November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 16-20 Thoughts

  • I was shocked when I heard that Sheren was going to join forces with the Japanese to re-open all the drug shops that she tried so hard to close up! Sheren is very realistic though and I can see her logic. I love how heroic she is, and her willingness to let everyone mistaken her as a country traitor in order  to free the lives of the children.
  • The scene where Sheren and Wayne helped get the children onto the train and send them off felt so ‘cut and paste’, since it was straight from episode 1. It didn’t feel as dramatic as shown in episode 1 because I thought there was more to it lol
  • I was really happy to see the two happily smiling by the sea- much like the time when they burnt down the drug warehouse 🙂 Only question is.. do the Japanese people know, or not know, that Sheren is using the passes to let the kids escape to HK?
  • Evergreen is back AGAIN! I think  I’m sick of him..he’s like one of those annoying people that cling around forever who they can’t seem to get rid of.
  • The scene where we see Sheren smoking herself was so ‘woah!!!’. She was so close to being busted, and she was so clever to think of something like that. I felt really sorry for her though and it was sad to see she ended up become a drug addict herself 🙁
  • She was so helpless in these episodes- I felt so sorry for her. Even Evergreen had a stab at her and Sheren fell for his trap too!
  • Her father did not approve of her and found her disgraceful; Susan is constantly arousing more problems and making Elliot unhappy…I wonder what her real emotives are as I always thought she supported Elliot. I wonder who the secret person she is speaking to on the phone is…could it be Ben? Or her “2nd brother”? He’s on the poster of the series so I’m assuming he must have some significance in the story!
  • It was so awesome how Wayne was able to help Sheren get back the passes from Evergreen! What I didn’t understand was.. couldn’t he still use the tape recording against her..?
    No Regrets Sheren and Wayne

  • Another exciting scene was when Wayne took  the bullet in place of Sheren! AWW!! It was really sad after though in the hospital where he partially put the blame for Fala’s illness on Sheren..or more of him sticking to her…the scene was sad and touching.
  • My favourite scene is where Wayne and Sheren were at the church and Wayne hugged Sheren and wouldn’t let her leave. It was their most intimate scene thus far and so romantic! XD …awww Even though Sheren told Wayne several times to stay away from her, or that they shouldn’t be friends anymore- or when Wayne said they weren’t friends anymore if she decided to reopen to store- Wayne still cared deeply for her and eventually stays by her side again to get rid of her drug addiction :)!!
  • No Regrets Sheren and Wayne
    No Regrets Sheren and Wayne

  • It was very comforting to see Sheren’s father have so much China pride, despite being a drug dealer-he would never give in and betray his own country.. It seems to make his overall character much better now haha. Again I loved the scene where Wayne went to knock some senses into him- they had the heroic music playing in the background XD We all know that Wayne did it for Sheren 🙂
  • It was so awesome how Sheren killed the Japanese jerk who beat up poor Pierre, and slapped her father twice! Very well planned Sheren haha!
  • No Regrets

  • I was disgusted how Nancy directed the Japanese guys to go after Fala. I totally hate this girl. I was so happy when Sheren revealed that she already found out the truth about Nancy’s lie about being raped !! Seems like she’ll never learn though..
  • I as rather bored with Fala’s scenes…I couldn’t care less about her and Raymond anymore. I found her character pretty annoying now, especially how she left to Hong Kong and came back. She was totally predictable. I mean, it made sense that she  would rather die with the people she loves the most, than being “safe” in Hong Kong but alone herself. Still, she should have figured this out before she left … what a waste of a pass!
  • My heart-ached when the man threw an egg at Sheren..no one understands the good she is actually doing- but luckily Wayne is always by her side no matter what! 🙂
  • No Regrets -Sheren kills the Japanese Man

  • Episode 20 was so awesome!! I was so happy that the Japanese guy died!! XD GO SHEREN!
  • 12 more episodes to go..hopefully we can see more Sheren and Wayne love!

25 Responses to “[No Regrets] Episode 16-20 Thoughts”

  • Ri says:

    It’s official – I love this series! Never a dull moment (except when Fala is on screen, but I shall get to that later :P) and imo, if we were to take into account acting and acting alone, Wayne & Sheren already have TVB King & Queen in the bag!

    Sheren’s character is really quick-thinking! Love how she killed that Japanese guy and pretended that he raped her and all. That guy was such an asshat – he can totally speak Cantonese but he insisted on telling Pai Kwat to take off his hat IN JAPANESE. Douche.

