August 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 17

The series is getting more exciting! Louisa’s father-in-law (Ben’s father) catches on to the truth when he findsLouisa’s father wandering around himself down the streets in bad condition (and still crazy from before) who seems to have sneaked back to Shanghai himself. Ben’s father takes him to the mental hospital where Krystal and Jack happen to be at that time as well. Krystal and the Louisa’s father seem to communicate to each other to some extent (saying what a lovely person Louisa is) and Jack angrily comments on all the bad things Louisa has done.

Louisa’s adopted father= Yin Faat. Louisa: “Pui Wu” (real name “Choi Yiu”)

Louisa’s adopted father (to the nurse who has just walked out): Miss…the black goldfish..

Jack (to Louisa’s adopted father): Are you “Yin Faat”?
Krystal (to Jack): You can’t be so rude, call “Uncle Yin”.
Jack (to Louis’s adopted father): Be a good boy and tell the doctor why you came here
Louisa’s adopted father( to Krystal): Who is he? Why does he keep mumbling on. Ah, Louisa is still the good girl.

*Louisa’s adopted father and Krystal nodded in agreement* Ben’s father walks to the door and hears their conversation.

Jack (to Louisa’s adopted father): It’s Louisa who caused the death of your wife! It’s because your wife didn’t let her get married, so she pushed her down the stairs.
Krystal: No..she won’t. Louisa is a good girl. (To Louisa’s adopted father) You and Mrs. Yin both love her, she wouldn’t. Pui Wu..Pui Wu..what a lovely name….Pui Wu
Louisa’s adopted father: Yeh, ‘Pui Wu’ is the name my wife and I gave a lot of thought into naming.
Jack: Yeh you adopted her only to help you block off your bad luck, of course you spent a lot of thought. You took her in and treated her like your black goldfish. You might as well name her “Black Gold Fish”
Krystal :”Uncle Yin”, out of us three sisters, ‘Choi Yiu'(Louisa’s real name) is the smartest!
Jack(to Krystal): Krystal, Wake up! She’s the one who tricked you, her real sister, to take her place in prison. She’s the one who took your son; it’s your son, to be a decoy. When you two (referring to her and Leila) were escaping from jail, she called the cops to arrest you. You’re like this now all thanks to her for pushing your adopted mother down the stairs! Please, wake up, see your sister’s true face!

Louisa went to the mental hospital, finding out that a certain patient wasn’t crazy at all but pretending to be crazy so she didn’t have to go back to jail to face death. Louisa blackmails her to give Krystal drug injections so that Krystal won’t ever recover again. Krystal condition becomes worse than she had originally after seeing her mother’s death.

Ben’s father decides to test Louisa, and he took her father home with him. He found out that Louisa had visited the mental hospital earlier, but she pretended she didn’t go at all.

Ben’s father plans to send Ben away to Singapore to help him do some business, but it was an excuse to get him away for awhile. He gets Louisa to stay, saying that she would want to stay to take care of her adopted father. The coming night was Ben’s father’s brithday and the family prepares for the celebration. Lousia ends up learning from her crazy adopted father that he and Ben’s father had actually seen Krystal at the Mental Hospital! Geez, this is annoying! How come Louisa’s father never says anything bad about her to anyone else, yet ends up leaking out ‘useful’ information to her instead??

While walking by Ben’s father’s room, Louisa overhears Ben’s father instructing another man to send Louisa away, making sure she won’t come back and hiding this fact from Ben and his mother. Louisa realises that Ben’s father knows the truth and plans to get rid of him. It is always at times like these when someone knows the trtuh, they don’t end up tellling anyone else abou it..Louisa ends up using her adopted father, lying to him that Ben’s father is forcing her to marry him! She tells him that she doesn’t

want to, but he’s a very powerful man, and wants to use her to block off his bad luck. Krystal’s adopted father goes out-of-control saying he won’t let anyone marry his daughter because she was there to protect him! Louisa gives him a knife, teaching him that it was better that Ben’s father die, rather than he die himself…

Louisa’s father stabs Ben’s father but luckily he didn’t die. However, the doctor said that he may never wake up again and Ben’s mother becomes very upset and angry; blaming Louisa for bringing bad luck to the family. Louisa was also the one who suggested to keep her father in the house. She doesn’t want to see Louisa again! I was quite happy that Ben’s mother blames it on Louisa. It may not appear that it was directly her fault, but the truth was that she was the cause!

On the other hand, Sunny successfully gets elected (as president?) and he goes back on his words, saying he’s not going to use the certain power to free Krystal! It turns out that his wife blackmailed him, gathering evidence that Sunny’s mother had killed a certain politician. If he was to save Krystal, Sunny’s mother would have to face death sentence…

Jack proposes to Leila in jail, saying that he’ll wait for her to come out of prison and they could move over to Switzerland (with Sunny and Krystal) to start over.

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