New upcoming posts “MK + Lily Highlights” will contains scenes I’ve selected to highlight with Lily(Ella) and MK (Kenneth)’s relationship through the episodes and their progress! =) Part 1 will start at episode 11 where MK starts developing feelings for Ella.

Episode 11

The Gentle Side revealed

There’s a school function at Bobo’s school where the students and parents are planting and caring for the environment. Because of the late notice, Kenneth doesn’t call Ella and gets his friend Mary (who works at Power’s pub), to be Bobo’s “mother” for the day. However, she gets a hangover from drinking too much the night before and Ella shows up, so Ella takes her place. Before she leaves, the two girls have a talk in the female toilets where Ella learns another side of Kenneth, and realises he’s not as “bad” as he seems.

Mary: I remember at that time he said to me that people should love themselves. It doesn’t matter if people look down on you, but you can’t look down on yourself. He also helped me find this job, he can look out for me.
Ella: He would do social work and help people? Be careful that he may have other intentions, and eat you. Mary: You don’t know how much I want him to have other intentions. Don’t see him that he’s always sweet talking and flirting with girls, a lot of the time he’s just saying it. He is, yes, he is very nice to a lot of girls, but it’s all genuine and sincere. Men are supposed to protect and look after women. I’m telling you, men I’ve seen too many, even worse and bad ones I’ve seen, but great guys like Kenneth, there really isn’t that many.

Kenneth is wiping his face with his hands and Ella gives him a tissue. Ella bends down and helps Bobo wipe the sweat off her forehead. Ella was suddenly nice to him and he saw a gentle side of Ella as he watches the two. He doesn’t realise he has continued to wipe his face with his hands and Ella ends up wiping the dirt off Kenneth’s face for him. You can tell Kenneth realises something for her..and he looks really shy lol

Ella helps Kenneth put on sunscreen.

Kenneth asks Ella why she was suddenly so nice to him and she told him it was because Mary had told her some things about him in the past and she didn’t know that he could be so manly~ so she decided to reward him ^^ Ella then mentions that he should find Bobo a properly mother or it would affect Bobo’s growth (rather than having different women take care of her).

Face Slapping in Court

June’s boyfriend has accused Power of slapping him, leaving bright red hand marks on his face. Ella finds a key point to help Power and slaps Kenneth in Court. I thought this part was quite funny, I mean the usual lawyers don’t do this, which makes the lawyers in Survivor’s Law more entertaining to watch.

Kenneth realises what Ella was trying to say and slaps himself on the other side of his face really hard, showing that if you get slapped by someone else, or slapped by yourself, the hand marks are different. Judging from the photos, June’s boyfriend had actually slapped himself.

To kiss his face well?

To celebrate Power being freed, they are at Power’s pub.

Kenneth: I wouldn’t have guessed that you’d be so clever this time, to think of something like that.
Ella: Just learning from you. Sometimes in court, we don’t have to go the proper way, but whether it works or not.
Kenneth: It works, but this slap hurts so much that my face is still very painful.
Ella: How painful ? Let me see? *holds onto his chin then pinches his cheeks* It really is red.
Kenneth: If you keep pinching, I won’t be able to stand it.
Ella: Do you want a kiss?
Kenneth: Really? You said it, you can’t go back on your words!
Kenneth’s friend: Lily, don’t think you’re just scaring him, I’m scared you won’t be able to pay the price!

Lily: I’ll kiss then. Close your eyes first.
Kenneth: Did you hear? *closes his eyes*

*Ella signals Bobo to kiss him on the cheeks*

Bobo: Daddy I kissed you back, does it still hurt?
Kenneth: It doesn’t hurt anymore, but someone doesn’t stick to her words.
Ella: What..? I helped you win your case, you should be the one who is thanking me.
Kenneth’s eye’s widen with a big grin.
Kenneth: Ok! Let me kiss you back!
Ella: You wish! Shout me dinner.
Kenneth: Dinner , simple, ok.

Ella: It’s not simple, I don’t eat chicken wings, sausages and stuff like that. I want to eat French dishes.
Kenneth: No problem, I mean what I say, not like some people XD

The Classy Dinner

Kenneth arrives at the restaurant first and notices his suit is the same as one of the waiters that work there XD When Ella arrives, he couldn’t help but stare at her.

Kenneth: Today you’re really…really.. really beautiful.
Ella: Of course, I’m always am. You’re not bad either, for a moment I thought you were a manager.
Kenneth: Well you said to come to this high class place to eat. I’ve been matching it for a whole afternoon, give me some face.
Ella: Needing Lawyer Sun to put so much effort, I must have a lot of face!
Kenneth: You know, then its good. I’m seeing that you helped my brother.

Ella: I also have a huge present for you! *Kenneth moves his chair closer*
Kenneth: A huge present? What is it?
Ella: Remember last time I told you that you need to seriously help Bobo find a mother? This person really likes little kids, and knows how to care and look after Bobo. And most important, both you and Bobo like her.

Kenneth: I think so too.
Ella: Actually I’ve already found the right candidate.
Kenneth: really?
Ella: Yup! *Turns around and calls out Noel’s name. Kenneth’s face expression immediately changes* My friend.

Ella introduces the two again and Kenneth realises that Ella was trying to pair the two together lol What disappointment for him ^^;

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  • chibi says: cute. Ella’s pretty cold though, lol.

  • Vanessa says:

    I love the pair, ella and kenneth! Can’t wait for the @nd part that you will do. I am really looking forward to it. Love their scenes that you made, so sweet. Hope you make more.

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    thank you for posting

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