January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 4

This episode continues on the case about the Magician harassing his assistant.

Case: Magician + Sexual Harassment to female assistant

(Kenneth and Sammul’s case)

The Magician hired a new female assistant where it was necessary for to dress up revealing because it was a need of the profession to draw the audience’s attention to her instead. The trick required him to reach out towards her chest and “pull out” a flower. The new female assistant has accusing him that he actually touched her, saying it was sexual harassment and using the “magic trick” to merely used cover up the fact he was ‘touching’ her.

To show his magic trick on court to show it was not necessary to touch her, he tried to find his previous assistants but weren’t able to contact them. Kenneth ends up getting Ella to be his assistant, but you can tell already that Ella was feeling uncomfortable around him. When the magician reached out towards her cheat, she backed away and later even became the witness for the female assistant, saying that the magician had previously sexually harassed her too! The judge actually wanted to find out the whole process, the secrets to the magic trick, but he, as a Magician would rather be declared guilty than to reveal the secrets of a magic trick.

There Kenneth decides to follow the assistant, and Sammul is not happy with what he was doing. They realised that the girl was a huge fan of another Magician that performed magic tricks at the shopping centre (that the accused magician worked at), who was replaced by the new magician. She accused the man because he wanted her favourite magician to perform again. Kenneth ends up putting a book into her bag at a shop and the shopkeepers accused her of stealing and Sammul helps her get out of it, by helping her say good words. This makes the girl grateful for their help and feeling bad for the one being accused, she goes back to court and reveals the truth.

My thoughts: At first I was sort of interested in this case becuse I thought the actually harassed her and wanted to see how Kenneth would fight out of it. I was sort of convinced that he actually did it, but the only doubt was because he was Kenneth’s friend. Besides, Kenneth really only helps “good” people achieve their justice. I also wanted to find out the secrets to the magic trick but that would have been too easy of a win, and if it is a real magic trick, I don’t think Magicians want that secret to be revealed to all the audiences who watch the series lol I think it does sound a bit lame how she went to the extreme of accusing another just so she can watch her favourite magician perform again. They tried to make it ‘realistic’ by coming up with a back story for her, but still….

On a side not, why did the magician run his hand down Ella’s back in their first meeting? Was he just that of a friendly guy?

= = =

Once again, Sammul expresses his dislike of Kenneth’s methods of handling the cases, disturbing witnesses and doing ‘illegal’ things to manipulates the outcome of the results. Sammul even went to Waise and started complaining to him about Kenneth, wanting to report him in. Kenneth happened to be there and end up playing a game of soccer. In the soccer match, Sammul and Kenneth continue to have grudges and having a go at each other, eventually leading into a fight. The referee and other players tried to stop them where Sammul bashes the referee, knocking him unconscious. Knowing that Sammul may not get back his license, Kenneth sticks up for him and claims that he was the one who hit the referee. After this incident, Sammul was grateful to Kenneth (he didn’t think Kenneth would do that for him) and goes to thanks him. From this point on, the two become friends~

The two become friends and decided to continue from where they left off in their soccer game.

We also learn that Kenneth really does not like kids and can’t get along with them either. One of Ella’s client came in to discuss about the custody of her child, and Kenneth was made to look after her son- played by the little Jacky boy, while they discussed. He becomes so annoyed at him (I can feel his pain too XD)

The two were in Ella’s room while they wait..

Boy: What are love/feelings?
Kenneth: It’s very complicated, even if I tell you, you won’t understand.
Boy: Then, what about love at first sight?
Kenneth: That’s adult’s game, why is a child asking about it for?
Boy : What is love at first sight?
Kenneth: Err..let’s say, you really like eating pork chops, and then you suddenly saw a piece of pork chops and you want to bite into it. That’s love at first sight.
Boy: Then..if there’s love at first sight, then how come some people say that love has to grow and develop?
Kenneth: Well some people don’t like pork chops. But after looking at it for awhile, they still want to bite into it. That’s developing feelings.
Boy: Dad and mum have been with each other so long and still don’t have feelings? Why do they have to divorce?
Kenneth: That’s adult matters, why is a child asking so much about it for?
Boy: They’re having a divorce, who should I go with?
Kenneth: I don’t know.
Boy: Should I follow my dad or my mum?
Kenneth: I said I don’t know!
Boy: What is this thing called love..?
Kenneth: Enough! *Kenneth grabs some papers and gives it to him* Go draw some pictures and don’t make any noise!

