One of my favourite TVB series of 2011 which didn’t quite get a mention in the Anniversary Award it’s gonna get a mention here at hehe! Compiled below are some screencaptures from Elanne & Michael’s scenes from Relic of an Emissary! Hope you guys enjoy! I noticed a lot of people complained about […]


November 2011

[TVB 44th Anniversary] Nominations List!

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards nominations List is finally out! Have your say and vote!! These won’t count towards the official thing, but it’ll be good to see who the majority of followers vote for! Do share your thoughts, and enjoy!! You can only vote 1 for “Most Improved” Category but you can pick […]


October 2011

Laughing Gor [《之潛罪犯》] Movie Trailer!

The movie trailer for Laughing Gor Movie 2 (a continuance of TVB Series Lives of Omission) was released earlier this week! The ending of the series was left open to allow a movie to be possible. Although the trailer doesn’t disclose too much, I’m a bit excited to see what they have to offer XD  […]


September 2011

[Lives of Omission] Ending Thoughts

*Contains: Ending Spoilers* Just finished watching the series! I didn’t find the finale that exciting..I’m not sure whether it’s because they showed us the episode preview the night before and it had most of the spoilers; or if it was predictable,usual typical kind of the ending. There were also a lot of flashbacks which I […]


August 2011

[Lives of Omission] Favourite Couple Poll



July 2011

[New Series]: Lives of Omission

English Title: Lives of Omission (aka. Laughing-Gor Series / Saluting Laughing- Sir) Cantonese Title: 潛行狙擊 (chim haan jui gik) Cast: Michael Tse 謝天華, Bosco Wong 黃宗澤, Damian Lau 劉松仁, Fala Chen 陳法拉, Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Elena Kong 江美儀, Derek Kwok 郭政鴻, MC Jin, Mandy Wong, Ben Wong Episodes: 30 Airing date: 1 August 2011 (Airring […]

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*   I think this is one of Kate’s best roles. She plays the beautiful “Chin-Sam Leung” , a brothel owner who secretly appears to be working as an spy/assassin for her master. She is a strong character who is very bold and daring and can appear quite direct/ruthless at times. During a […]

*Contains Ending Spoilers*   Sire sacrifices her life to save Elanne and gets killed by a collapsing building Michael chops his left arm off (one with Yin Wong’s tatoo) as a gratitude towards Joel for letting him and Elanne off Michael and Elanne escape to live an ordinary life and Elanne gets pregnant Yin Wong( […]