October 2011

[Super Snoops] Songs

One of my favourite parts of “Super Snoops” is watching when the characters suddenly break into dancing and singing!  It’s quite entertaining XD My two  favourite songs are Ella Koon & Johnson Lee’s “Romance I Don’t Know” (爱情I Don’t Know)” and Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo’s “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) “. They’re catchy and romantic haha  Go 1985’s songs! XD

Below are DL links to the themesong, subthemesongs and TV Rips from the drama; credits for all DL links to:  asianuniverse.net

Super Snoops- Wont Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
Note: The Gods “Fuk Luk Sau” = Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen

Super Snoops Theme Song (《荃加福祿壽探案》主題曲) by Liza Wang & The Gods (CD Version)
Song Title: Super Stupid (超低能)
(Duration: 3:10 minutes / Size: 4.3 MB / MP3)



Super Snoops Funny Sub Theme (《荃加福禄寿探案》搞笑插曲) by The Gods

Song Title: Foolishly Go Buy Noodles (戇戇居居去買麵)
(Duration: 28 seconds / MP3)


EPISODE 04 & 06: “Romance I Don’t Know” (爱情I Don’t Know) by Ella Koon & Johnson Lee
Original by: Sandy Lam (1985 hit)
(Duration: 2 minutes / MP3)


EPISODE 07: “Tonight (今晚夜) by Louis Yuen & Kiki Sheung
Original by: Elisa Chan (1982 hit)
(Duration: 1:12 minute / MP3)


EPISODE 10: “Next Stop Diva (下一站天后) by Kiki Sheung & Louis Yuen (dubbed by Mona Ching)
Original by: Twins
(Duration: 1:22 minute / MP3)


EPISODE 12: “Ghost Bride” (鬼新娘) by The Gods
Original: 1985 film Mr. Vampire‘s Sub Theme
(Duration: 1:05 minute / MP3)


EPISODE 15: “Sweet Sixteen” (甜蜜十六歲) by Johnson Lee (ft. Toby Leung)
Original by: David Lui Fong
(Duration: 1:25 minutes / MP3)


EPISODE 15: “Smile When I See You” (我一見你就笑) by Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
Original by: Bei Lei (蓓蕾), a 1965 classic.
(Duration: 1:07 minutes / MP3)


EPISODE 15: “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) by Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
Original by: Leslie Cheung, Elisa Chan (1985)
(Duration: 1:12 minutes / MP3)


EPISODE 17: “Your Eyes (你的眼神)” by Louis Yuen
Original by: Stella Chang (1991)
(Duration: 1:04 minutes / MP3 / Note: Rip has background talking; Louis performs a Mandarin/Cantonese crossover version)

EPISODE 17: “Forget Him (忘記他)” by The Gods, Toby Leung, Al Wai
Original by: Teresa Tang

EPISODE 20 (or 19) (END): “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) (Ballad) by Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo
Original by: Leslie Cheung, Elisa Chan (1985)
(Duration: 1:14 minutes / MP3)

EPISODE 20 (or 19) (END): “Forget Love Samba Dance” (忘情森巴舞) by Al Wai, The Gods, Aimee Chan, Toby Leung, Christine Kuo
Original by: Grasshopper

EPISODE 20 (or 19) (END): “Let’s Play” (玩吓啦) by Everyone
Original by: The Wynners


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