Sisters of Pearl

The 28 episodes of scheming Sisters of Pearl has finally come to an end. Although I’m not completely satisfied by the ending, it was an acceptable ending from TVB.

Similar to Born Rich and The Silver Chambers of Sorrow the villain Bowie captures the Chu family and attempts to commit suicide when he realises “there’s no other way out” by burning down the family business along with everyone else.  Everyone manages to escape except Bowie who gets knocked out unconscious and Michael Tao who was on his wheelchair. Jessica wouldn’t leave him but when she faints from the heat, Michael Tao saves Jessica and Michael was left to burn to death 🙁 *cries* Awwww WHY!!!! Why did Michael have to suffer such a tragic death…what did he ever do to serve such an ending?? 🙁 He sacrificed so much for Jessica and it’s just so sad the two never got to live happily ever after…. Bowie on the other hand killed so many people and yet he got to live!! Like the  many TVB endings, Bowie becomes mental and gets sent to the mental hospital and Kiki is there to care and love him.. All the innocent people die and yet..sigh..

One more point before we move away from Bowie- why in the world would Kiki even bring the baby for Bowie to play with? What if Bowie threw the baby away of or something along those lines lol I remember how he used to play with Joyce’s son and how he used to threaten that he’ll drop him. Seriously.

Other than this though, all the other characters have a happy ending. The three sisters are loving towards each other again and their family business is returned to them. Joel and Macy are happily married and Kiki has decided to come down from her chairman (?) position as she looks after her little brother and her husband. Joyce becomes the director/chairman of the Pearl business and manages it really well. And finally, Jessica reunites with her son and resigns from the pearl business to travel around the world with Michael’s mother- fulfilling Michael’s responsibilities/wishes…

I’ll probably write a review on the series and what I think of each of the characters so I’ll save my thoughts until then.  What did you guys think of the ending?

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  • Ri says:

    I was really really REAAAALLLLLLYYYYY annoyed that they killed Michael! I mean, Bowie was lying under a pile of rubble and Michael was just laying there so wouldn’t it have been easier to save Michael?! At least if they had killed them both off then it would make more sense but why did they save Bowie? For the sake of the usual bad-guy-goes-mental ending? Sigh. When Michael said goodbye to Jessica and kissed her it was so sad and so impending-doom-ish. I was yelling at my tv telling them that they had better not kill him off but nooo. SIGH.

    OK, just saw the last episode so I had to rant a bit. Haha. But looking forward to your full review! 😀

  • uchiha says:

    I’m sick of bad-guy-goes-mental or bad-guy-suicide ending. Too easy for them. For once let them be killed in cold blood torture or more realistic rot in jail for life -_-

    • KTVB says:

      This ending was so predictable (minus Michael’s sacrificial death), and the series was approaching an end I was just thinking to myself ‘please no Bowie trying to suicide’ and ‘please don’t live bowie and turn mental’. It’s been used way too many times….although I don’t know how satisfied I’d be just to see Bowie in jail. He should be the one being burnt to death.

      • thzdth says:

        I agree, man! Going to jail would be apt. Bad people should face responsibility for their crimes. Is tvb encouraging people to blame madness/mental illness to escape from the consequences of their misdeeds?

        No offence to people who are really clinically not in good mental health. It’s just that the mental thing is overused in TVB. 42 yrs of making dramas… come on! Can’t they think of something better?!

  • Layla says:

    I was more frustrated at the stupid police who were so USELESS! First, they let Bowie escape them when two of them were holding onto him. And then he made his way all the way down to the SHOP where the police could have have many opportunities to shoot his exposed back… then he got into the building and set it on fire and STILL the police stands outside as useless as ever. Oh tvb, that was a painful 15 minutes nevermind the cliche ending.

    • KTVB says:

      Same comment my mum made when she watched the first episode XD

      Cops are never the significant part of “saving the day in TVB series unless the series is about Polices…^^;

      But yes I agree with you there too…

  • selena says:

    the ending was ehh. i mean like it could have been better. its so unfair how the bad guy gets away and lives while all the innocent ones die.

    the part where a seng died to save bik ha in the fire scene was sooo sad. i literally cried seeing that 🙁

    but still, the show was really dramatic and awesome!

