August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 14

I wasn’t very pleased with the first half of this episode- Leila and Krystal attempt to escape from prison, succeeded, yet ended up going back again! It annoys me because the old women got beaten up and suffered for nothing! She didn’t betray them because she wanted the two to escape! I just feel its such a waste of an opportunity..It was like they were asking to be tortured when they went back.

Another complaint I’m having with this series is Louisa’s character. What are her true motives? Can someone just be plain selfish? I just don’t feel it’s convincing enough for her to want to kill off her sisters. Was she that scared they’ll come back for revenge? Or get their son back? (She can always have her own child ..) Krystal made it clear when she escaped the first time that she will not try to get her back in prison. Now that Louisa is rich and all, shouldn’t she be trying to save her sisters?? Instead, she uses the money to try to kill Krystal off earlier…She finds out Sunny’s relationship with Krystal..=X

Sunny’s mother is the other annoying character. She says she cares about Krystal and her grandson but doesn’t do anything to try save her. She ends up locking Sunny in a room. How old is he?? Such a selfish women..
There were two parts I quite liked out of this episode though. One was how all the prisoners became friends with Krystal because they respect her for coming back for her friends (referring to the old women). At least now she’ll have more help and won’t be tortured in prison anymore. Too bad there’s only three days left..

One I was most surprised of was when the bitchy lady saved Krystal and how all of them were saying they’ll do as much as they can to help her. When they saw Krystal look over to Leila, they knew she wanted to talk to her and they helped passed the message. I thought that was sweet =3

I also liked the moment when they asked her “Why did you kill someone for?” It didn’t sound like a kind-person like Krystal to anyway! I sorta wished she told them ^^;

The other part I liked were how Sunny’s two bodyguards/followers were worried about Sunny when had gone missing. They believe that Sunny’s mother or wife had captured him somewhere and so are out to search for him. I hope they find him soon =3

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  • Leila says:

    I’m almost done PR! I’m planning to go get the last two episodes tonight….. and I agree, it was very frustrating when Krystal escapes and then comes back, escapes and then comes back and so on…

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