Warning: Ending Spoiler!!

[All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

This episode was quite ordinary. I guess I can’t really expect much from TVB endings these days. Now all I expect is getting a satisfiying ending ..It wasn’t hard to predict other than the fact Kenny ends up killing the bad guy *go Kenny^^* Gives his character more of a significance and Sammul does end up firing his gun to save Michael so that was pretty cool too.

I wished they didn’t make Sonija die..It just makes the whole thing really tragic. I really wished Sonija and Michael could live happily ever after with their baby. The parts leading up to and including Sonija getting captured were heartbreaking.. Its just so sad she had to be tortured to death. At the point they had to make the decision to do the operation to take the baby out- its pretty certain she won’t live. At least Michael won’t be as lonely with their baby..
Joey and Ron on the other hand got together but I found it quite ordinary. Suits the couple and their situation I suppose. No hugs or holding hands, but serious talking. Actually I’m not even sure if Joey accepted him at that point because when Ron held out the toy to her, we don’t see her accept it but I assume she does or eventually will. In the last scene, we see Ron smile when he receives an sms which I’m also assuming its from Joey, but he doesn’t mention who it really is.
The episode ended with the typical theme-related scene, where they were called for another action and the group all get ready for it. typical, but still cool =)
Screencaptures from the final episode

Series Overall?

I’ve only seen episode 11-30 but I found the series quite enjoyable, but thinking back, I don’t feel much has happened in the 20 episodes. I think a lot were training and marching. I really like the cast (including supporting casts) watching the team spirit, everyone looking out for each other and seeing character and relationship developments (there’s heaps!) The couple I liked watching the most was Michael and Sonija so I was disappointed with their ending. Ron and Joey had some cute moments but these were very limited. I did feel sorry for Tavia’s character when Ron broke up with her. I think she looks better with Ron than Joey but I guess distance-relationships don’t always work out that well.I don’t feel that Sammul and Ron are as main as Michael’s character. I see their roles as relatively smaller when compared to him, especially towards the end where Michael and Sonija’s relationship is the main focus. I’m really impressed by Michael and Sonjia’s acting =D They have really good chemistry and they look good together too! Kate was quite funny here. At first I found her crazily annoying and obsessed with her cousin Ron, so much it seemed like she wanted the whole world to see her love for him. Later on, I started to see her as a comic-reliever. Its better than seeing Kate in her usual roles so just try and watch her with positive light and you may find her quite amusing and cute ^^

7 Responses to “[On the First Beat] Episode 30 – Final”

  • Tsunami1313 says:

    omg! just watched the last ep of OTFB!!! SOO AWSUM! Joey+Ron :heart:YAYA!!!

  • JJL says:

    i agree the on the first beat ending was really really ordinary in fact it was so crap that i guess what was going to happen and was about 80% right. man they really need to drop these crappy happy endings or at least spice it up abit , make it more interesting

  • Lizzy says:

    It’s terrible to see Sonija’s face when they found her (ending otfb) hmpft.

  • T says:

    Lizzy – have to agree Sonija’s face was pretty terrible plus that black eye never goes away… but it shouldn’t be a short period of time

  • yu-hoo says:

    aww. the ending for on the first beat are pretty lousy yeah?

  • Annie says:

    I personally was very dissatisfied with this series.
    I think The Academy was much better.
    I found this series to drag sometimes and lack meaning.
    But we can’t expect too much from TVB nowadays anyways!


  • James says:

    Typical TVB drama. The script for this is SHIT. TVB have to be more realistic about their drama making.

    The ending is lousy….can’t they make more happier ending. I also don’t like them to script it in a way showing the violent part of torturing Sonjia … bad for society by giving idea on torturing..(removing her teeth!!! OMG!!!)

    How can they let Pak-Kiu be PTU to keep people safety but this guy can’t event pull the trigger when in danger…3 instances….I wonder what TVB try to promote. They should kick this Pak-Kiu out after the first event.

    The script writer get a thumb down from me…

    I wish Sonjia and Michael be able to become couple at last after so many obstacles…but pitty to them since the stupid script writer decide not too….

    Lastly I hope TVB can up their standard in drama making or else people will get feed up and don’t see Cantonese drama anymore…if this is the standard, I would not pay to watch it.

    Sonjia…you are cute..:-) Poor Michael.


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