September 2008

Raymond Lam: Your Love

My Raymond Lam CD [Your Love] (Version 1) has finally arrived in the mail!! ^__^ I have been waiting for it forever xD Like last year’s debut album, despite the download links being distributed all over the Internet on its release date, I didn’t listen to it because I wanted to hear it from my own CD (which I had pre-ordered from YesAsia). And so, I waited patiently and here it is and I must say: I totally LOVE it!! haha

It comes with a photo booklet with great shots of Raymond =D and a Mini-cat poster printed behind the Lyrics! This time, the packaging is better than his debut album. It’s printed on a nicer, smoother material (rather than stuck on thick cardboard) so I’m pleasantly pleased!

After pre-ordering it, 2 more variations of it came out! One with the Album poster, and one with a 3rd cover+ 6 postcards+DVD with 3 MVs (version 2)! Aww..if they released that earlier I so would have gotten that one instead (though it would also mean another 2 weeks wait)!! Nevertheless, it has arrived and I can’t stop listening to it now XD I love his voice!!

The Inside Cover, with all the photos in the Photo booklet printed.

The Front and Back Cover of the CD

I can listen to his album all day long… =D I can’t decide which song I like best (other than the TVB Themesongs haha), though I always notice myself looking at the CD player at Tracks 3,  6, 8, 9 to see what song it is. The Duet with Vincy is also a PLUS!  I wish there were more songs though, the album just seems to end so quickly 🙁 Overall, I’m really happy with the album! 😀 I love all the songs in it and I’m just anticipating for his next CD lol XD For those who downloaded, if you like the CD too, please support Raymond Lam and purchase your own copy! ^^That way we’re increasing the chances of him releasing more in the future!

Once again, please don’t ask for download links for the songs as I won’t be distributing them, thanks!

Photos of the Photo booklet

**Chinese Song Lyrics:

01. 愛不疚 (TVB無線電視劇《溏心風暴之家好月圓》片尾曲)
02. 愛人與海
03. Tonight
04. 明天以後 (林峰&泳兒)
05. 憑良心說再見
06. 影子的愛情故事
07. 浮生若水 (TVB無線電視劇《太極》片尾曲)
08. All About Your Love
09. 夏雪
10. 明天以後 (國語版)(林峰&泳兒)

14 Responses to “Raymond Lam: Your Love”

  • K2K says:

    WOW, It must took you a long time to post up all the lyrics from his album. I also have the situation as you do, ordering the first version, then weeks later 2nd version comes out with extra. But that’s all right, I still love what I order.

  • rymel-ray says:

    hmm. this album is super amazing. i love the song Tonight.
    but, the bad thing is i can’t read chinese well. do you know where do find pinyin lyrics of his songs in this album? doesn’t have to be all the songs though.

  • kris says:

    omg, Raymond is so sexy *drools over your album pictures*
    I love track 1 and 3 !!!

  • Vicki says:

    Hey! new layout! it looks great!

  • Summer says:

    Wa… u so fast get it lioa..i stil not yet buy yet.. but, i think so, i wil buy it during i go HK end of the yr during X mas, cos tis yr, i wil go HK during Xmas..and i wil brought at HK.. hehe..

  • kinki says:

    Raymond’s 2nd CD’s packaging certainly looks better than his 1st CD! Personally, I like the 2nd edition’s cover more as it coming out now! And also with the DVD & 6 postcards..oh my!~ =P

  • rachel says:

    ahh so many raymond pictures i’m in heaven 😀 i wish i bought the CD, the posters are awesome! thanks for typing the chinese up, i like to sing along when i listen to his songs 😀

  • fox says:

    I’m waiting for my discs come. i ordered in FF. I will buy the 2nd version, too cuz I like the cover.

    I like song 5,6. The guitar part in song 6 is awesome. Give me sad and deep feeling.

    Fung improved much with Your love. His voice now seems deeper and stronger.

  • eigna says:

    i bought the version 2..wow..i love Photos of the Photo booklet

  • chibi says:

    Great songs and great pics ^^

  • ahkid says:

    oh my! i’m glad it took me now to know about this album because i’m so getting version 2. the cover is wayyyyy hotter.
    i wonder if the photos inside r still the same~
    nonetheless, nothing can go wrong w/ that voice of his!

  • tomato says:

    hey there~!!
    i bought his album too~!!
    when he came to my college last saturday for his msia promo tour case~!!
    since u upload da lyric..
    can u upload da pin yin lyric also cos i dunno how to read chinese actually ^^
    hehe ^^
    i hope u dun mind~!!
    hehe ^^

  • moonz says:

    hey i lub all the songs ……sho
    can u plz upload pin yin for the songs….>O.<

  • sugar says:

    i got it! 😀 yay, i got the second version cover~

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