September 2009

[New Series]: Born Rich

English Title: Born Rich Cantonese Title: 富貴門 (foo gwai moon) 2009 Grand Production/Anniversary Series Cast: Ray Lui Leung Wai (呂良偉) Gallen Lo Ka Leung (羅嘉良) Anita Yuen Wing Yi (袁詠儀) Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈) Jamie Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍) Joe Ma Tak Chung (馬德鐘) Nancy Sit Ka Yin (薛家燕) Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄), […]


April 2009

[Quick Update] King of Snookers- End

I’ve just finished watching King of Snookers and wrote up some comments 🙂 Comments on the series can be found here.


December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 14

Some more neat scenes! ~ During a scene in their filming, Vivien is tied up and hung at the ceiling, while Dayo ‘her prince’ is fighting the villain to save her! Wong Fei Hong is pulling the rope which is tied to Vivien. The silly Wong Fei Hong is sweating a lot (so much for […]


December 2007

[New Series]: Wars of in-Laws II

Starting from January 7 Every Monday to Friday 7:00pm on TVBJ Australia Satelite. Unlike in HK, this series is airing on the time slot after “Marriage of Inconvenience”, instead of The Building Blocks of Life” Casts: Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui, Derek Kwok, Vivian Yeo, Nancy Wu, Stephen Wong Episodes: […]


December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 13

This episode has more on Dayo and Benz where Dayo slowly starts to accept Benz and were see a lot of chemistry between them. Dayo’s good side is showing more and he has become a happier person knowing he has a father’s love =)   At first, Dayo refused to accept Benz after Benz “attempted” […]


December 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 12

In this episode, Cecilia gets her teeth fixed! Thanks to Dayo who has accidentally fallen onto Cecilia in the previous episode, Cecilia falls flat onto the ground where some of her teeth snap off. When her mouth is closed, she looks normal, but when she opens them, she looks uglier than before. Her teeth make […]


October 2007

[New Series]: Men Don’t Cry

Starting from October 15 Monday to Friday 7:10pm on Australia TVBJ Satellite (Showing after Steps ends) Genre: Ancient/ Comedy Cast: Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Cecilia Yip Tung, Lam Kar Wah, Vivian Yeo Siew Hui, Benz Hui , Kwok Fung, Suet Nay, Ai Wai Episodes: 21 Synopsis With the support of the head of the Police […]