January 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] Episode 5

This was a pretty interesting episode! There’s are more back stories for Kenneth, Sammul, Selena and Ella.


The little girl takes out a photo of Kenneth and his ex-girlfriend which is claims is her mum and dad. She says her mother died in Vancouver a year ago and her Aunty told her her father’s name and that he works at a bar in HK. Kenneth goes to find the girl’s Aunt who is in the hospital due to get in a accident while she and her niece came to Hong Kong to visit a relative. Kenneth was not the father of the girl, but they mislead her into thinking that because her real father disappeared before she was even born. She explains that she lied to the girl,..And requests to keep the secret and hoping Kenneth will look after her for a month while she recovers in hospital.

The nurse Kenneth tried to pick up in the previous episodes is told by the girl that Kenneth is her father and will be going home with him. The nurse is surprised, and tells him that he should concentrate on being a father instead of thinking about “other stuff” ehehe.

Kenneth is really unhappy and at first I thought it was because he didn’t like kids, or because he didn’t want to take on the responsibility of a father especially when he wasn’t her real father. It turns out Kenneth was in love with the girl’s mum (his ex-girlfriend), so much he wanted to be with her forever. However, 3 months after they started dating, she just left a message and then left, saying she only used him a fall-back. He was really heart broken, always drinking every night until the was accused of drug dealing. Only after meeting Waise (Brendon) who helped prove him innocent, that did gain new goals and meaning in life.

Bed Time! Story Time!

Another cute scene. Kenneth tells the girl “Bobo” that she’ll sleep in his room and that he’ll sleep in the lounge because “her great grandma hits people when she’s drunk, and he kills people when he sleeps” XD She points to the porn magazine on his bed and asks ‘what’s that?’ and Kenneth quickly takes it away. She then asks for a bedtime story, saying her mum and aunty used to always tell her stories to get her to sleep. Kenneth scratches his head saying to himself “How annoying..telling stories, I only know perverted ones” XD

Kenneth ends up telling her a “scary” story instead, about some monsters that would come and strangle kids if they don’t sleep XD lol, he’s so silly..of course, it ends up scaring her that she can’t sleep. In the middle of the night, Bobo wakes up Kenneth saying she’s scared. And so, Kenneth decides that he’ll turn on the TV for her to watch instead, but almost every channel was a horror movie XD

I love watching Kenneth with his ‘daughter’. TVB loves doing this to us. I’m sure the two will share lots of happy memories together and that one day, Kenneth will really love the girl even if he isn’t his real daughter^^

Bobo calling her daddy asking if he misses her XD so cute.

Sammul and Selena

We find out that Selena has been lying to her parents the whole time that Saumml was a lawyer earning a lot of money, and not the fact that his license was currently suspended. She didn’t want her parents to look down at him or having her parents constantly introducing other guys to her (who are like doctors etc). Because of this, Selena didn’t bring Sammul home to meet the parents even after dating for more than 2 years and came up with excuses that it’s because he is really busy as a lawyer. She wanted to introduce him properly one month later when he got back his license. Sammul also didn’t know that Selena hadn’t told her parents about it and the embarrassment comes when Selena’s dad was involved in an accident and argument with Kenneth’s grandma and ‘daughter’ at a restaurant and he started saying how his future son in-law is a big lawyer and will sue the little girl for spilling water on the floor. He went to the lawyer’s firm to find Sammul …to find out the truth. Selena tells her parents the truth and that she won’t like anyone but Sammul. I do feel bad for the couple, and especially Sammul.

I’m really happy he has Selena there for him. She does everything for him, and when he was worried about getting the money to open up his own chamber, Selena surprises him by showing him a large sum of money in his bank account. It turns out that Selena has been saving for him, and all this time she hasn’t used any of the money he has given her and was putting in her own savings. really hope Sammul won’t betray her someday..

Ella meets her ex- lover again who is also a lawyer, but has married another women (the judge she had grudges against in episode 4). We learn that he was the reason she decided to study law instead of pursuing her dream in design. They dated back in high school.. but then he left Hk to study collage overseas in England. One day, Ella went to find him at the college, surprising him saying that she’ll also be studying at the same college as him, even though he’ll be graduating soon. He openly and directly tells her that he cannot be with her anymore because he has met another girl and because he got lonely, he even got her pregnant. He tried to appear honest towards her, saying that even though they cannot be together, she will always be the most important women to him. I personally found that very strange! A man so honest and direct? Ella to accept it so..understandingly? She continues to trust him with all her heart..

Her ex-lover, played by Pierre Ngo approaches her and offers to drive her to her client’s place (a single mother). When Ella gets to the client’s place she realises her bag was opened and an important document was missing. Pierre goes to find Ella to return the document, saying she left it in his car and then borrows the bathroom. The case was about claiming for compensation for getting hit by a car. On the day of court, to their surprise, Pierre was the opposition lawyer and ended up coming with evidence, a pill used for brain cancer used by Ella’s client. Along with that, he points out the fact she doesn’t have any insurance not because she doesn’t have the funds but because she was blacklisted from Insurance companies after an incident occurred where she tried to make a fake claim. Linking the two ideas together, he says that the women, knowing she doesn’t have long to live due to her brain cancer, may have deliberately tried getting in an accident, so she would have money left for her daughter!

Kenneth knows that it must have been Pierre getting close to Ella because he wanted to gather evidence, and stealing a pill from the client’s house. After confronting Ella what kind of person Pierre is but wrtiing a fake sms saying the judge never got pregnant before, Ella get so angry at him that she slaps him across his face. Ella is unable to accept the fact he would betray her, and Kenneth starts yelling at her, saying how dumb she is as Ella starts whining and crying like a spoiled girl..

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  • chibi says:

    ooo..great screenies and summaries =D Kenneth seems nice, haha.

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