January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 7

Sammul’s Barrister chamber has its grand opening and Ella brings him a very a big Case from the High Court. The client was Ella’s father’s friend’s son, whom Ella had referred to Sammul.
Case: Which Will do we follow?

(Sammul’s case as a Barrister, working with Ella)

A very superstitious man had a son and a daughter. He was a well known writer and when his son was born, he brought along very good luck to the family and the business’ wealth. However, when the daughter was born, she was believed to have brought bad luck to the family. Things were going bad for the family and business and the man’s wife passed away too. Thus, being the superstitious man he was, he sent his daughter away to England when she was still small and had no intentions of bringing her back. The man recently passed away (Ella’s dad’s friend) and he left everything to his son. A second will appears as the man’s daughter returns, saying her father wrote another will afterwards, giving everything to her. Under law, the newer one will take precedent over the older one. It was also proven that the signature and writing was in fact the man’s own one.

So far, this is the most interesting case I’ve seen in Survivor’s Law 2. The whole idea about battling in court over “which will do we follow”, seems to be common, but the point Sammul came out with was impressive! I thought it was very clever. He was able to prove that from all the writings the man had written, he has not used the English”Quotation” marks for any expressions. However, the latter Will did, which we have seen the girl constantly use with her hand gestures in court. This means that the girl had written the will beforehand and somehow forced the man to copy it, including the quotation marks. The writing was real, but the intentions were not.

Everyone was very impressed by Sammul’s performance and we all believed that the case was already won by him. Because of this, Rebecca planned to pass a lot more cases to him and his reputation was very good. However, the girl and her boyfriend saw that they were not favorable in winning and ends up publishing in the front magazine covers of Sammul and Selena having lunch together, saying he is a lawyer who uses girls’ money etc tarnishing Sammul’s reputation! Because of this, the superstitious son believed Sammul would bring bad luck to the case, not wanting him anymore! They passed the case to another lawyer… After the negative news about him were released over the magazines, many potential clients did not want him anymore… I feel so bad for him !! It’s so unfair to Sammul >_< As expected, Selena’s father was angry at him for being so ‘useless’. . .and was once again looked down upon. Why can’t people just appreciated his efforts , talents and well performance??

On the other hand, Kenneth is still not convinced Bobo is his daughter.He claims that Bobo’s mum could have written anyone in the name slot, so he cuts a strand of hair from Bobo, hoping to do a DNA test. Meanwhile, Kenneth’s grandma suggests that he takes Bobo to school, rather than having her not doing anything and just following them down to the bar all the time. With the help of Ella, they were able to apply at a International School.

Sharon Luk plays the Deputy Principal of the Prestiges International school. Bobo performed very well in the test she was given, but because of the impression Sharon got from Kenneth, like ‘trying to flirt with her’, sending sms during their interview (i.e lack of respect), his background of working at a bar and put on community service~she does not accept Bobo into the school. Kenneth ends up coming up with points to counter the things she has said and points out that the school has breached some of the safety standards and conditions of a school. Upon hearing his explanations, Sharon lets Bobo through!

Kenneth and Bobo share the joy after she was accepted to the International school ^^ “Bobo, choose your locker!!!” 

Kenneth tells Ella that he will prove that he is a very good father,

Kenneth takes Bobo to school and they are late by one minute! The front gate of the school is locked and Kenneth tells Bobo not to worry. He climbs over the fence but is caught by Sharon ^^; As a consequence, he was made to write 1000 lines “I must not be late to school” lol

4 Responses to “[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 7”

  • Tsunami1313 says:

    haha.. i’m watching SL2 atm.. and i’m loving ur caps.. thnx so much

  • chibi says:

    ahh..again, the media is so annoying.. people publish crap in magazines and everyone would believe it’s true. Poor Sammuel., he always seems to get it hard.

  • Jadedreams says:

    I think it’s somewhat unrealistic why Sammul’s reputation was tarnish just because he supposely spends his girlfriend’s money. If he’s that good of a lawyer, then I don’t see why clients won’t use him. After all, that is his private life and it has nothing to do with his profession. The clients are paying for his expertise in law not his private life.

    And I thought Sharon Luk looks similar to the daughter of the rich guy. However, I seriously thought the character of that girl (daughter of the rich guy) was so annoying, what with the quotation marks and all.

  • KTVB says:

    yea..i thought so too, especially the really bad people wouldn’t care ..if they were looking for a good lawyer to get them out of any mess..

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