    —if there were to be a sequel to this show, i would totally watch it!

  • TVB Review says:

    I don’t get how Michael was trapped in the fire and he was burnt, while Bowie also fainted inside the building but Bowie survived. This part is the “HUH” moment for me.

    It’s sad that the villain survived, but the good people had to suffer. And I thought Kiki was very stupid to still go on loving Bowie unconditionally after what Bowie did to the family.

    • KTVB says:

      Same..I don’t get it either..or maybe it was just where Michael was situated. The only other explanation I could think of is that something fell on Bowie which “protected him” from the flames (though if it was wooden I thought it’d catch on fire). It’s still be pretty unfair if Bowie just died like that- he would have suffered a painless death since he was unconscious, while Michael had to be burnt alive ><

  • Nicole says:

    it was realllyyyyyy sad when Michael kissed Jessica & then threw her out the door (that part was a bit comical lol). i was so hoping they would use the alternate happy ending instead, but i guess a non-perfect ending is more befitting for this series. is it just me or was Jessica not sad enough when she realized Michael would perish in the fire?

    Bowie’s ending reminded me of Gallen in Born Rich, except i felt less sympathetic toward him. yeah, why would Kiki still let him play with the baby lol.

    i kinda disliked the series at first for all it’s bickering/eavesdropping/overused plot lines, but it got pretty addictive toward the end. XD even though the characters weren’t always likable, there was solid acting all around. it’s kinda unrealistic how Joyce became such a strong woman all of a sudden lol. and somehow i find Michael’s love for Jessica (which he never expressed outright) very romantic. *_*

    looking forward to your review! 😀

    • KTVB says:

      Agreed!! Really emotional and sad..(the bit throwing her out was a little strange/comical ). Even though Michael said “goodbye” to Jessica, I was hoping and praying that Michael actually lived and that we’d see him in the ending…but that didn’t happen. I guess it’s better this way as his character would become more memorable, yet I can’t help but think the whole thing is just so tragic.
      haha same! i was like , “come on Jessica, scream or something!” I think it was too much of a shock for her.

      Bowie’s ending..hmm..I don’t know- Bowie never turned “good”- he was “forced” to stop his evil doings by having damage to his head, but he got to live “happily “at the end. Evil people should pay the price for all that they’ve done- not get the easy way out of escaping the torture. Like Born Rich- I’m unsatisfied with the treatment of this villain.

      I agree on the romantic bit too 🙂 loved watching the two together!

  • engsamnang says:

    Overal finish the series, so dramatic ending but otherwise, it make an memorable for the series. I think this one is the best series for me at the haft of 2010 with its realistic plotline, rooting charactor, intense plot et. love this.

    • KTVB says:

      I agree, I really enjoyed watching this series! Fistful of Stances and Sisters of Pearl are my two favourite series for this year so far! TVB have been lacking some good series recetnly, hope the 2nd half of the year picks up..PLEASE! lol

      • Engsamnang says:

        Yes, that’s right. I not yet watch the entire fistful of stances, so i don’t know what to say. But sop really the great series so far. Thank that the series got 35 peak.

  • anthony says:

    although the ending was cliche, this drama is still not bad after all. don’t you guys think so? ;D

  • Fiona says:

    I’m not actually following this series, but I do watch it here and then since it’s airing on TVB. I can’t believe Michael dies though! Bowie’s so evil and he gets to live!! People are going to complain, of course haha xD

  • mandy says:

    omg the ending was soo sad. michael’s character was bad at first but as it progresses i liked his character more. =/ why cudnt he and jessica be together?! tvb is so cruel =/

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    …okay….like what made me go the fact that BOTH bowie and Michael were inside the burning building…HOW ON EARTH..did Bowie survive BUT NOT MICHAEL?!!!!!!

