January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 6

Another pretty good episode ^^

Because of what happened in Episode 5, Ella goes to find her father as soon as he returns to Hong Kong. We learn a lot about the father and daughter relationship, and that his daughter is his first priority. During a meeting at work, Ella just rushes in, crying in his arms and he immediately drops his works. We also see Queenie Chu, playing “Noel”- Ella’s dad’s assistant. She seems to understand him very well, knows what he is thinking or needs as she takes charge and asks everyone to leave the room so the two together could have some private time together. Not only is she very understanding, she is also very clever and a very good assistant and he trusts her a lot. Ella trusts her a lot too and they get a long really well also because they are similar in age. There has been hints that something is going on between Ella’s dad and Noel, but they are keeping it from Ella, because they both know that Ella won’t accept “another mother”. Ella is upset for Pierre lying to her the whole time and she constantly asks her dad whether there would be any other men in this world as loyal as him to her mum, and will only love her even though she’s no longer here. He tells her, there is~ however Ella’s dad and Noel constantly exchange glances at each other…

I personally like Queenie’s character Noel here and hope that Ella would accept her someday, but it wouldn’t be easy because most likely, Ella would see it as betrayal.

Ella tells her father that she doesn’t want to be a lawyer anymore, because she only studied law because of Pierre, and her father is fully supportive of her or whatever decision she has to make.

Ella doesn’t turn up to the meeting, calling in saying that she wants to quit and Sammul hands in his resignation letter because he got back his license as a Barrister. The law firm appears to be reaching a shortage of employees…

On the other hand, Bobo’s Aunt has disappeared from the hospital! The nurses have said she had rushed off in a hurry and Kenneth gets frustrated that she had lied to him about taking care of Bobo just for a month, but to ‘toss’ the girl for him to look after forever and not wanting her back..In hope to ask for an answer, Kenneth’s brother (played by Power Chan) and his grandma decide to fly to Canada to find her. For the meantime, they decided not to tell Bobo because they didn’t want her to think she was not wanted.

Kenneth is sleeping when he gets awoken by noises of broken glass, thinking it was strange that his brother would break things, and becomes shocked when he figures out it must of been Bobo. He rushes out to see two broken plates on the floor and yells at her for playing with the kitchen and tells her that it’s dangerous to use the stove. She tells him that she was really hungry and she called him several times but he kept sleeping. “Really? Actually, I think you did” ^^; So Kenneth starts frying eggs (with trouble) and the little girl happily watches him at the door. The eggs turn out a bit scrabbled and burnt. Bobo tries it and happily replies that it tastes really good, and that it was the first egg that her daddy fried for her…. awwww.

Ahh she’s so cute XD XD She’s very adorable, well behaved and obedient ..and loves her daddy so much. It’s not like she’s cheeky, mischievous or naughty…(unlike Jacky boy in Fathers and Sons). Kenneth should like her so easily…

In the next scene, we see Kenneth holding her hands at a shopping centre. “I don’t understand, why do all girls like doing the same thing?”

Kenneth suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom so tells Bobo to wait outside and that he’ll be back soon. He didn’t notice that Bobo actually said she wanted to go to the toilet too and the little girl stands there alone. A scary background music starts playing as someone from behind walks up to her and taps her on the shoulder. When Kenneth comes back out, Bobo is missing and he runs around the shopping centre worried looking for her. He ends up running to the help desk, wanting them to help broadcast a message at the centre, telling Bobo to come here to find him. The man replies, “one moment” and starts broadcasting another message:

“Little friend Sun Man Gwan (Kenneth), your family GaBo (Kenneth’s daughter) is waiting for you near the fountain” XD They made it sound like Kenneth was the lost little boy lol

Kenneth sees the girl with Ella who have bought a lot of bags of things. Kenneth starts yelling at her for not staying there where he told her to and Bobo tells him that she really needed to go to the toilet so Ella took her who happened to find her there. Kenneth continues to yell at her, saying how naughty she was to go off shopping afterwards. He tells her to go away, accidentally blurbing out that “It’s not wonder your Aunty doesn’t want you”.

I feel that Kenneth didn’t mean to yell at her like that and upset her but it was because he got really worried and frustrated looking for her while she was happily shopping with Ella.

