January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 2

This episode focuses a lot more on Sammul’s character, and Selena appears as Sammul’s girlfriend. We learn that he actually broke up with Bernice (Jessica) about half a year later from the ending of SL1 when she went to London and another man had proposed to her. Bernice told him about it and asked whether he would come fly over to see her but he didn’t want to leave HK because he had just found a new job. Sammul chose work over love and the relationship ended there. I don’t remember Bernice going overseas at the end of SL1 but anyways... Selena works as a waitress at a restaurant where she met Sammul, who was a regular customer.

Flashback of 1/2 hr after the end of SL1. SL2 is set 3 years after SL1.

Because of Sammul’s damaged reputation in the law industry, he is often looked down upon by other Lawyers and Selena feels really bad for him, yet she feels useless because she can’t help him.

Selena appears to be a really sweet, likable girl who is always there for Sammul, and looks after him by cooking food for him to eat. I wonder if she’ll serve any other purpose in the story other than Sammul’s love interest. I was a little disappointed that she wasn’t a lawyer ^^;

When Sammul received Bernice’s email, Selena felt a bit uncomfortable and even came up with an excuse to move away and avoid seeing the email, but Sammul wanted her to stay and read the email together. Selena often looked down upon herself because Bernice was smart and beautiful and felt she wasn’t good enough for him but Sammul reassures her that Bernice was his past, but the one with him now is most important to him. The email Bernice sent was just thanking Sammul for his wedding present.

Sammul seems to be a pretty nice person too, and he really cares about the victims, hoping they’ll receive justice. We also see that Rebecca and Waise trust and rely on Sammul a lot because they know what he is capable to doing (before his license was suspended he was a laywer).

We also learn that Ella’s father actually owns the law firm’s property (and many other properties), so they hired Ella, not based on her performance as a lawyer, but because the rent they had to pay was a lot less. So even though at times it is obvious that Ella is wrong, Rebecca asks Kenneth to apologise to her instead.

Case 1:

The taxi driver (from the case in Episode 1) ‘s girlfriend broke up with him and demands to sell their home, which ownership title is under his girlfriend’s name only. For the past 10 years, the man had being paying back his future-mother-in-law $8000 for the mortgage amount for their home in hope that the home would belong to him and his girlfriend. The two were living the life like a married couple would and paid all other expenses. The girlfriend wanted to kick him out and take all the money from sale of the propery herself.

Result: The taxi-driver was seen as a owner of the property and was given his right to half of the money from its sale. Rebecca wins this case with help from Sammul.

Thoughts: I thought this case was straight forward and not hard to win.

Case 2: A rich man breaks up with his girlfriend and wants to retrieve all the gifts he has previously bought her. He even kept the receipts XD He claims that he decided to keep the receipts as proof of purchase because he has been in relationships where the girls stuck to him was because of his money. Ella was emotionally attached to the case and felt very sorry for their client because she believed that he was very devoted to the relationship, yet his girlfriend had cheated on him. The gifts had ‘sentimental values’ and ‘happy memories’ to him so he wanted to keep and cherish them. Kenneth on the other hand (who was Ella’s partner in this case) did not like him and thought it was stupid that he wanted the gifts back after giving them to his girlfriend. One particular item was a diamond ring. The opposition claims that she deserved the ring because it was a ‘verbal contract’. The rich man said that he’ll buy her a diamond ring if she was able to make a ‘certain’ cake for him.

Ella and Kenneth see the couple arguing and admitting to each other that they were cheating on each other while they were dating. When the rich man tried to hit on Ella, Ella angrily stepped on his foot and the judge saw. The judge asked the man whether he wants to sue Ella for attacking her own client and Kenneth comes up with a story that Ella was trying to teach him to dance.

Results: Kenneth and Ella find out that both the rich man and his girlfriend were players and cheating on each other. Ella got really angry for believing the man and being the spoilt bratty girl she was, Ella refuses to go to court to help him. However, her sense of responsibility shows as she eventually turns up and finding a key witness: The cooking teacher that taught the girl to bake the cake. He says that the girl never paid attention to the lessons and wasn’t really there to learn. After many lessons, she still could not bake the cake and so the told him that if he helped bake the cake for her boyfriend, she’ll go out with him. Therefore, she did not bake the cake, so she did not ‘deserve’ the diamond ring. They win and the man was able to retrieve all the presents back.


Ella and Kenneth wins the case and Kenneth wanted to do a “Hi-5” with Ella whom is not interested because she does not feel happy helping a jerk win the case. 

Thoughts: I thought the case was amusing. It was ridicious how the man wanted to get back the presents he has previous bought and given to his girlfriend once they broke up..What kind of man is that?? I totally agree with Kenneth’s thoughts. The key witness at the end wasn’t unexpecting because I had predicted that she didn’t make the cake herself, right at the point they gave details about the contract. Hope there’ll be better cases coming up!

2 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 2”

  • Jadedreams says:

    I think it was cute the way Sammul and Selena met! 🙂

    But Bernice’s transformation seems to be doing a 180 lol

    I quite like the dynamic between Kenneth, Ella, Sammul, and Selena. The chemistry is not bad compared with the original. I have to say I like Ella’s character more than Myolie’s character in SL1, and Sammul in here rather than in the previous. The only one who can’t be beat is Raymond haha…but Kenneth is doing a good job as well.

  • chibi says:

    ahh yay, Bernice appearance! lol.

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