January 2015

[New Series]: Noblesse Oblige

English Title: Noblesse Oblige Cantonese Title:  宦海奇官 (waan hoi kei goon) Cast: Kenneth Ma 馬國明,Tavia Yeung 楊怡,Joel Chan 陳山聰,Benjamin Yuen 袁偉豪,Lau Dan 劉丹,Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤,Cilla Kung 樂瞳,Ram Chiang 蔣志光 Episodes: 21 Airing date: 29 December 2014 – 24 January 2015 (replacing ‘Lady Sour‘) Themesong: 是非 Rumors – Grace Wong & Ronald Law Official: Website Executive Producer: Scriptwriter: Official […]


December 2011

[Curse of the Royal Harem] Screencaptures

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December 2011

[Bottled Passion] Episode 1-10 Thoughts

I am loving this series so much because of the story line and Raymond Wong’s “Tong Boon Sin” character. At first I thought Raymond’s character would be similar to Sammul Chan in “The Price of Greed” (especially after watching his scene with Yoyo Chen in the first episode) but I’m relieved to know they’re different. […]


October 2011

[New Series]: Curse of the Royal Harem

English Title: Curse of the Royal Harem Grand Production Cantonese Title: 萬凰之王 (maan wong ji wong) Cast: Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 (飾孝慎皇后/佟佳沅宛), Jessica Hsuan 宣萱 (飾全妃/鈕祜祿伊蘭), Sunny Chan 陳錦鴻 (飾道光皇帝/愛新覺羅旻寧), Joel Chan 陳山聰 (飾瑞親王/愛新覺羅綿忻), Nancy Wu 胡定欣 (飾彩藍/博爾濟吉特靜瑜), Sire Ma 馬賽 (飾郭佳樂欣), Gigi Wong 黃淑儀 (飾恭慈皇太后/鈕鈷祿扎拉芬), 張國強 (飾衛福安), 劉家輝 (飾佟佳舒明阿), Elena Kong 江美儀 Episodes: 30 Airing […]

*Contains Ending Spoilers*   Sire sacrifices her life to save Elanne and gets killed by a collapsing building Michael chops his left arm off (one with Yin Wong’s tatoo) as a gratitude towards Joel for letting him and Elanne off Michael and Elanne escape to live an ordinary life and Elanne gets pregnant Yin Wong( […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Jessica exposes the truth about her false pregnancy. Jessica does many things to win back her mother in-law’s heart 🙂 Leila was able to bring back Joel’s will to live again and he gets injured saving […]

YAY! Jessica’s brother case is finally solved 🙂 I was beginning to have suspicion that he could potentially have been lying to Jessica when Bobby went to investigate the case and only found more evidence to prove he was indeed the murderer. But then I had doubts again when he still would not “admit” it […]

I’m currently watching A Pillowcase of Mystery 2~ It’s quite a lighthearted series and I’m finding it pretty entertaining so far. Even though I don’t remember much of the first one anymore, watching this gives me a similar sort of enjoyment I found in the first series. Like most TVB Sequels when they’re changing cast, […]