October 2014

[New Series]: Tiger Cubs 2

English Title: Tiger Cubs 2 Cantonese Title: 飛虎II (Fei Fu 2) Cast: Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law, Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Christine Kuo Episodes: 10 (2 hours each) Airing date: 19 October 2014 – 21 December 2014 (Mini Series) Themesong: 血與汗 (Blood And Sweat) – Joe Ma* Official: Website Executive Producer: Lam […]


September 2012

[Tiger Cubs] Thoughts

*Contains Spoilers* Episode 01: King of Thieves First Appearance Part 1 (Kenneth Ma, JJ Jia) Episode 02-03: King of Thieves First Appearance Part 2 (Kenny Wong, Mandy Lam) Episode 03-04: Lai’s Father Kidnap (Elena Kong, Law Lok Lam) Episode 04: Stealing Gun Police Officer (Lee Sing Cheung) Episode 05: Breaking into Drugs Burrow (Dia Yiu […]


June 2012

[New Series]: Tiger Cubs

English Title: Tiger Cubs Cantonese Title: 飛虎 (Fei Fu) Cast: 馬德鐘 Joe Ma, 宣萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan, 羅仲謙 Him Law, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 王浩信 Vincent Wong, 黃智雯 Mandy Wong, 苟芸慧Christine Kuo, Yuen Wai Ho 袁偉豪 Episodes: 13 (70 mins each/Finale 90mins ) Airing date: 24 June 2012 Themesong: The Basis Around (身邊的依據) by Joe Ma […]


October 2011

[Super Snoops] Songs

One of my favourite parts of “Super Snoops” is watching when the characters suddenly break into dancing and singing!  It’s quite entertaining XD My two  favourite songs are Ella Koon & Johnson Lee’s “Romance I Don’t Know” (爱情I Don’t Know)” and Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo’s “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) “. […]