August 2008

[New Series]:Your class or mine

To be released in late August 2008 after ‘When Dog Loves a Cat’

Cast: Bobby Au Yueng, Sheren Tang, Benz Hui, Derek Kwok…
Episodes: 20
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Scriptwriter: Lee Yee Wah


It’s the battle of the sexes on the football field.
Can a woman become a better coach than a man?

PANG KAM CHAU (Bobby Au Yeung) used to sell parallel imports but his girlfriend has taken away everything from him. In order to reestablish his career, CHAU plays tricks to gain the trust of a soccer team leader FAN TAI WAI (Benz Hui). Through the help of WAI, CHAU becomes the Operation Director of the soccer team and he promises to help all team players achieve excellent results in the coming public examinations. CHAU teaches the team players in an unconventional way. He encourages them to hang around at pubs and chase girls actively but the result is disastrous. CHING KWOK CHU (Derek Kwok), the soccer team’s sponsor, tries to hire the famous tutorial queen YIM KA LAI (Sheren Tang) to help coaching the team. LAI’s teaching style is totally different from CHAU and they fight with each other all the time.

The academic performance of the team varies a lot but CHAU discovers that WAI’s son FAN PUI TUNG (Law Chung Him) has plenty of potential so he pays special attention to him. During the time, CHU’s younger brother suddenly takes away the ownership of the soccer team. CHU tries to take revenge by asking LAI to make the soccer team into a mess. CHAU is enraged and he discloses the secret relationship between CHU and LAI to everybody. All of a sudden, LAI’s splendid tutorial career is coming to an end.

Credits: Astro on Demand

12 Responses to “[New Series]:Your class or mine”

  • KTVB says:

    So far I’ve watched up to Episode 10 and I’m not really enjoying the series. It doesn’t capture my attention-Maybe football just really isn’t my thing. I also don’t particularly like the cast and characters. Other than Bobby, Sheren, Derek and Benz, everyone else is pretty much a newbie. However, even Bobby can’t save the show because his character contributes to my annoyance with the series.

  • this series capture me…….just like KTVB said other then Bobby,Sheren,Derek and Benz all are newbies……but i think this is their first time for Drama line just give them chance especially (Law Chung Him) Fan Bui Dong i think he is great……. good luck

  • sum1 says:

    where i can watch this drama?? and of course with english sub.. bcoz i not really understand cantonesse.. hehe..

    Reply from KTVB: You can downlaod the series, with subtitles here 🙂

  • dot-t says:

    this drama is good to me. really meaningful if you watch it carefully. especially for people at student level.

  • OMG!! says:

    hey, this drama is really nice, I do not understand why so many people are like KTVB, and find it real bad, is it cause that you do not understand it or that you just like dramas that are more gory and bloody and murderers kind of stuff, hate those dramas, and this drama is nice as it reflects something that could actually happen not like those totally incredible ones. It is also very meaningful.

    • KTVB says:

      Well I’m glad some people like it. Likewise I don’t understand why people like this series lol Different taste I guess.

      What do you mean by I don’t understand it? I do enjoy some peaceful family dramas that are a bit more meaningful but this one doesn’t work for me.

      You’ll probably enjoy ‘The Stew of Life”

  • Cam says:

    this drama is pretty good. It’s meaningful. And there were some funny scenes as well.
    I like Law Chung Him and Lee Yee Man’s chemistry. They were great together.
    By the way, I enjoy your reviews.(especially for Moonlight Resonance!)

  • Kelvin says:

    does anyone know what the background piano music name is in this movie? or where i can download it?

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  • iluvtvb says:

    好學為福 themesong of the show.. so nice..

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