November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 16-20 Thoughts

I was shocked when I heard that Sheren was going to join forces with the Japanese to re-open all the drug shops that she tried so hard to close up! Sheren is very realistic though and I can see her logic. I love how heroic she is, and her willingness to let everyone mistaken her […]


November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 11-15 Thoughts

Sheren’s true nature and back story is revealed! She’s a true heroine 🙂 I always knew there would be good inside of her. I miss the days when she was scary and evil though, but I’m relieved to see that we have such a strong powerful woman like ‘Gou Goo Leung’ aiding Wayne when needed. […]


November 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 6-10 Thoughts

Woah!! Ben’s past in Episode 6 was enticing! I had always wondered about this very civilized-looking guy with the glasses and what he exactly did that caused his own father to almost shoot him with a gun. While his transformation in “awaking” his inner self was a bit abrupt, I loved the whole idea of […]


October 2010

[No Regrets] Episode 1-5 Thoughts

I just finished watching episode 5 and I am absolutely loving it!! 😀 Sheren & Wayne’s performances were brilliant! (and it’s only the beginning!) The story is also very intriguing and suspenseful and I know the series will only get better. I’m very impressed! There’s something about this series which really gives me the feelings […]


October 2010

[New Series]: No Regrets

English Title: No Regrets [Grand Production] Cantonese Title:巾帼枭雄之义海豪情 (Yi Hoi Ho Ching) Cast: 邓萃雯 Sheren Tang Shui Man, 黎耀祥 Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, 黄浩然 Raymond Wong Ho Yin, 惠英红 Kara Hui Ying Hung, 陈法拉 Fala Chen, 岳华 Yueh Hua, 谢雪心 Susan Tse, 敖嘉年 Pierre Ngo Episodes: 32 Airing date: 18 October 2010 (After The Comeback […]

Best Actor: Wayne Lai Top 5: 1. Dayo Wong- You’re Hired 2. Wayne Lai- Rosy Business 3. Steven Ma- Sweetness in the Salt 4. Moses Chan- Beyond the Realm of Conscience 5. Bosco Wong- Burning Flame 3 Comments: WOW!!! Wayne takes home 3 awards in one night!! Congrats!!! Is this a record? I’m very happy […]


June 2009

[Rosy Business] Favourite Scenes

As many of you would agree; there were many great confrontation scenes in Rosy Business 🙂 I think those were the highlights, especially when the bad guys’ evil doings are revealed 🙂 My personal favourite would still have to be the one in episode 9-10 when Wayne stood up to defend Sheren! For the last […]


May 2009

[Rosy Business] Polls