Episode 19 This is the episode where Joey realises her feelings for Ron.

As a request from Kate, Joey helps her call out Ron who thought he was having dinner with Joey. She takes him to an expensive place, arranging a candle-light dinner with a violinist as well. Kate calls, saying that she couldn’t get off work so the two end up having dinner together instead. Turns out this is the first time Ron has had a candle-lit dinner with a girl; not even with Tavia.

Ron accidentally breaks some ceramic and Joey watches him as he glues the pieces together.

After dinner, the two go by those shops with lots of toy machines (not sure what they’re called). He ends up getting one that was more suitable for girls so he gives it to Joey instead. Joey feels something and gets scared, giving it back to him and rushes off.


7 Responses to “[On the First Beat] Ron and Joey Moments 2”

  • guest says:

    you have a lot great pic here.
    I love linda with ray amd moses

    honestly i do not like Joey, I think Tvb waste the time and money to have Joey,

    Joey look very bad to me.

  • abcdTVB! says:

    LOL who cares about looks…

    i think Joey is quite a good actress.. =D

  • kelly says:

    if she does not have strong backgroung,

    I do not think she will be in the show business ?

    she is lucky

  • Summer says:

    oh.. i stil not yet watch until here.. i just catch up until episode 14, stil dun say abt Ron got feels to Joey… hai.. wat if Tavia back fr japan how ar..sure she very sad to know Ron love Joey lioa….

  • Summer says:

    oh, i had watched up to tis scene ler.. oh no.. suddenly i felt tat, Ron is just so handsome.. after watch tis scene… he just not make Joey got feeling on him, and oso make me feel tat he’s really handsome and charming… any way.. i really dun wish to see the scene come to Ron seperate wif Tavia lo.. will b so sad ar…

  • AMY says:


    i love joey,
    she act reallly good, i hope that i cold see another movie of her

  • Ellemyy says:

    i kind of like joey
    but tavia is better

    he match more with tavia, but too bad they broke up

    (cry cry) 🙁

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