August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 15

Very very annoyed. I was quite happy with the first half of the episode. The second half was really annoying to watch. Specifically.. Krystal’s character. She is SO ANNOYING!
I hated Krystal’s stupidness. People might disagree because they see this as kindness in her and her love for others before herself, but I personally don’t even feel sorry for her anymore! Sometimes I can’t even bare to watch the series..because of what she does…! Its like she’s asking for it!
In this episode, Nancy ends up giving birth to her baby earlier and dying in the process because of the one of the guard ‘So Wai’. All the prisoners become so angry they ended up attempting to kill him off. I enjoyed all the chasing because I hated the guy myself. He deserves to die! He was such a coward that he ended up running and locking himself in a room so they couldn’t get him. They eventually set the room on fire to force him out and they continued to beat him up and torture him. Sunny ends up escaping and making back to the jail in time to stop the other Jail Officers from using guns to tame the prisoners. He ends up using his title and attempted to negotiate with the prisoners, namely Krystal, so they can release ‘So Wai’. In the food that Sunny gave, there was a message in the bun which told her to escape through the basement again. With the help of the other prisoners, Krystal manages to escape successfully! They negotiated that they would surrender in condition that all the guards put down their weapons and guns while they came out. Slowly, each of the prisoners came out but Krystal and Leila were no where to be seen. When the evil-turned-good prisoner came out holding Nancy’s baby, she pretended that one of the guards were directing a gun at her and deliberately caused confusion and chaos! We then see Krystal (dressed up as a guard -So Wai’s clothes I’m assuming) chasing after Leila.

Leila ends up falling over and twisting her ankle and she kept telling Krystal to go on without her but Krystal kept insisting to escape with her. This was one of the parts I got really frustrated: Krystal should just go! She eventually does after so much convincing and we see her slowly jog her way. She actually stops and smiles when she sees Sunny on the other side. ‘Run already!!! Hug later!!!! The series is really testing my patience!!’ Eventually they do escape and Sunny tells her that she would need to be in hiding for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, she can be legally freed (not sure how that works, I thought that man was dead already). But what does she do instead? She goes to the Church because she misses her son and hopes to see him! Does she not understand? ??? She is a criminal!! Just wait 2 weeks and everything would be all good, but no..she has to go out and cause so much trouble, putting her own life in danger and everyone else!! If she gets captured again, she’s gone! She is so stupid.. Sunny sees her and Sunny’s wife ends up finding out as well!
I feel like this post was is full of ranting. It need to get the frustration out..argh!!!

2 Responses to “[Phoenix Rising] Episode 15”

  • j00ky says:

    OMG! Nancy died?? NOOOO!!! >_

  • katey says:

    If you’re annoyed at episode 15, you’ll be mad after watching episode 16!!!
    Oh Krystal Krystal Krystal, why are you so impatient?

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