Speech of Silence Themesong: Intuition
Sung by Joyce Cheng

A really nice soothing themesong =)

**Download the Full song here.

My Translations (please give proper credit if reposted, thanks!)

Silence, as though laughter is no longer pleasant to listen to
Speech, cannot help but already cannot hear, how can I respond?
Can use the heart to listen, yet still cannot be sure
Both eyes can still see clearly

Who will be genuine towards me? If spoken out, is that considered?
And no need to leave a promise, only say sweet words makes mistakes
Use my pair of eyes to look, would it be clear? Ask who will treat with
genuine feelings*
Intuition infers that it shouldn’t be wrong

Suppose, I didn’t say I cared
In my heart, actually very clear about your real sincerity
Useless suspicions, if expresses
A gentle hug, will know
Repeat **

11 Responses to “[Speech of Silence] Lyrics + Translations”

  • One of the best themesongs! I could listen to it over and over again. Joyce did an amazing job 😀

  • summer says:

    thanks KTVB , i really love tis song so much.. Joyce sang so great.. can say that i listen few times a day..its just too nice and touching..

    i’ve finished watch Speech Of Silence, its not to say very nice series.. but its quite ok to me.. something loving and sweet love series.. got touching and oso sweet moment … Kate did improve in her shotting, but still need more improvement ..

  • rachel says:

    i loved this song!!! i have to admit this is the first song where i understood the meaning without reading translations from your blog or various websites! my chinese isn’t very good and usually i don’t understand the meaning, but this one, i love the song so so much and i can listen to it over and over again! thanks for providing the link to download it!!!

  • KTVB says:

    To blue_angel_12: yea, I wish more TVB series will have awesome themesongs like this one!

    To rachel: That’s good to hear! (or maybe your Chinese is simply improving xD) I too, enjoy translating songs that i can understand while listening (before I read the lyrics)^^

  • chloe says:

    Hi, can some one pls submit the pin yin lyrics for this song? Thanks

  • Sarah says:

    Hi, can some one tell me the title of the english song? This english song is Tong Tong favorites!! thx

    Reply from KTVB: Yesterday Once More

    Yesterday Once More
    When I was young
    I’d listened to the radio
    Waitin’ for my favorite songs
    Waiting they played I’d sing along
    It made me smile

    Those were such happy times
    And not so long ago
    How I wondered where they’d gone
    But they’re back again
    Just like a long lost friend
    All the songs I loved so well

    (*) every sha-la-la-la
    Every wo-wo-wo
    Still shines
    Every shing-a-ling-a-ling
    That they’re starting to sing’s
    So fine

    When they get to the part
    Where he’s breakin’ her heart
    It can really make me cry
    Just like before
    It’s yesterday once more
    Lookin’ back on how it was
    In years gone by
    And the good times that I had
    Makes today seem rather sad
    So much has changed

    It was songs of love that
    I would sing to then
    And I’d memorize each word
    Those old melodies
    Still sound so good to me
    As they melt the years away

    Repeat (*)

    All my best memories
    Come back clearly to me
    Some can even make me cry
    Just like before
    It’s yesterday once more

    Repeat (*)

  • Roykent says:

    Please make a pinyin please!!

  • nam1ra says:

    I love this song although I’m not a good fan of the series. I copied your translation for the song ‘Intuition’ and posted it at my Multiply site. I’ve posted a link back and credit to k-tvb. Hope you don’t mind. I also downloaded the eng song Yesterday Once More.

    Thanks a lot to you!

  • Hey, K . This lyric of Themesong ,You wrote it wrong . Right lyric —>

    寂靜 若笑聲不再動聽
    說話 無奈已聽不到怎呼應
    雙眼總算可以 看清

    *誰會以真心的對我 如若說出口 可(信)麼
    (人)無(須)許下承諾 只(怕)甜言蜜語出錯
    用我雙眼看會否清楚 問那位真心的對我

    假使 沒有開口說在意
    無用猜疑 如若表示
    輕輕一個擁抱 已知

    Repeat **

    Reply from KTVB: Thanks for the correction =)

  • girl24 says:

    it will turns to a terrible song, when Joyce sing live..

  • congkhanh116 says:

    lyric pinyin & lyric vietnamese of 笑看风云

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