    I sooo wanted michael to live!! That ending part where he was saving Jessica…so emotional..i loved that sacrificial love bit…michael really nailed that feeling of missing her…ahhhs…Jessichael! if they were going to kill michael off…THEY Should have killed off bowies’ character too… it’s not even about cliche memory loss…but like…the fact that two people in a dies and one doesnt…??!

    and yeah..the bowie memory loss…see it didnt seem to really have a point in it..because well i can understand why he’s dong the bad things…and i think he would have prefered dying in the fire… BUT if they somehow altered the ending a show that Bowie DIDNT lose his memory…but in fact was secretly plotting against them again…it’d be neat…cause maybe bowie isn’t convincing playing crazy ..i honestly felt he was actuallly still evil.

    i really liked Joyce’s maturity!! like i predicted she would become, but still it was nice seeing her evolve from a wimp to a very smart and independent women. and omg..her son IS SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! soo adorable!! HAHAHA

    i havent exactly seen all of SOP..i kind of jumped to the end..but i dunno…i feel dissatisfied with Kiki’s ending.. like honestly it really is her fault bowie’s father went to jail and then suicided etc. and it was it ended off with her…since it seemed like she was the main in the drama….

    and i thought it was cute and sweet of the relationship developed btwn jessica and michael’s mom Fung So Bor. HAHA..Fung So Bor really plays those b*tchy characters really well…but she can be cute and funny..haha

    oooh Jessica….i really wanted you to end up with Michael….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • drama_one says:

    do all dramas now want to go with the bad ending just so they are more memorable? i mean ‘fistful of stances’ used them and it was really appropriate and its not really ‘cliche’

  • kat says:

    the ending kept me up all night! One: the police were just potatoes. Why couldn’t they have rushed in and pulled Michael out of the rubbish?

    Two: Why do they make women so wimpy? Jessica fainted within a minute while Michael, who is handicapped, had enough strength to use awesome physics to propel her and stupid Bowie out of the burning building?

    Three: Alright the good bye scene was super touching, I’ll admit it, but it’s really hard for TVB to let first cousins live happily ever after romantically, right?

    oh well…

  • lolita says:

    There are actually two different endings of the series one is michael surviving and ending up with jessica. Two was micahel dieing which made his character more memorable

  • Alec Nguyen says:

    Sisters of Pearl is the worth drama in the first half of 2010 and TVB should give this series some awards.

    • chibi says:

      The series is definitely a lot stronger than the other series produced in the first half of 2010, though there’s probably more competition in the later (grand) productions.

      Sadly, I don’t think this drama will win any awards.

  • Rin says:

    I just finished watching the last episode (finally). and hahaha, I went on here and I’m so glad all of you guys have the same thoughts as me!
    WTH! At first I was like aww Michael died. Until I saw Bowie alive and playing with the baby… wth?? You’d think he died too cus he was hit by Joyce (btw, she must have been pretty strong to send him flying across the room or something) and ended up passing out while the room was in flame -__-
    Kiki’s character still annoys me to death at the end of the series!
    I liked this series in the beginning but towards the end it went downhill for me ): I wish the upcoming TVB series will be better!

  • Dude says:

    Yeah that was hysterical when Joyce sent Bowie flying across the room. I was like “Wth?”

  • Duy says:

    Actually, I think the suicide ending for the main villain from any series has its own meaning that no one should commit to a murder but the really bad person. Yet, he is the one who gave other people disaster so he is the only one who give himself disaster as well. It’s a nice thought, anyway…

    And i really annoy with the Michael’s character’s mother. I have not finished the series yet but I hope she should deserve something else.

  • Ophie says:

    The ending was satisfying, but it was soooo sad t_t what happened to Michael, I mean. I really, really wanted Jessica and Michael to be together <3… but it didn't turn out that way T_T </3 so… hahaha, but overall, it was okay. And I don't think Kiki was putting the baby's life at risk when she allowed Bowie to hold him =], cos it seems that Bowie is a lot less likely to toy with the kid or throw him up and down like a clown.

    But that's just me! Either way, I was kind of annoyed that Bowie survived while Michael didn't T_____T. I liked Michael a lot by the ending……
    Still, the ending was compensated when Jessica left on a vacation with Michael's mother.

