August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 13

After realising the man Sunny was going to seek help from had died and was no longer able to use that power to set Krystal free, Leila didn’t give up in hope and attempted to escape illegally again! While asked to clean the basement, Leila remembers a tunnel to the sewages hidden behind the cupboard and realises a potential way out. She asks Jack to help her and tells her the plan. Jack eventually tells Sunny in hope that he’ll help out because it would make things easier but he disagreed with the illegal act. Knowing he could not save her through the plan he initially has planned, Sunny decided to tell the head of the police about being with Krystal during the time of Louisa’s adopted mothers’ death (as a time-witness). However, Sunny’s mother overhears (as always!!) and uses Sunny’s wife to threaten him if he did. At the end, Sunny decided to help Leila and Krystal escape.

In jail, the old lady found out news that her husband may be dying and she wants to see him for the last time before he leaves. Knowing Leila and Krystal had escaped out of jail before, she has closely kept her eyes on them and eventually finds out their plans. She blackmails them to take her with them to escape or she’ll stop them both.

The plan was to get a sudden black-out and in the confusion, hide away in the sewages/water system thing.
On the other hand, Louisa burns down her adopted parent’s home and sends away her adopted father.

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