    Susan’s storyline seems to have died down a bit but I reckon her big plan to get rid of Sheren will be the main storyline in the last part of the series. I thought it was Ben on the line but now that you mention it, it could be her 2nd brother as well..hmmm

    I don’t know if Evergreen should win a Best Supporting Actor for his role as Fei Fan Kor. On one hand, he really pulls off the “act tough but actually a coward inside” but on the other hand, he is such a hateful and horrible character.. which in turn, means that he did a good job. Haha. Too bad there’s absolutely nothing likable about Fei Fan Kor whatsoever!

    I previously said that Nancy’s character is different from the one she plays in Gun Metal Grey but the more I watch both shows the more I think they’re alike -.- Don’t know if you’re catching GMG but she’s childish and whiny in both shows. Can’t believe she actually sold Fala out to save herself.. and then acted like she was all innocent. So glad Sheren called her out on her bluff but I think she was forgiven way too fast 😛 During that scene I was reminded of the scene in Moonlight Resonance when Sa Yi caned Ka Mei for lying about how she lost her baby. Of course, that scene was waaay more powerful and satisfying!

    I’m sorry but the more I watch this show, the more I find Fala’s portrayal of Ching Ching to be cloying and overly “cute-sy”. Perhaps it’s the way the character was written but I don’t hv much respect for her. She’s always rushing ahead without thinking abt her own health and that she’s the source of everyone’s worries and almost always she’ll fall down/faint/steal the limelight. And when she didn’t go to HK (OF COURSE she didn’t -.-) I too thought it was such a waste of a pass! Doesn’t she know that she’ll be one less burden for Raymond and Wayne to worry about if she goes? Sheesh! I like Raymond in this show but his scenes with Fala are just meh and sometimes I wish I could just fast forward.

    Down to the last 10 or so episodes! Looks like the series has no intention of slowing down that tht’s great! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on eps 21-25, K! 🙂

    • wewah says:

      Evergreen Mak has been in the Tv industry for a long time. It is about time he gets some recogonition. He did portray his character really well, that is why we dislike him so much. I feel that if he does not get this award this time, he may never have a second chance.

      • Ri says:

        I would like to see him get the award because this is a grand production and like you said, he may never get another chance. I guess he’s played the role too well that Evergreen/Fei Fan Kor have sort of mashed into one for me hahaha

      • Chibi says:

        I’m kinda neutral about Evergreen getting best supporting actor. I don’t think he particularly shines that much, but he’s not bad either. He does have an awful lot of screen time though XDD

        His character is annoying the heck out of me, and I always think it’s easier to get the audience to hate you than to like.

      • hannah says:

        totally agree with that! i think evergreen will take home best supporting actor this time. he may not have the chance again.

        though i won’t mind pierre taking it, i think it’s a bit too soon, since he won most improved last year. but he will def have his chance! he’s a great actor too! 😀

        i wonder if i will ever see such a strong ensemble for a tvb drama again… 🙁

      • Nonny Nu says:

        Sometimes, when I see an actor for the first time, I think that their acting is too one-dimensional. It’s not until I see them in a completely different role that I can appreciate their acting.

        I think that Evergreen Mak’s portrayal of Fei Fan Gor is not bad. It’s certainly completely different from his character in Mysteries of Love. However, his acting in No Regrets has no depth. Yes, he plays a character who is a cowardly bully, but his character never develops. Perhaps this is a result of how the writers wrote his character, but the bottom line for me is that EM hasn’t shown that he deserves a best actor award (whether it be his own doing or the writers’).

        On the other hand, I was very surprised by Pierre Ngo’s portrayal of Pai Gwat. In Rosy Business, he played a rash, obnoxious, not too bright but arrogant character. This character totally annoyed me the way Evergreen Mak’s Fei Fan Gor annoys me now. But, in No Regrets, Pierre Ngo’s character is completely different. He starts off as a scared country bumpkin, a sniveling weakling that one can’t help but despise for his ability to drag everyone down with him. Throughout the series, however, his character develops into a braver and more courageous person who actively contributes to his circle of friends and co-workers. The wonderful thing about his portrayal is that his character still retains a bit of that sniveling weakling quality that he began the story with. Again, this may be a function of the writing, but I think that Pierre Ngo deserves at least a nomination for best actor for his portrayal of Pai Gwat in No Regrets.

