February 2015

[New Series]: My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover

English Title:  My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover Cantonese Title:  倩女喜相逢 (sin nui hei seung fung) Cast:Nancy Sit 薛家燕,Edwin Siu 蕭正楠,Evergreen Mak 麥長青,Oscar Leung 梁烈唯,Joyce Tang 滕麗名,Angela Tong 湯盈盈,Jinny Ng 吳若希,Yu Yang于洋 Episodes: 14 Airing date: 9 February 2015 – 27 February 2015 (replacing ‘Madam Cutie On Duty‘) Themesong: Repay (報恩)– Nancy Sit, Edwin Siu, Evergreen Mak Official: […]


January 2014

[New Series]: Queen Divas

English Title: Queen Divas Cantonese Title: 新抱喜相逢 (san po hei seung fung) Cast: Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak, Yuen Qiu, Anderson Junior, Jonathan Wong Episodes: 15 Airing date: 20 January 2014 (Replacing Coffee Cat Mama) Themesong: Joyous Every Year (歡樂年年) / CNY Contribution (新春頌獻) / God of Fortune Is Here […]


August 2011

[New Series]: River of Wine

English Title: River of Wine Cantonese Title: 九江十二坊 (gau gong sap yi fong) Cast: Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo, Elena Kong, Sire Ma, Cilla Kung, Evergreen Mak Episodes: 25 Airing date: 29 August 2011 (Replacing ‘The Life and Times of a Sentinel’) Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English […]

Kenneth Ma & Kevin Cheng as Firefighters Can this be Kevin from Burning Flame 3? XD Kenneth doesn’t even get a line in the movie lol! Nice to see Kevin and Kenneth together after A Fistful of Stances! Michael Tse as Laughing Gor Yes! This is the “same” Laughing Gor who is also undercover in […]


October 2009

[Born Rich] Episode 1-5 Thoughts

I finally picked up the first 5 episodes of “Born Rich” and ended up watching them all in one go-  I’m loving it!! The series contains both dramatic and light-hearted funny  scenes. (It gives me the same feeling as Dicey Business ^^) I love all the characters so far and can’t wait to see their […]


September 2009

[New Series]: Born Rich

English Title: Born Rich Cantonese Title: 富貴門 (foo gwai moon) 2009 Grand Production/Anniversary Series Cast: Ray Lui Leung Wai (呂良偉) Gallen Lo Ka Leung (羅嘉良) Anita Yuen Wing Yi (袁詠儀) Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (郭可盈) Jamie Chik Mei Chun (戚美珍) Joe Ma Tak Chung (馬德鐘) Nancy Sit Ka Yin (薛家燕) Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄), […]


April 2008

[New Series]: The Silver Chamber of Sorrows

To be aired after A Journey Called Life in late April 2008 Cast: Nancy Sit, Paul Chun, Ng Wai Kwok, Shirley Yueng, Winnie Young, Christine Ng, Nancy Wu, Jack Wu… Episodes: 21 Synopsis A Rich Family is Ruled by LustA Hymn is Mourned Over by Feuds “Sheung’s Silver Chamber”, the largest jewel company in Foshan, […]


February 2007

New Series: [Heavenly In-laws]

As [Dicey Business] has come to an end last Friday, [Heavenly in-Laws] has been showing in place of it. Starring: Nancy Sit, Linda Chung, Joey Leung, Yuen Wah, Joel Chan, Winnie Yeung, Rain Lau, Wong Cho Lam… Episodes: 20 Synopsis The heavenly mother-in-law destroys the couple The mortal son-in-law’s spirit and soul are dispersed into […]