October 2007

[Steps] Episode 10: Fireflies

FIREFLIES by Noella Choi

Music by Jacky Chan Kwok Leung
This song was played during the romantic dance scene between Bernice and Steven (in episode 10) when he lights were off and they were stuck in the building. I really like the song and the lyrics fit well with their relationship up to that point. They have feeling towards each other but Steven seems to hold back from falling in love with her. This is also the scene where they get-together~

I don’t know why you hesitate
Every time you are near me
It is that you fear
You might fall into something deep

Standing on the edge of the night
Feelings raging inside
But if you open your eyes

Can you see the fireflies dancing in the air
Like the stars up in the sky
Feel the gentle breeze caress the night
Oh, it’s time to take to flight
Take my hand I’ll lead you to the places where
I am sure you’ve never been
So just hold me close and we will go
This is how it all begins

Falling in love

Download the Full Version here.

A very romantic Scene!

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