Woo!! Raymond’s 4th album is finally releasing!!  Like last year, this album is releasing just before his 2nd concert- being the name of the album, concert theme, and its themesong “Come 2 Me” 😀 So excited!!

It’s expected to release on 17 July 2010 (in a couple of days!) this month and available for pre-ordering @ Yesasia! There’s currently 2 different editions/covers- one being a “Special Version” (the one on the right)

Come 2 MeRaymond Lam Come 2 Me (Special Version)

I can’t quite tell the difference between these two versions except I think the special version is supposed to be bigger. I’d like a bigger album but I prefer the first cover more. I think he looks like in a slightly awkward position in the 2nd one ^^;

The CD will include the following songs:
01. Hello
02. Come 2 Me
03. Rain Drops
04. 我們很好 (Sub Themesong to Growing Though Life)
05. Morning Cute
06. Flashback
07. 定鏡
08. Vampire
09. Out Of Reach
10. 所謂理想 (Themesong to Growing Through Life)
11. 一直都在 (林峯 + 蔡卓妍)
12. Slow Motion
13. 直到你不找我 (Themesong to Mysteries of Love)
14. 同謀
15. The Beginning Is The End

I love how Raymond always releases all new songs in his albums! And they’re albums- not EPs 😀 As expected, the album includes the Themesong to The Mysteries of Love (Track 13) and his upcoming Sub Themesong for  “To Grow through Life” (Track 4 “We are well”) He will also be performing a Duet with Ah Sa (Track 11) which I’m anticipating as well. Can’t wait to hear his lovely voice again! His previous albums have not disappointed, so I have confidence in his album too =)

Please support Raymond Lam and Pre-order your copy from YesAsia now ! 😀

Information Source: YesAsia.com

28 Responses to “Raymond Lam’s New Album [Come 2 Me]!”

  • 'muff says:

    I agree, the position looks a little bit awkward for the second cover. But the expression in his eyes is more intense haha XD

    Ooh a duet with Charlene! ^^ Interesting~

  • kinki says:

    Have been looking all around for this update, thanks a lot KTVB!! 🙂

    Wow, 15 songs in one CD, a great deal!! heehee~

    Me too. I like the first cover more. Wonder why it says Lam Fung instead of Raymond Lam though. Anyway, 10000+ *Like*!! *Anticipating*

  • rachel says:

    wow!! i didn’t know his new album was going to come out so fast haha but the pictures look really funny, they look like clay models lol but thanks!

    • rachel says:

      hmmm…i just realized..do you think the vampire song might be in any way related to An Uninvited Date..like a theme or sub song? hahaha 😀

  • K2K says:

    I think the special version has 24 pieces of some kind of post card or pictures of Raymond.

  • chibi says:

    haha, Ray is becoming so successful! Plus its good to see so many news songs 🙂



  • kat says:

    Yeah as K2K said, the special version has a photobook. And also the first song and the last song are instrumentals!! ><

    I like the normal version cover more though…. the white one is kinda weird…. might hold out for later versions cos I want MVs!!! 😀

  • foreverleila says:

    I like the cover on the first one as well. I don’t like the position on the second version. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. But I want the one where it includes a DVD with his MVs.

  • Guest says:

    Aren’t those albums including his Mv’s as well?

  • monokuro says:

    some of the tracks are not songs but the tracks that ARE songs are pretty good ;D Esp. Vampire, Come 2 Me and the duet with Ah Sa!

  • YanYanKong says:

    Do you have the lyrics to all of the songs from Ray’s Come 2 Me album? If you do, plese post them up! Thank You!

  • jacqsee says:

    may i know whether his album is selling in m’sia??

  • onetime says:

    doesnt th second cd cover look like the first one???
    plus.. it has a award positions

  • ilovetvb4eva says:

    I finally got his album!

  • jjennie says:

    i have buy the special version, but it doesn’t have mv included. it’s just the cd(dvd) with 24 photo cards.

    • KTVB says:

      I see…yea I noticed Raymond released another CD which has MVs and snippets from his concert. Wonder when/if his concert DVD will be released

  • Christine says:

    got this on itunes , it’s much cheaper. In Canada they sell it like 10%-20% higher than hong kong. So i might get it when i go to hong kong.

  • ying2 says:

    may i know if the karaoke version have any additional booklet or postcards about his pics like any other previous album? i am trying to get the special version but seem like mine country (malaysia) doesnt have that version. so sad… =(

    • Christine says:

      @ying2 I know a girl for KL(Kuala Lumpur) who got it at a place called “Victoria Music Centre”. Hope it helps you(:

  • ying2 says:

    oh! i am from penang, by the way, i already got the normal version just now.. after deciding for so long.. anyway, thanks a lot christine! i probably will be getting another DVD version sooner or later.. so, yeah hope i can find it! i wish to see him again at sunway lagoon this november.. too bad i have important exam.. =(

  • bu liu ming says:

    hi all,
    im a big fan of raymond.
    but i think his concert was way more better then his album 🙂

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Favourite song on this album = Morning cute, so fits his voice 🙂

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