• Raymond Lam held his first world tour for “Light up My Live” and Sydney was his first stop!! I went to watch his concert last night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and it was pretty awesome!!
  • LF is so adorable!! XD  The way he occassionally  giggles “hehe” is so much like a kid lol
  • He sang a lot of my favourite songs of his, including TVB themesongs from Moonlight Resonance (Love not Enough), The Drive of Life (Searching you in loving memories), Growing through Life, (So called Ideals) Survivor’s Law (Remember to Forget) : D
  • I previously bought 2 of his concert DVDs: Let’s Get Wet & Come to Me beauty Live on Stage, so I spotted the similiarities and ideas taken from both these concerts. I think it’s a good idea that he incorporated all 3 concerts (including Light up My Live which I haven’t seen) into the one show (e.g Morning Cute, Dance with Kate, female melodies)
  • Kate appeared as the Guest Star! I was actually pretty surprised since I didn’t know he was bringing someone. They performed their dance  together for “Let’s get Wet and Illusion” -it was hot XD Watch the clip!! XD
  • Kate also performed 2 of her songs- Hit me and 讀心術. I don’tthink Kate is such a  good singer- her voice sounded pretty edited like her CD, but she’s a great dancer
  • They also promoted their upcoming TVB series  Fight Crime <雷霆掃毒> where Kate played a beer girl and Raymond Lam as a police officer- can’t wait!!
  • Had an enjoyable night being a little fan girl haha- hopefully he’ll come back to Sydney!! 😀

10 Responses to “[Raymond Lam] Light up my Live Sydney Concert!!”

  • karen says:


    the people next to me when raymond was dancing with kate… HAHA could feel the jealously… They were like screaming non stop esp. when kate couldnt find her water… and like drank his bottle..

    LOL at the people who just kept telling ray to take off his shirt and pants LOLOLOLOL…

  • summer says:

    wow… nice nice , sexy sexy sexy .. thanks for the video clip !

  • vivo says:


  • Mika says:

    Wah! Looks amazing! Wished I flew over to Aussie to watch his concert 🙂 Hope he visits Australia again and New Zealand one day with Kate *thumbs up*

  • sarah says:

    IT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT EVERRRR. HAD THE BEST VIEW AND OMFGGGG, he’s so hot in real life! Hope he comes by again another time soon!

  • Chibi says:

    Awesome video clip!!! Thanks for sharing! hehehee

  • csfan says:

    Yup I went to the one in Melbourne and surprisingly it was quite a good night. Raymond looks very good/handsome in Real Life, much better than on screen imho. I can understand why so many fangirls were screaming their lungs out despite my frustration lol

    I actually enjoyed his softer songs/ballads than his dance songs. The dance songs sort of drown his voice while the softer songs bring out his nice smooth voice. Raymond sings live quite well, better than what i expected LOL

    I was so surprised when Kate appeared. She’s quite pretty and charming in real life. Very nice figure too hehe it’s hard to believe that she’s considered manly but I guess her personality is boyish?

    Anyways enjoyed the night and wish Raymond the very best for his world tour.

    Too bad I couldn’t shake his hand, missed just by a bit 😉

  • tetsuo says:

    I personally don’t think he has a good voice. His dancing skill is average. Kate dances really well according to the video. It is hard to believe Kate is boyish personality. I hope I am not provoking any neg. feelings from his fans. He is a great actor though not a great singer.

  • 'muff says:

    I wanted to see the concert x)

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