July 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 3

In this episode, we see Leila’s perspective of things and learn more about the sister’s relationship. It turns out that she has returned to Shanghai in hope to look for her long-lost sisters, but the only source that she has were 2 marbles that had her real sister’s real names on them. The orphanage they used to live at is demolished and replaced by the jail they are currently at. The only thing left is the Church. I really hope she’ll find out that Louisa and Krystal are her real sisters soon. They are so close yet they don’t realize. The ‘bad’ thing is the fact that Leila has interfered and stopped Krystal from helping Louisa by informing the police! I wonder how she would have felt if she knew…

On other note, Jack Wu has appeared as a guy who is pursuing Leila (followed her to Shanghai), even though she has made it clear to him that she only sees him as an ordinary friend. In order to be see her more often, he becomes the doctor working at the Jail with Leila.

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