March 2009

[E.U] Favourite Character Poll

My two favourite characters in EU are Kathy Chow and Michael Tse’s Laughing. And sadly they were both killed in the story =( Will Laughing make it to top for Favourite character in EU on K for TVB? XD Cast your vote!


March 2009

[E.U] Themesong Clips & Lyrics

While browsing on youtube this morning, I’ve watched some E.U clips from some promotional function they had in HK. It was kinda neat 🙂 Wish I could have been there haha Michael Tse, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan singing EU Themesong Live: Variation Black and White 黑白變奏 作曲︰周永恆 填詞︰鄭櫻綸 日夜之間的接口 段落之間的變奏 落入忠奸的缺口 灰黑之間你遊走 愈用心分析對手 愈是交心的戰鬥 愈是分不清對手 * 情與義 那像似黑白事情 遊戲吧 你共我追逐未停 忘記吧 抹掉昨天熱誠 對或錯 你或我 決定勝 […]


February 2009

[E.U] Opening Screencaptures


February 2009

[New Series]: E.U

Title: E.U. 学警狙击 (Emergency Unit) Sequel to The Academy & On the First Beat Cast: Michael Miu, Kathy Chow,Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Tse, Elanne Kong, Kaki Leung, Dominic Lam, Joel Chan Episodes: 30 Release Date: 16th February 2009 (to be released after The Gem of Life) Producer: Wong Wai Sing Scriptwriter: Chu King Kei […]