November 2011

[TVB 44th Anniversary] Nominations List!

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards nominations List is finally out! Have your say and vote!! These won’t count towards the official thing, but it’ll be good to see who the majority of K-TVB.net followers vote for! Do share your thoughts, and enjoy!! You can only vote 1 for “Most Improved” Category but you can pick […]

非凡夢想 邁向45周年 Woot!! The Light Switching Ceremony celebrates the beginning of TVB’s Anniversary month leading up to the Awards Ceremony 🙂 The event occured about 2 weeks ago in Hong Kong which usually focuses on the Anniversary Series. I didn’t think this year’s show particularly stood out- nevertheless, it was an exciting event especially for […]


October 2011

[Forensic Heroes 3] Themesong Lyrics

Witness 目擊 (Forenic Heroes 3 Themesong)- Wayne Lai & Ron Ng 《法證先鋒III》 主題曲 – 黎耀祥 & 吳卓羲 Wayne:  chong joi ngaan lui mo yau ji jeung chan moot yim koi jeuk chin si 黎 : 藏 在 眼 裡 無 休 止   像 塵 沫 掩 蓋 著 前 事 sam kwai daan si […]


October 2011

[New Series]: Forensic Heroes 3

English Title: Forensic Heroes 3 2011 Grand Production: Anniversary Series Cantonese Title: 法證先鋒III (faat jing sin fung) Cast: Wayne Lai 黎耀祥 (飾布國棟), Maggie Cheung Ho Yee 張可頤 (飾鍾學心), Ron Ng 吳卓羲 (飾李展風), Kate Tsui 徐子珊 (飾凌倩兒), Aimee Chan 陳茵媺 (飾蔣卓君), Nancy Wu 胡定欣 (飾周奕霏), Ruco Chan Chin Pang 陳展鵬 (飾方世友), Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 (飾何正民), Ram […]

  Hey all! The once a year Sydney TVB Jadeworld Carnival has come and gone. This year we had Nancy Wu and Wayne Lai come and I was quite excited when I first heard about it, given they’re from the awesome No Regrets series and will be playing a married couple in the upcoming grand […]


December 2010

[No Regrets] Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang Chibi Drawing

Hi everyone! Here is my chibi artwork of [No Regrets] for K-TVB.net featuring Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang! Lau Sing and Cheng Kau Mui are such amazing characters and their on-screen chemistry is simply mind-blowing! To me, No Regrets will always be the best TVB drama of 2010. This is just a little tribute to […]

I’ve been having quite a hectic week and with TVB Anniversary Awards revealed and a bit of time for the results to sink in, I’ve finally had the chance to put together my thoughts on the final episodes (31-32) of No Regrets 😀 *** “Let’s leave together- We’ll live together, or die together” I think […]


December 2010

[No Regrets] Parody

I’ve been watching the “Have Fun with Liza and Gods” clips and there has been quite a few parody’s from No Regrets. This one is my favourite of them all XD Wong Cho Lam is hilarious! XD Ah..I’m still suffering form Post no-Regrets Symptoms XD If you find other clips of NR worth watching, please […]