January 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] Episode 8

Case: The Soccer Referee brings a bottle of oil (? I’m just going to call it ‘oil’; not exactly sure what it’s called) to start a fire at the Financial Investment Service company.

The Soccer referee was advised and mislead into put money into a certain investment. The share price eventually dropped dramatically, but the the adviser reassured and persuaded him that the price would increase again. As a result, the soccer referee lost all his money in the investment, owing a lot of money and having to sell his home. Angered by being mislead, the soccer referee went to find the man, and in the middle of the dispute, drops the bottle of oil in his hand. The financial adviser reports him for attempting to set the place on fire.

The soccer referee who knew Waise for a very long, hopes that he’ll represent him in court.

Kenneth was really excited to see his master battle in court after all those years so he happily assists him in the case in hope to learn things off him. However, Waise was not confident at all for accepting the case and was much pressured into it. When discussing with Kenneth about how they should tackle the case, Waise asks for Kenneth’s opinion. Upon hearing that Kenneth cannot figure out other ways to help him gethim off the charge, Waise is influenced in thinking there’s no way to get him out of it and hopes that he’ll admit being guilty and hopefully help reduce his penalties. Because Kenneth looked up to Waise being a very good lawyer, Kenneth thought this was the best way around so he took it for granted that it was the best choice. Little did he know Waise didn’t really know how to develop his analytical conclusions.

On the day of Court, when asked by the judge whether his client claims himself to be innocent or guilty, Waise replies innocent! It shocked Kenneth and the soccer referee since he had changed his mind and Kenneth asked whether he figured any point to argue or if he had any new evidence. Waise tells him that he didn’t, but just felt the soccer referee shouldn’t say he’s guilty when he wasn’t lol Half way through, he thought that he may have made the wrong decision and was wondering if he should say he was guilty. Becoming very clumsy and nervous, Waise eventually ends up fainting in court and sent to hospital.

Kenneth finds out from Rebecca about their past and why Waise was extremely nervous when dealing with cases about Investments. Years ago, Waise ended up investing his money (because he wanted to make their dream to travel around the world to happen earlier), but eventually he loses everything. This has had a great impact on him… Really wanting to help is master, Kenneth takes on the case and eventually wins. He proves that the shop keeper who had sold him the bottle saw the two arguing at the front of his shop. The Soccer referee was so angry that he didn’t even notice the shop keeper had slipped the shopping bag into his hands and he rushed off with it to continue confronting the man at the office. There was no intention of bringing it to set the place on fire and the bottle just slipped off his ahnds by accident.

Result: The Soccer referee was set free ^^

Kenneth and ‘Bo Bo’ moments 

 Bobo attempts to wake up her dad, but he continues to sleep. She ends up tickling him awake and he tickles her back.

“Die, die, die! Are you dead yet?”

“I’m not dead yet”

“Not dead yet? Die die die!”(continues tickling her)

“I’m dead”  XD

Bobo watches Kenneth shave but accidentally cuts himself when he was looking at Bobo. He said he knew he should have gotten an electric razor.

Bobo runs off and comes back with a pretty yellow-pictured band aid and sticks it on his face ^^

“Is it pretty?”

(Kenneth looks himself in the mirror) ‘It’s quite pretty I guess” 

At breakfast, Kenneth sees Bobo tapping her legs and asks her why she was doing it. Bobo giggles as she points at Kenneth’s legs which she was copying.  He later discovers that Ella has given a mobile phone to Bobo and tells her to give it back to Ella, because she shouldn’t just take presents, especially such expensive ones.

After school, Bobo attempts to give the phone back to Ella, but Ella tells her to keep it and not to worry about her dad.

At home, Kenneth finds the phone in her school bag and a wrapped up present.  When he asked Bobo whether she gave back the phone to Ella and not receive anymore presents from her, Bobo lies and Kenneth becomes extremely angry, tearing up the wrapped up present to see what was inside. It was a new electronic razor. When asked about it, Bobo tells him that”she” bought it for him and Kenneth angrily yells at her, saying that she must of stole the money out of the cashier (from the bar because $3000 was stolen- actually by June Chan (who played an employee at the bar)’ s boyfriend) to buy the present.

Stealing just like your mother’s bad stuff

Bobo ends up crying, going back to her room, and Kenneth even ends up yelling at his grandma..

Aww…I felt sorry for Bobo..he knew her daddy wanted an electric razor so she got Lily to buy it for her to buy for him. Being a little kid, she didn’t know how to explain where she got the money from, and now gets wrongly accused..

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    YAY! more SL2 screenshots!! awsum.. thnx sooo much!!

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    Thank u so much, i love this drama series and hope there is a sl3 >.<

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