        • Ri says:

          You make a good point. True, if Evergreen were to win an award for this role I wouldn’t be jumping for joy because there is nothing to like abt his character!

    • Chibi says:

      I thought it was Ben on the line but now that you mention it, it could be her 2nd brother as well..hmmm

      My money is on Ben XDD He just seems more of a major character than the 2nd uncle, and Susan did say on the phone “You’re my “mang gun” which makes more sense she’s referring to Ben since she places many hopes in him. But K does have a point..why was he on the poster? hahaha..

      Can’t believe she actually sold Fala out to save herself.. and then acted like she was all innocent. So glad Sheren called her out on her bluff but I think she was forgiven way too fast 😛 During that scene I was reminded of the scene in Moonlight Resonance when Sa Yi caned Ka Mei for lying about how she lost her baby. Of course, that scene was waaay more powerful and satisfying!

      Urgh… Nancy is such a selfish b*tch. Although Sheren busted her out for the whole fake rape case, I too believe she got out too easily. It wasn’t bad enough to change her in any way and she pretty much just got a slap on the wrist- whereas the consequences could have been devastating for the others. Fala was almost raped, Raymond was held at gun point and Kara even fainted. Seriously someone could have been killed- which could have been avoided if she would just LISTEN and CUT HER HAIR. geez. But of course, we know that wouldn’t happen because she’s vain, immature, silly, and selfish. And..I think you get my point, hahaa.

      I’m sorry but the more I watch this show, the more I find Fala’s portrayal of Ching Ching to be cloying and overly “cute-sy”.

      I agree. I find scenes of Fala to be the most uninteresting in the drama.. which makes most scenes of Raymond really dull too since he’s always with her, or doing things for her. It’s overly done it’s not even romantic XDD Talk about lakc of character development.. Fala hasn’t changed at all it gets annoying.

      • hannah says:

        haha, i think fala got better from ep 21 onwards. actually, i think she’s a pretty good actress, it’s just that her role is boring. 🙁 but wow, if you’ve seen the trailer for ep 25 (which is omfg epic!), fala’s character finally explodes. something must have happened lol, and i’m looking forward to her change in character.

  • wewah says:

    Dear Ktvb

    Just wanted to say thank you for taking time to share your thought. Reading your site is definitely the highlight of my day. A lot of time your comment does speak my mind and i enjoy having the same point of view with you. Again thanks.

    I am looking forward to see the ending of this series, but at the same time i do not want it to end. I find that i need to wait again for another series to be this good. What i find great about this series is that there is a positive side during this tragic era. I know alot of people dislike the Japanese war generation and me myself hesitate too, but due to the cast and scriptwriter, it is a must see series. I was curious how a bad era can be a great series and Lee Tim Shing did not disappoint us and happy that this was also Cheung Wah Bill last contribution before leaving Tvb. I do find that this series is “no reget” for watching it. I do hope that Sheren get best actress and series of the year.

    • Chibi says:

      haha I’m pretty torn too. On one hand I just want to keep watching and finding out what happens, yet I don’t want it to end because it’s that intriguing. Totally loving the chemistry between Sheren and Wayne… LOVE IT!

      • hannah says:

        sheren and wayne can work together nth times for all i care and i still won’t get sick of this pairing! toooooo much chemistry between these 2 omg!

    • hannah says:

      definitely! i don’t want this series to end, but i want to know what’s going on next! i can’t believe that next sunday will be the final episode already. 🙁 i think i’ll feel empty after this show ends. the other anniversary show draw and demand my attention as much though felix wong is great hais. 🙁 maybe i shld take a break from tvb. 2011 doesn’t interest me at all. ><

  • Madeline says:

    Wow, you are so on with ur opinions about the 5 episodes. Yeah technically everyone hates Fei Fan. I mean Fei Fan is such a loser. One side he’s like please spare me a life here and then another side he’s like hahaha I’m going to kill Gau Goo Leung and Lau Sing hahaha. Like what is with that bastard, does he ever learn his lesson?
    And I’ve seen a lot of Wayne and Sheren scenes so far and I was touched to see how Wayne always throws himself to protect Sheren when he always tell Sheren to care more about yourself. Lol but this show is really dramatic and I start to like this very much. No regrets for the win. Also I start to see how Nancy and Elliot’s relationship develop and I think they’ll get married (I think it’s weird) because it was mentioned in the promo of No Regrets. I also like how that freakin Hak Mok Xiu zhuo is finally killed by gau mui 🙂 Also I think King Kong’s character was ok and I like how he stuck up to Gau Mui and not believe in that bad guy. Please post some pictures but they have to be really good like the picture where Wayne hugged Sheren tight at the end and the part where Sheren kills the Japanese guy. Something really exciting 😀 Great Job KTVB

  • Chibi says:

    Wow, you are so on with ur opinions about the 5 episodes. Yeah technically everyone hates Fei Fan. I mean Fei Fan is such a loser. One side he’s like please spare me a life here and then another side he’s like hahaha I’m going to kill Gau Goo Leung and Lau Sing hahaha. Like what is with that bastard, does he ever learn his lesson?

