July 2007

[Phoenix Rising] Episode 7

Argh..I didn’t like this episode because the evil Louisa is free! >< I was so curious to see how she was going to escape her death and turns out her execution was delayed due to the weather-rain. Why must they give her a chance for Krystal to come back to save her??! Krystal does end up taking the blame and gets imprisoned! What's really annoying is the fact Krystal was blaming herself for being selfish (where she thought Louisa had died and couldn't save her in time) She hated herself so much and felt so guilty where she really shouldn't have! Even if she really did had cancer, she should be able to live the remaining 2 months happily with Sunny and her son. She also blames herself for Louisa to be adopted in that family in the first place. I just wished she knew how evil Lousia was to have been scheming the whole time and lying to her about the cancer. I liked the scene where Leila and Louisa were visiting Krystal in prison because Leila kept insisting that Louisa should take responsibility for her own actions (while Lousia was also there). It was obvious she was trying to say that Lousia should be the one to die and not her. I bet the two sisters (Leila and Louisa) actually hate each other at this point. Leila finds out that the place where she has been staying (Jack's cousin's place) is actually Sunny's home and finds out Sunny's relationship with his sister. She tells him Krystal's situation. At the time Louisa adopted mother had died, he was with her so she requested him to come out in court to be her witness at that time. Sunny's mother and Krystal didn't want him to because that would mean his relationship with her would go public and it could ruin his chances of becoming elected for some high position. In court, Sunny does not go and Krystal is sentenced to death.

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