Bobo starts crying and Ella takes her back to her home. The two talk with each other upstairs in the room and eventually gets Bobo to sleep. Kenneth then gets a call from their client from the previous episode whom they were not able to help claim compensation for, asking him to look after her daughter.

The two quickly make it to the scene to realise she wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a building. Ella apologises for the things she has said to her previously and encourages her not to give up hope, or her life because her daughter really needs her. They tell her its still possible to appeal to court and that they’ll try their best to help her. At that moment, the women’s daughter comes and calls out to her and she comes back down ^^

Kenneth tells Ella that he was impressed with the things she said to the women before and she tells him she learned them from Bobo. When they were upstairs, Bobo told her how a 8 year old child would feel if she couldn’t see her family again. She really wanted to have a dad. She thought that coming back to Hong Kong and finding him, she’ll be about to have a taste of a fatherly love. But instead, he didn’t really care about her. She already lost her mother, and now her Aunty ran away, she is afraid everyone will leave her and not want her anymore.

Kenneth: Such a small person, and she thinks much.

Ella: Don’ t you even know what Bobo is thinking? You feel like a failure don’t you? You should really go back and think about how to be a father.

Back at Ella’s house,Kenneth apologises to Bobo and cheers her up by frying an egg for her again and promises that he won’t leave her again.

Ella and Kenneth end up appealing to court about the methods of Pierre gathering the evidence. The two were able to prove his methods and the things he says questionable, firstly one pill having gone missing after he used the bathroom. The pills were placed high up on the cupboard so her daughter would not have been able to reach. She would be very careful in not losing any because they were very expensive and having more than one dosage can be very harmful to the body. To ensure they didn’t take any extra pills, the women and her daughter both has a check up and was proven by the doctors.

Next Ella brought up in court the way he had deceived her in the past about having a baby with another women to trick her, making her trust him all these years and using her. Thirdly, she questioned Pierre the process of what he did in the bathroom and he comments very clearly that he flushed the toilet after. It turns out that on the day he was there, the water system was under maintainance for the block so there was no water to “flush” but had to use a bucket to water. And finally, a photograph could be found on the papers of Piere’s client with the lawyer Pierre in the background. It is possible that the lawyer already knew he would take on the case before ie. the reason why he went to the women’s house.

Ella and Kenneth won in court and the women was about to get her compensation! ^^

Outside of the court, Ella told Kenneth that she’s prepared a speech to make to Pierre, to tell him off for what a jerk he was. She said that she only practiced it once in front of a mirror so it should be more effective if she could practice it on a person. Getting straight into the act, Ella started yelling at Kenneth with hatred, anger and disgust~ This scene was pretty funny because Ella was so into it that it shocked Kenneth XD He was so impressed with Ella xD But when she was about to start talking to Pierre, Pierre was smiling at her looking happy, congratulating on her performance just then in court and she eventually smiled back and ended with a handshake lol She told Kenneth that Pierre wasn’t worth her effort because he has already turned completely into a fakeo hehe..

Ella returns to the firm to pack her things as she gets ready to leave. Her colleagues have a farewell party for her which Kenneth organised. Ella seems a bit sad, and already missing the place, but she feels that there’s no reason for her to stay any more because the reason she studied law was because of Pierre. Kenneth teaches her that she became a lawyer for the wrong reason, and she’s also quitting for the wrong reason. He gives her a thank you card from the women’s child “Sister(Jie Je) is the most beautiful and cleverest and most righteous lawyer. Thank you” Ella is touched and realises why she should be a lawyer=)

Bobo returns home with Kenneth with lots of luggages…She changed!!! =___= her luggage were all full of cosmetics and facial stuff, lots of expensive things (giving the receipt for Kenneth to repay Ella)…omg…she’s totally turned into another Ella (Lily) !! Ella also seems to have taught her a lot of things that are …argh…not suitable for a little child to be so stuck up about. Bobo is becoming spoilt.

At the end of the episode, Power and his Grandma returns to Hong Kong. They couldn’t find the Aunt, but they found Bobo’s birth certificate. On the father’s section was printed with Kenneth’s name…

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