Episode 21

After the incidence, Ron notices that the phone chain/accessory on Joey’s phone had broken. Secretly, he kept it and hoped to buy a new one, making Joey think she dropped it somewhere. After searching many places, he realised that you couldn’t buy the same one back because it was one where you had to make it yourself. Ron spends the night re-making the same one back for her.

Seeing that Joey was in a bad mood (I think it was because of her confused feelings for him), he takes her out to eat Sushi and wanted to surprise and cheer her up by pretending that he found phone accessory she had previously dropped.

Joey realises that it wasn’t the same one she had lost. She thanks him quickly and leaves.

Ron chases after her wondering what was wrong and Joey gets mad. She tells him that she knew the one Ron he gave wasn’t her one because when she tried making it herself, she accidentally damaged part of it. She angrily asks why he had lied to her; why he did what what he did. “Do you have so much time on your hands? ” “Why did you do that?”

Ron becomes quiet and speechless. He softly replies “I don’t even know why I did it..”

Ron continues to walk behind Joey, accompanying her home. When she gets home, she turns around and reminds him that he already has Tavia.

4 Responses to “[On the First Beat] Ron and Joey Moments 3”

  • Tsunami1313 says:

    omg!!! i love ur OTFB screenshots!! plz make some more.. spesh of joey and ron!!!<3

  • kinny says:

    KTVB, im a ron and joey shipper too i was watching otfb and hoping that ron wouldn’t go out wit kate
    RON AND JOEY!!!!

  • Nathalie says:

    hey! im here for asking you if you know what is the little song .. after Ron gives Joey back the chain phone.. he was follow Joey at home..!

  • Fiona says:

    I LOVE YOU JOEY!!! YOU ARE THE BEST SINGER IN DA WORLD!!! YOU ARE SO PRETTY…alrite! I just let out all my feelings that i’ve been dying to say…LOL JKS

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