia and Kate really lack the chemistry etc)

      It is obvious that Kent and Raymond’s characters care about each other deeply but can’t manage to express themselves…and they always end up in a fight. It’s interesting watching these two and snippets of their past.

      Felt really sorry for the father though when Raymond had to go to jail. Very touching to see him running and puffing to see his son in one occasion- and buying 2 fish- finally doing what he promised him when he was young.

      The story is progressing slowly though..wonder what else is to come..

      And sorry for the slow reply, but yes, I’ve seen MOL (most of it anyway…)

      • Ri says:

        I’ve watched 14 episodes so far of When Lanes Merge.. and oddly enough, I actually enjoy it! Weird, but I find myself enjoying it more than I did MOL! haha, prob because I had no expectations for this one and tons for MOL..

        Agree with u abt the refreshing but weird casting 🙂 Kent and Raymond acted together previously in that dog show with Steven Ma and Linda Chung but other than that I don’t think the rest have acted together before. Nice to see a whole mixed up cast 🙂

        Hope this is not spoilery for you but the relationship between Kent and Raymond is sooo much better and sooo nice to watch now! 🙂

        Have to say I like Raymond Wong more and more! And while Kate’s acting is still quite mehhh but her character is quite likeable after awhile. A lot of the side characters annoy me (like Sonija’s family! ugh!) though I notice the guy who plays the villain (Elaine Yiu’s boss) is in so many shows these days! He’s actually not bad!

  • Rin says:

    The plot does sound.. eeeh lol. The only thing I would watch for is Raymond Wong. If I hear good words about it from people then I might watch it (:

  • Fiona says:

    Oh wow, that sounds…interesting…lol no, jks. Good that TVB is finally recognizing Raymond Wong -.- and actually…I never heard of this series until like two weeks ago, XD, but wow, Lee Heung Kam is in here! That’s pretty cool too XDDD The Raymond and Kate line seems pretty interesting…I hate to admit, but Kate looks pretty in the poster x)

  • karened says:

    It’s great to see TVB let Raymond Wong take a leading role. I hope this will be the first of many more to come.

    But I doubt I’ll watch it. KatexRaymond? Can’t imagine them together. And the plot sounds….very dry. I guess the meat will be the reconciliation of father and son, and the love triangle (of which I’m no fan).

    The lack of much promotions, the loose plot writeup and Raymond’ horrid-looking hair (from the poster) isn’t going to make me watch this series. I’d rather go watch SITS again.

    Oh, this is coming up after MOL right? I’m praying that the ratings will not disappoint too much.

  • Chris says:

    Watching this series cuz I’m a fan of Kate! Can’t wait!!! Its going to be tough for this series to keep up with ratings though as the World Cup is heating up and all. Oh well, I don’t really care about ratings.

  • olivia says:

    i can’t wait to watch this series. For i’m a fan of SonijaKwok. KateT. is okay.

  • chibi says:

    I can’t believe this will be airing during dinner time.. there better not be lots of blood cause I’d like to eat my food XD

  • Alexa Blair Barrileax says:

    so emotionaaaaaal ):
    and raymond wong is goodlooking,
    i don’t like that guy, the one that owns the
    restaurant. and i feel sorry for the old fat guy.
    it’s good lah….. LOL


  • beciee says:

    raymond Lau can not singg!!! :S

  • beciee says:


  • chibi says:

    Raymond and Kate are such an unlikely couple o__o

  • TVB freak from Indonesia says:

    Guys,how come episode 10 not airing this friday?
    uhh…can’t wait untill monday!!! :{

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I have to say, this is actually quite a good series! I never knew there was so much to taxi driving!

    The cast is refreshing, and surprisingly, Raymond and Kate make a enjoyable and addicting couple. I’m always wanting scenes with them together! The storyline is actually quite well thought out. I didn’t think I’ll enjoy this but I’m hooked on it now! It kind of shows what the real world is like when you come out of jail.

    I love watching Raymond’s emotional scenes, it really shows how much he’s grown as an actor.

    Sonija is … usual, and just up to episode 12, I can already see a really fierce love triangle heating up.

    Lee Heung Kam is of course brilliant, she gives off that comedy to make this series not that emotional and it makes this series have a few good laughs. Love it when she speaks English!

    Kent is … yeah, usual as well. Nothing Special.

    Raymond Cho and Elaine make quite a good photogenic couple but these two characters are starting to bug me a bit for reasons that I won’t say so there’s no spoilers.

    Ruco (Chan Ching Pang) does a great job at being quite ‘annoying’ and ‘evil’.

    I can’t wait for the ending, give this series a go, it’s definitely not what I anticipated!

    • cooldudejohn says:

      Dammit, this is to my point of view one of the BEST series this year! I want to watch it again!! The ending’s fantastic, the plot was fantastic, everything was emotional, it was like AMAZING!!! I love it, love it, love it!!

      Raymond deserves the promotion to 1st lead. He and Kate make such a good couple!! Addicted!!

      You have to watch it!! 5 out of 5!

  • chibi says:

    I see some of this drama during dinner time, and I gotta say I simply cannot stand Kate’s character. Actually, I think it’s the actress- she always tries to look cool, but she just seems so bitchy and arrogant..ughh, terrible.

  • Joyce says:

    To be honest, I’m not interested in watching this series b/c Kate is in it. I agree with Chibi that Kate tries to act and look cool but she just ends up looking stupid (with those duck lips of hers). Can’t wait until TVB finally realizes she can’t act and gets rid of her.

  • jaclyn says:

    yeah agree wit joyce,kate t really cant act somemore with those duck lip of hers.Very irritating always trying to act cool and bitchy,i am no fan of sonja kwok but i think she better than terrible kate t.

  • Trung says:

    Dear KTVB and everyone,
    Do you or does anyone know when does lanes merge will be released in viet? Also do you or does anyone know what website to watch when lanes merge in viet?

  • AC says:

    can anyone translate the theme song into english thanks

    • sli20 says:

      Holding the steering wheel listening to the vigorous, fierce wind; Eyes suddenly open
      I suddenly awakened; the atmosphere became calm
      Looking at the paused engine, sensed grievances; I realized I was caprice
      I reflected upon myself when I saw my father’s figure
      When I had difficulties, even at the worst of times, he never gives up on me
      The future may be bitter or sweet

      Just when the whole world leaves me
      Only you are willing to bear
      Even if the whole world is lost, you are willing to save.
      Even in the future, with no compensation, you never let go

      Holding the steering wheel listening to the vigorous, fierce wind; Eyes suddenly open
      I suddenly awakened, thinking of you

  • yy says:

    Surprisingly, I quite liked the series 🙂 Raymond-Kate pairing was pretty cute too 🙂

  • DD says:

    not bad at least something to watch after dinner
    but i like the curls of KateTsui hair 🙂 <3
    *nice 🙂

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