    I think his death is waaaaaayyy overdue. Why.. WHY is he still alive??? LOL! Evergreen’s life is this overly dramatic rollercoaster. One second he’s all “HAHA I’m the best, and you’re all nothing!” next it’s like “Nooo..please let me go, I’m so sorry!!” and it happens all over again. I think they’ve recycled his character a bit too much..would’ve been nice to see the end of him after the fall of his marriage >.>

    • KTVB says:

      Yea I think that would have been a nice closure to his character.

      Fei Fan is a complete idiot. He complains and complains about Sheren and Wayne yet he doesn’t reflect on how poorly he treated the two etc

      • hannah says:

        haha, actually he didn’t have anything agianst sheren lol. he was only against wayne. XD then sheren culdn’t stand fei fan bullying wayne, so in a way, she dragged herself into trouble as well. XD

    • Madeline says:

      Yeah Evergreen should had died when he admitted he ruined Wayne and Elena’s marriage.

  • Chibi says:

    Great summary K! I think RB is picking up again and the relationship between Wayne and Sheren has just got more intense!

    I thought the episode where Sheren got addicted to the pot was SO GOOD. It’s a terrible situation but it just added that extra level of intensity! It was a very desperate move on Sheren’s part, but everything for the bigger picture, right? I felt so sorry for her, but really admired her bravery and boldness. Her acting here was also brilliant! Her pain, anguish and addictiveness was clearly portrayed and you just gotta LOVE the scene where Wayne holds onto her. I was sitting on the edge of my chair thinking “OMGGGGG” It was almost as though it was a sign of deep affection (haha, if you pull it out of context).

    My praise for Wayne and Sheren’s chemistry is endless. Every moment I just wonder if they’ll ever admit and confess their feelings for one another… though it doesn’t seem to be a priority. They’re already satisfied being able to understand each other, to watch over one another.. to be able to rely on each other- and I think that’s really special 🙂 Still, I yearn for more..hehehe Oh oh, the Wayne shielding the bullet for Sheren was full of WIn. OMG LOVE. hahaha.

    • KTVB says:

      Hi chibi! I totally agree about Sheren’s drug addiction scenes!! They were so awesome and it looked so convincing I felt like I could feel her pain!

      Yup! And then how Sheren ran all the way back to Wayne after being dragged into the Japanese car 🙂

      i hope I can see more Sheren and Wayne scenes :3

  • hannah says:

    omg omg omg! this drama is omg definitely the best from tvb this year! 😀 i really love sheren and wayne! 😀 and omg, spectacular performance from sheren! the part where she was suffering from withdrawal symptoms was so breathtakingly REAL. not everybody can pull this off so naturally, and sheren did! 🙂 and omg, that last scene in ep 20! sheren totally PAWNED. pure ownage. i swear i’ll feel so ripped off for her if she doesn’t get her best actress award again!

    and poor sheren! like what wayne said, she should think more for herself. thank goodness there’s still wayne looking after and thinking about her. <3

    i love no regrets! <3

  • Nonny Nu says:

    Holy cow. When is Evergreen Mak going to die?? And, I really don’t understand why his two cronies continue to support him. He has nobody else! I thought they would stop supporting him after his wife’s birthday party when Wayne spilled the beans about Evergreen Mak taking the exit visas from the orphans. But, there they are episode after episode. GAH!

    Oh, can you tell that I love this series?! It’s really fun to see some things mirrored in this one from Rosy Business (e.g., Wayne pretending to be dead after being shot). Ha!

  • Sharon says:

    Ah so agree so annoying how Evergreen KEEPS appearing again and again. I thought he wont appear again and he appears AGAIN!! LOOL.

    My guess is that Susan is prob talking to her son O.O Though she said her son died but who knows… and I might be wrong anyway XD

    Ep 20 was sure epic~ xD

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