  • chibi says:

    I thought the ending was overall satisfying but of course I can’t help but feel so sad that Michael really died in the end. Since it was written by the same person as ‘Silver Chambers of Sorrow’ I was really hopeful that Michael would be alive, since Christine’s character lived and it was unlikely she would have survived it either.

    I know Michael is already lucky to have made it so far, considering the numerous times he was almost killed by Bowie, but he doesn’t deserve it at all =( He never did anything as bad as to intentionally kill anyone, whereas Bowie killed with intent, and doesn’t even regret it. How can he, who is already knocked unconscious able to survive the fire.. and like what some of you have said, WHY ARE THE COPS SO USELESS? What about the the fire fighters.. why wasn’t anyone doing anything to help? There were just so many bits of that scene that was completely lame. Michael’s character (even without death) would have been a memorable character who already won the hearts of the audience, death was totally unnecessary.

    Bowie got left off way too easily. He had a “happy” ending, because he no longer remembered all the pain and suffering from the past, and is now blissfully living life without baggage. He even has Kiki by his side, looking after and caring for him. I don’t understand Kiki sometimes, but I guess that’s her “happy ending”.

    But what about poor Jessica?

    • chibi says:

      I can’t believe when Jessica and Michael were left inside, and Joel said he’s going in to save them, ALL of the characters said “No! It’s too dangerous” and stopped him. NONE of the characters from that point on even BOTHERED going in to save them. So what, you’re all going to sit aside and wait for them to die because its “too dangerous?” There’s two people in there helpless and they don’t even try. What were they hoping? That’s they would just walk out on their own? This is so pathetic!

      The same thing happens again after Jessica is thrown out of the fire.. she wants to go in and save him, but EVERYONE says not to. That is so silly!!

  • gummy says:

    i hated the ending! yes i agree what a predictable and overused ending by tvb. my heart broke when micheal kissed jessica goodbye as we all knew he was sooo gonna die. i fell in love with his charismatic character and i think everyone wanted to see him happy with jessica. tvb script has so much lame flaws; e.g when he holds them all hostage and holding the baby, theres like 5 of them against 1!!! and he manages to tie them all up while still holdin the baby??!!!! u seriuos?? and the thing that angers me the most is the door is like 2 steps away!!!

  • 'muff says:

    Waaa poor Michael 🙁

    About letting Bowie play with the child, I think it’s understandable; Bowie had a soft spot for the baby even when he was evil, because he brought it to the world, so that would’ve felt really special. So even though he threatened to drop the baby in front of Joyce, I don’t think he ever intended to kill him. Until the end, when he realised there was no way out. Then, he wanted to bring everybody down with him.

    (I found it funny when he pointed to Macy and said, “You! You share the family name. You deserve to die!” XD)

    And even at the end when he was going to strangle the baby, when he made a noise, Bowie kind of hesitated, and was like “Aww, how cute.” Which allowed Joyce to have the chance to … knock him out somehow. Lol. I guess she got super-strong in that moment of motherly protection.

    So at the end when he (supposedly ;D) loses his memory and has mental damage, it wasn’t dangerous for him to play with the child. Anyway, even if he’d accidentally dropped him at that point, he wouldn’t have died, since he’s grown 😀 😀 (And he’s SOOO CUTE I loved that scene when they turned the chair in the office and he was sitting in it!)

    But yeah. Hoooow could they make Michael die and Bowie live 🙁

  • lena says:

    This movie is great! but definitely remind me of Beneath the charm!

  • Emily says:

    i don’t know why, but i really hate the older sister -.-… regardless of how many wrong things that bowie did, i really hate the older sister..

    • Madeline says:

      well i don’t necessarily hate her but I see your point. Maybe it’s that when you love someone too much, you just don’t care how much the person you love hurts you. I guess she was blinded with love…

  • Jo says:

    Bowie cannot die so tvb can continue part 2. Who knows tvb will continue the story where by Bowie is cured and his revenge contInues..

  • faizi says:

    This Monday this drama last episode on NTV7 at 11.00pm.. The drama best..

  • faizi says:

    Malaysia television..

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