October 2014

[New Series]: Come On, Cousin

English Title: Come On, Cousin (2014 Anniversary Series) Cantonese Title: 老表你好hea! (lo biu nei ho hea ) Cast: Roger Kwok 郭晉安,Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍,Joey Meng 萬綺雯,Ivana Wong 王菀之,Louis Cheung 張繼聰, Chung King Fai 鍾景輝,Tommy Wong 黃光亮,Chu Mimi 朱咪咪 Episodes: 30 Airing date: 20 October 2014 – 29 November 2014 (Replacing All that is Bitter is Sweet) Themesongs: 世界仔 World Boy- Louis […]


February 2014

[New Series]: Gilded Chopsticks

English Title: Gilded Chopsticks Cantonese Title: 食為奴 (sik wai no) Cast:  Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍 , Joey Meng 萬綺雯 , Ben Wong 黃智賢 , Nancy Wu 胡定欣 , Louis Cheung 張繼聰, Stephanie Ho 何雁詩, Ram Chiang 蔣志光, Bob Lam 林盛斌 Episodes: 25 Airing date: 10 February 2014 (Replacing Queen Divas) Themesong: Loyal Subject (忠臣)- Wong Cho […]


January 2013

[New Series]: Inbound Troubles

English Title: Inbound Troubles Cantonese Title: 老表,你好嘢﹗(lo biu nei ho yeh) Cast: Roger Kwok 郭晉安,Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍,Joey Meng 萬綺雯,Ivana Wong 王菀之,Angela Tong湯盈盈,Wong Kwong Leung 黃光亮,Law Lan 羅 蘭,Mimi Chu 朱咪咪 Episodes: 20 Airing date: 14 January 2013 – 8 February 2013  (Replacing Missing You) Themesong: Everyone (大家) by Ivana Wong & Wong Cho Lam (CD) […]


October 2011

[Super Snoops] Songs

One of my favourite parts of “Super Snoops” is watching when the characters suddenly break into dancing and singing!  It’s quite entertaining XD My two  favourite songs are Ella Koon & Johnson Lee’s “Romance I Don’t Know” (爱情I Don’t Know)” and Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo’s “Who Made My Heart Go Crazy” (誰令你心痴) “. […]


October 2011

[Super Snoops] Polls

My votes go to: Favourite Couple: Wong Cho Lam & Christine Kuo Favourite Character: Wong Cho Lam- he is soooo adorable in this series XD Aimee’s character is pretty cute here too (I think she has some resemblences to Christine Kuo). I love how her personality changes to frequent and the way she constantly stomps […]

非凡夢想 邁向45周年 Woot!! The Light Switching Ceremony celebrates the beginning of TVB’s Anniversary month leading up to the Awards Ceremony 🙂 The event occured about 2 weeks ago in Hong Kong which usually focuses on the Anniversary Series. I didn’t think this year’s show particularly stood out- nevertheless, it was an exciting event especially for […]


October 2011

[New Series]: Super Snoops

English Title: Super Snoops Cantonese Title: 荃加福祿壽探案 (chuen ga fuk luk sau taam on) Cast: Liza Wang, Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen, Johnson Lee, Sek Sau, Toby Leung, Christine Kuo, Aimee Chan, Linda Chung, Ella Koon, King Kong, kiki Sheung Episodes: 20 Airing date: 3 October 2011 (Replacing ‘River of Wine’) Official: Website | Purchase […]


December 2010

[No Regrets] Parody

I’ve been watching the “Have Fun with Liza and Gods” clips and there has been quite a few parody’s from No Regrets. This one is my favourite of them all XD Wong Cho Lam is hilarious! XD Ah..I’m still suffering form Post no-Regrets Symptoms XD If you find other clips of NR worth watching, please […]