July 2009

[New Series]: You’re Hired

Title: You’re Hired 绝代商骄
Cast: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Teresa Lee, Benz Hui, Power Chan, Mandy Cho, Bak Biao, Cheung Kwok Keung, Joel Chan, Queenie Chu, Koni Lui
Genre: Modern/ Comedy
Episodes: 22
Release date: 10 August 2009
Filmed:  September 2008
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei & Suen Ho Ho

You're Hired

High-flier MAK TAI SONG (Dayo Wong Tze Wah) has dissociated himself from the business world by showing deep regret to the suicide of his mentor. Later, he learns that his mentor’s wife SHE MO LIN (Theresa Lee) is in great debt and he starts selling “business tactics” to the trader TONG KAT (Benz Hui Shiu Hung) for LIN’s debt recovery. Deadbeat SONG refuses to take a full time job and that makes his income change from day to day. A tough collection agent, LAM MIU MIU (Charmaine Sheh), tries every means to push him into a corner. They keep playing tricks on each other and finally become a pair of rival lovers.

By chance, SONG meets his uterine brother ON CHO LIN (Michael Tse Tin Wah). He thereby recalls the tragic memories of the past when his mother deserted him and his father. This triggers the hatred hidden deep inside his heart and leads him to seek revenge against ON’s family. SONG’s abrupt change has left MIU feeling confused.

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[Blog Entries]– Selected Scenes-

  • Episode 1: First Appearances
  • Episode 2: Chasing after Dayo’s debt. Dayo caused Martin’s death?
  • Episode 3: Noodles delivery!
  • Episode 4: Charmaine cooks a meal in exchange to learn business
  • Episode 5: Dayo’s set of clothes
  • Episode 6: Dayo’s confession to the tree
  • Episode 7: Charmaine becomes the tree for Dayo
  • Episode 8: Dayo goes to watch a movie
  • Episode 9
  • Episode 10
  • Episode 11:  Theresa falls for Dayo
  • Episode 12
  • Episode 13
  • Episode 14:  Charmaine’s ‘date’ with Dayo
  • Episode 15
  • Episode 16
  • Episode 17: Charmaine realises her feelings for Dayo
  • Episode 18
  • Episode 19
  • Episode 20
  • Episode 21
  • Episode 22 -Finale


商界黑武士麦提爽(黄子华)连累恩师轻生,黯然退出商界,但闻悉恩师的妻子佘慕莲(李綺红)因而负债累累,惟以卖” 桥”给商人唐吉(许绍雄)赚取报酬代慕莲还债,但他爱耍个性拒做上班族,导致收入不稳,日夜遭收数妹林淼淼(佘诗曼)死缠烂打,两人尔虞我诈,你追我跑,遂成一对欢喜冤家。


Synopsis Credits to : Astro on Demand

Comments: Yay!! It’s Dayo!! 😀 Totally loved him in Men Don’t Cry (I haven’t seen to Catch the uncatchable or War of the Genders) He’s a great comedian so I was really excited when I found out he’s in another series! I haven’t seen Charmaine for awhile now, and I do believe the three of them will lead the show well. Hope the series is funny! XD Looking forward to seeing this!

Episode 14

19 Responses to “[New Series]: You’re Hired”

  • FaNNy says:

    i saw the overseas version of war of genders and it was actually really good :] dayo was funny in it. he’s a great comedian.

  • Rin says:

    The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the picture, “Word Twisters’ Adventures modern version??!” lol. Then I realized it’s not Jordan but Dayo… hahaha.
    Some deceiving picture there xD

    I’m looking forward to seeing Charmaine again after the last time I saw her in When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West (urghh, I hate typing that, it’s too long) & Forensic Heroes II =D
    Michael Tse’s profile really got a boost after E.U. hehe, can’t wait to see him again (:

  • sugar says:

    K! I bet your really excited for this. It seems a while ago when I was following your screenies for Men Don’t Cry. 🙂 Dayo is going to be hilarious. Looking forward to this so much. 😀

  • Kenny says:

    I’m so excited!!!! Dayo Wong, Michael Tsu & Charmaine Sheh. This is like my dream cast. I can’t wait!!!

  • Nicole says:

    only slightly interested in this cos Dayo is always hilarious, but To Catch the Uncatchable was AWESOME. one of the funniest shows ever, & Ada/Dayo had amazing chemistry. i highly recommend it! 😀

  • rosa says:

    hello! hey thanks for uploading and giving chance to watch good series like just hong kong knows to make!! keep doing this.. may god bless u!

  • ROcK says:

    Dayo’s post in the above image look so cool. especially when the breeze is windy n his hair looks cool..:D can’t wait for this series…Dayo wong is so hilarious. he acted vry well in war of the genders, to catch the uncatchable n men don’t cry.

  • Jay says:

    How many episodes is tvb planning to make?

  • Gary says:

    I heard that they might be making a movie for this series. Like Laughing Gor for E.U. or are my sources wrong?

  • badger says:

    It’s funny that Queenie Chu plays Michael Tse’s older twin sister, yet in reality Michael is over ten years older than Queenie!

    • KTVB says:

      Yup!! lol! Michael can pass as the younger twin brother though XD He acts young (child at heart?) while Queenie acts more mature and confident

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