Kenneth ends up falling asleep while Jacky boy is scribbling all over Ella’s documents and stabbing them with a pen. Kenneth suddenly wakes up to realise what has happened.

Kenneth: You can’t draw on this!!
Boy: Mum and Dad doesn’t want me anymore, and now you’re yelling at me. (starts to sob)
Kenneth: I’m not yelling at you…I’m just.. I told you to draw on the blank papers.
Boy(starts crying): Why do I have to draw on the paper?
Kenneth: Er..Don’t cry. How about we play ‘Scissors paper Rock”?
Boy: Is it the ones that if you lose, you have to get slapped?
Kenneth: Yeah! Of course those! If it isn’t those I won’t play.

The boy ends up winning 10 in a row and Kenneth keeps getting slapped around his face. Just when Kenneth won once and was about to slap him back, the boy starts screaming in fear, and the client comes in, seeing Kenneth hold his sons arm in one hand, and a ‘slapping’ gesture with the other hand. “What’s happening here?”

“Mum he hit me!!!” XD Oh boy..poor Kenneth.

Ella complaining to Waise about Kenneth about not liking him and not wanting to work with him anymore and Waise tells her that it appears she is the only one in the office who doesn’t get along with him.

While Ella is in court for the case about the custody as the child child, we see Ella and the judge have something against each other and Ella tries to bag down the judge of her ability to handle the case. (The were previously involved in a love triangle..) Rebecca ends up giving her case to Kenneth because she was not happy with what Ella did in court.

After Kenneth did some community service (for hitting the referee) at a hospital, a little girl followed him out of the hospital and almost gets run over by a car. Kenneth saves her and tells her to go back to the hospital and she reluctant does. I would have thought Kenneth should have taken the little girl back himself instead of letting her walk back, it might have been dangerous. It looks like the little girl really likes Kenneth . At the end of the episode, when Ella went to find Kenneth at Kenneth’s family bar, asking him to give the case back to her, the little girl appears again, calling him “daddy!”

2 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 4”

  • Jadedreams says:

    At first, I thought the magician (was he Ella’s brother in RDOV?) seems kind of fishy too, but like you said, he is Kenneth’s friends so it didn’t seem suitable if he was a bad guy. But the way they proved his innocent was really out there. As much as the girl liked her favorite magician, it’s really hard to believe she would go through all that. How would she know the mall would hire her favorite magician and not someone else?

    Btw, ktvb do you think Kenneth was wrong for following the assistant and made it seem like she stole? I think I have to side with Sammul because if the girl was really adamant about the case, then she would have no problems saying Kenneth and Sammul disturbed her and tried to influence her with the case. It’s somewhat risky.

    haha…..I cracked up with this part with Jacky and Kenneth:

    “Boy : What is love at first sight?
    Kenneth: Err..let’s say, you really like eating pork, and then you suddenly saw a piece of pork and you want to bite into it. That’s love at first sight.
    Boy: Then..if there’s love at first sight, then how come some people say that love has to grow and develop?
    Kenneth: Well some people don’t like pork. But after looking at it for awhile, they still want to bite into it. That’s developing feelings.”

  • KTVB says:

    i can’t remember who Ella’s brother was in RDOV (or what role he played XD)

    Yeah..the case seemed to have gone on the wrong track and on a tangent by bringing in this other magician. I also agree with the point you made about the possibility of them hiring the old magician again. Also, the old magician could have been in other circumstances where he might not even want to perform there again etc

    I seem not to mind what Kenneth was doing, but that’s simply because we (the audiences) knows that everything will be ok. (I mean, it always happens for TVB) And yes, that was very risky.
    Doesn’t the girl feel any guilt though?? (before the book store incident)

    hahaa..I loved that pork part too XD

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