Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

*Sammul has lost his memories and Ella’s dad was stabbed unconscious. Noel reported this to the police as she found them both already unconscious when she arrived in the room.
*The case was brought to the High Court, with Sammul being suspected for stabbing Ella’s dad as they were both found together in the room. The difficulties with the case was because the two people involved could not say what had actually happened. Waise’s master who is a very well known Barrister in the legal world is representing justice (Ella’s dad). Because Waise wanted to saves his marriage and prove to his master his worthiness, Waise takes out the courage, being a barrister to stand against his master to help Sammul (which no other lawyer was willing to stand against Waise’s master)

*Waise’s master takes Kenneth to be one of his key witnesses, so Waise gets Ella to help him in the case.
*No matter how hard Selena tried to help Sammul regain his memories, Sammul does not have any impression of anything.
* Noel deliberately spills her drink onto Sammul’s laptop and uses it as an excuse to take it away for fixing. The hard drive was not damaged so she was able to retrieve the files on the computer. She deletes the folder “Noel’s Records” where Ella and Kenneth catches her.
*Ella’s dad wakes up, and he and Noel go to court to confess the truth. Noel had attempted to stab Sammul when he found out the truth but Ella’s dad protects Sammul, getting stabbed himself, while Sammul hit his head onto the table, losing his memories.
*Sammul is set free and further action is brought against Ella’s dad and Noel.

Last night I finished off watching Survivor’s Law 2 ^^ Overall it had a happy ending but I felt the story didn’t flow so well after episode 11 when Kenneth was pursuing Ella. Things seemed to have been rushed a bit. The final episode was OK to watch but it wasn’t as suspenseful as I had hoped. It’s great that Waise’s old self is brought back out and is no longer the indecisive, weak lawyer. He was able to redeem himself and make his master and wife (played by Rebecca) proud, by becoming a Barrister again and winning his master in Court. However, I believe he won the case simply because Ella and Kenneth who found out about Noel(Queenie) who ended up telling the truth and felt he didn’t do that much.

Ending Scene

*June is Pregnant with Power Chan’s baby~

*Sammul still has not regained his memories, but he makes Selena a cake that Selena had made for him before. Selena asks him if he has remembered anything. He said he remembered eating the cake before and the feeling was very sweet, so he wanted her to feel that too. After trying it, Selena tells him she feels “sweet” and happiness ^^

12 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 20-Final”

  • eE says:

    just thought i’d post a thought about survivor law’s 2….dont u guys think the ending was rushed? i wish they developed ken / ella’s relationship a bit more…took more time to go thru it….?

  • AC says:

    I’m upset with survivor’s law 2 because of what they did to sammul!

  • guest says:

    thank you for posting

  • FaNNy says:

    to AC: i actually liked the ending. if they didnt make sammul lose memory, sammul wouldve been very bad!

  • illgirl says:

    OMG…! i justed finished watching survivor’s Law II and i loved the ending, even though Sammual lost his memory. i read the spoiler right after i finished watching the last episode. LOL

  • summer says:

    KTVB ~ love ur SL II and WOILS II ending screen cap…. i only do for WOIL II screencap,no time to do for SL II..so, love to see yr SL II screencap ..haha..thanks..

  • AC says:

    I wish I can erase SL2 from my memory because they ruined my perfect ending from the first one! They should have just changed Sammul’s character as well to make the whole story different!

  • KTVB says:

    To AC: It wasn’t that bad was it? Did u like Sammul’s charcter in SL 1?

  • AC says:

    I liked the first SL1 because of all 4 leads had great chemistry with each other. The 2nd one lacked that. To me, the ending of SL1 showed that Sammul learned from his mistakes The 2nd one made me both sad/mad when they made it seem he didn’t learn anything and making him lose his memory was a cop-out ending

    In general, the 2nd one did have some good moments but was not as good as the first because the cases weren’t that good either.

  • choonsern says:

    Sammul cannot join in as lawye but only in the drama coz his licence was suspended
    just bring Survivor’s Law 3!!! This time, bring back Ray, Bernice and Myolie to teamup with Kenneth!!!

  • KTVB says:

    To AC: I guess..TVB makes it seem like its so easy to lose your memories.

    To choonsern: lol, well then Ella’s gotta be there too.

  • kelly says:

    isit worth it to buy the vcd?

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