September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 11

Dayo: Hm, I wonder why they’re taking so long to get here. Other than the fact it’s a bit sunny here, this place is quite suitable for people to go on dates. Theresa: Then you should find yourself a girlfriend- you’re always by yourself. Dayo: Did you know that, out of 10 people who first […]


September 2009

[You’re Hired] Favourite Character Poll


September 2009

[K for TVB] turns 3 years old!!

Happy 3rd Anniversary K for TVB!!  ^__- As of today, 10 September 2009- K for TVB officially turns three years old ^^..and look what I got!!! : : : TADA!! A super super super KAWAII Dayo x Charmaine Artwork from Chibi ^^ omg!! Arigatou!!! *hugs* I wish I can draw like that!! <3 Dayo!! I […]


September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 8

Dayo is sitting in a movie theatre watching a movie by himself. Dayo: Woah…oh ..my…god… A guy at the back with his girlfriend is annoyed by his sound effects. Girlfriend: I told you not to watch this movie, it’s so boring! I told you we should have watched a horror film. Boyfriend: You chose it. […]


September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 17

Quick note: I just finished watching this episode and loved a particular Charmaine x Dayo scene~ so I decided to post it up to share with everyone now ^^ Please note this is from Episode 17 so if you don’t want spoilers, you can refrain from reading it  until you’ve seen the episode ^^;. To […]


September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 5

While Charmaine is cleaning up Dayo’s room, she opens up his wardrobe to see if there are any clothes that need ironing. Charmaine: Woah..all his clothes are exactly the same style and colour- no wonder he’s always wearing the same set!-Even his underwear are the same colour. This person is so strange! And there’s nothing […]


September 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 4

Dayo: You want to learn how to do business? Charmaine: Please..? Dayo starts laughing XD Dayo: Do you know what it means to exchange something of equal value? Like, what do I get out of it? Charmaine: Then, what do you want? *Dayo starts tapping on the seat besides him and Charmaine reluctantly sits down […]


August 2009

[You’re Hired] Episode 3

Due to Charmaine’s crazy idea of free food delivery within 15mins of ordering, Theresa makes her way to delivery the noodles at a very dangerous creepy street late at night. Luckily Dayo was there to accompany her (such a gentlemen ^^). It was funny watching how scared both of them were but how persistent Theresa […]