November 2014

[New Series]: Overachievers

English Title: Overachievers [Grand Production- Anniversary Series] Cantonese Title:  名門暗戰 (ming moon am jin) Cast: Wayne Lai 黎耀祥,Raymond Wong 黃浩然,Edwin Siu 蕭正楠,Power Chan 陳國邦,Raymond Cho 曹永廉,Nancy Wu 胡定欣,Maggie Shiu 邵美琪,Susanna Kwan 關菊英 Episodes: 30 Airing date:  4 November 2014 – 14 December 2014 (Replacing Tomorrow is Another Day) Themesong: 真實謊言 True Lies– Susanna Kwan | Sub […]

I finished this series awhile back (when I was rushing to catch up on it after my Hawaii trip!) but haven’t had the chance to come around to jot down some of my thoughts. My thoughts are a bit all over the place, so please excuse the fact I am jumping around…. ^^; Hopefully it’ll […]


February 2014

[New Series]: Storm in a Cocoon

English Title: Storm in a Cocoon Cantonese Title: 守業者 (sau yip je) – Heritage /Predecessor Protector Cast: Steven Ma 馬浚偉, Tavia Yeung 楊怡, Evergreen Mak 麥長青, Maggie Shiu 邵美琪, Natalie Tong 唐詩詠, Raymond Cho 曹永廉 , Mat Yeung 楊明, Yueh Hua 岳華, Tracy Ip, Katy Kung, Cilla Kung Episodes: 32 Airing date: 17 February 2014 […]


December 2012

[The Confidant] Overall Thoughts

Warning: Contains Spoilers The Confidant was a series I had anticipated after knowing Wayne Lai and Michelle Yim were going to be the leads in it. Their performance did not disappoint and the drama explored many interesting themes. I felt the story was very well crafted and I could foresee a lot of character development […]


November 2012

[New Series]: The Confidant

English Title: The Confidant Grand Production of 2012 Cantonese Title: 大太監 (dai tai gam) Cast: Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung 黎耀祥, Michelle Yim 米 雪, Maggie Shiu 邵美琪, Raymond Wong Ho Yin 黃浩然, Aimee Chan 陳茵媺, Raymond Cho 曹永廉, Nancy Wu 胡定欣, Natalie Tong 唐詩詠 Episodes: 33 Airing date: 5 November 2012 (After Highs and Lows) […]

List of all Posts made for the series! Series Info and Synopsis Themevideo Opening Screencaptures Episode 1-10-Moses and Gigi Moments Episode 26 Episode 26-27: YuenBiao & Maggie Moments | Kevin/Gigi/Moses/Yoyo Episode 28: YuenBiao & Maggie Moment 2 Episodes after Gigi’s death: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 SubThemesong: Put Me to Death- Download, Lyrics, Translations

Episode 28 A pretty funny/cute scene ^^ After the two got together, they didn’t tell Natalie or Maggie’s son. I guess they were a bit embarrassed to tell them, or more like didn’t know how. Besides, Maggie’s son might not accept him. So for the time being, the two decided to keep it a secret. […]

I’m not really a fan of this couple but I did enjoy watching how the two got together lol Through the series, Yuen Biao (Fire) and Maggie Siu have been gotten along really well, and their relationship just developed over time. From episode 25-ish, things were becoming more obvious.. Episode 26 In this scene, Maggie […]