*Contains Spoilers*

I just completed this series so I thought I’d jot down some of my thoughts. (before I finish off my BR ones- sorry for the delay!) What made me watch this series was actually the official synopsis since the idea seemed kind of interesting (despite not liking the cast that much) . Hence, I decided to give it a go!

TVB The Beauty of the Game

The series revolves around the entertainment industry which particularly caught my attention. Adding to that, Kate in the series was going to enter via a beauty pageant (a bit like herself I suppose? lol) It shows the life being an artist and a lot of ”behind the scene'” stuff- incorporating many acting scenes and NGs, directors, scene set up, scripting, stunts, about the “dogs” who go around capturing “news”, people creating their own “news” to grab attention,  freezing artists, TV ratings, contracts to sponsoring artists and being various ambassadors etc . The impression I’m getting is that all the actresses, esp those more powerful and popular ones are ‘bitches” XD and always putting on that arrogant attitude- picking on the newbies. The characters in the series are pretty open when they bitch about each other- isn’t that kinda dangerous? It doesn’t look they they even bother hiding it in the studio.

TVB The Beauty of the Game

There is a lot of scheming and back-stabbing to gain popularly and getting leading roles. Those were indeed the highlights for me which kept me watching XD  It makes me wonder how much this reflects the real HK entertainment industry though. If it weren’t really like that, they wouldn’t make a show like that right..? Wouldn’t it create a negative impression to the audience about the industry then? XD Or is it purely for entertainment purposes  since audiences love to watch stuff like this? Or do they assume everyone knows the entertainment industry is like that so it’s normal to “reveal”? It makes me wonder how the actresses felt when filming the series lol

I still do not like Kate after this series. Her acting was a lot like her usual and I hated her character more when she turned “evil” (A bit like KaMei in MoonLight Resonance).  I think it’s her eyebrows/eyes/the way she glares.  I don’t think Sharon has improved much but Christine and  Kingdom were great to watch.

I liked the earlier episodes where the story revolved around the rivalry/past between  Christine and Kingdom-  I particularly liked the scene where they were re-watching the production of Empress Wu- they both looked very convincing! I really pitied Kingdom having her permanent leg injuries yet I was also shocked to find out what she was like as well! When I found out how Kingdom treated Christine, it sorted justified why she treated Kate the way she did (I still think she slapped her deliberately). Surprisingly after all that, Christine was still able to gain Kate’s trust and she starts using Kate to go against Sharon.

The other theme they heavily focus on in the series is the intake of drugs. Towards the latter half of the series I kept thinking this series is about how to stop drug consumption, the negative effects and consequences- how do deal with them etc- rather than about entertainment industry…(didn’t particularly find that as interesting although it’s supposed to be educational).

There’s something lacking in the series which makes it kinda unrealistic. It was predictable in the sense that at the end, they all learn their lessons and all three of them turn good. Uhm, found it a bit cheezy and I think the story did not flow very well lol

TVB The Beauty of the Game

Kate justifies all her actions as mere self-defense  (much like Tavia’s character in Beyond the Realm of Conscience? XD) She drugs Christine back when she learns she tried tricking her into it.  She uses others feelings (Wong Cho Lam) to obtain photos of Christine’s affair and was willing to sacrifice her own boyfriend’s family to achieve her goals. To get what she wants, she also used her mother- Kingdom, and put her on the spot. Someone who went to such extremes..suddenly wakes up when slapped by her father…?

TVB The Beauty of the Game

Thinking she lost her friends and family, Kate calls  Mimi out (who she also said had betray her) to cry on- at that point it really made me wonder if her character was just “acting ” because I think the transition went a bit too quickly.  Kate however, finally wakes up when Christine sent a man to scar her face for life. I think she “woke up” when she realised it was the consequences of scheming against Christine and her form of revenge. Hadn’t she seen it coming anyway?

It doesn’t really make much sense for her to turn completely good again- even being friends with Sharon again? I can see why she hated Sharon- and suddenly she’s forgiven? Why does Kate feel bad? For “stealing” her boyfriend? She wasn’t the one who gave Sharon drugs nor force her to do the bad things she did which made her boyfriend dislike her.  Sharon herself felt threatened by Kate and started seeking drugs when things weren’t working for her and when her boyfriend started dating Kate. Can Sharon really blame Kate for her own drug addiction? I see everything which happened to Sharon was pretty much brought upon by herself. Sharon was the one who betrayed Kate several times. Honestly I would agree with Christine in that case. Sharon not only betrayed Kate once, but twice and three times..how can you ever trust someone so selfish as your best friend??  Sharon even betray her own TV company and joined the competitors because she felt it was the best way to compete with Kate? You can’t say the TV company did not treasure her since they were willing to give her a better contract and continued to promote her. There are so many other artists yet she leaves for another company simply because of Kate? Why was she so confident that their 30 episode series was going to be “so successful”?? The two different TV stations were both filming the same series, Sharon playing the same role as Kate, and the other lady vs Christine, while Kate’s series was 60 episode grand Production- a direct challenge. So what did Sharon learn that she did  wrong? The fact she shouldn’t take drugs? Or her mistake of betraying her Kate for power?

TVB The Beauty of the Game

Sharon’s downfall continues when the ratings were poor and her reputation/image was completely ruined when revealed to take too much drugs. She had diarrhea and publicly pees in her swim suit while doing a promotion!! I did pity Sharon though- it was totally embarrassing!

Sharon at the end,  finally gets rid her drug addiction with the help of Kate, and after the sacrifice of her mother. Kate and Sharon revert back to their ‘old-self’ before all the drama happened. Sharon ends up with Chris in the end. Personally I don’t think Chris has much chemistry with either girls and I don’t particular feel for any couples so I didn’t really care who ended up with him.

TVB The Beauty of the Game

As for Christine, the downfall in her career was when Kate released the photos of her affair to the media, destroying her image. It was interesting to see their come-back.

I felt the ending episodes were a bit boring and cliche lol It was obvious Christine’s character will win Best actress, but she brought along the misfortune upon herself by scheming, and not trusting her real skills.

I would not say this series is a must watch, but it’s not too bad. You could watch it for the cast if you’re a Kate, Sharon or Christine fan.  There were some teary touching moments once in a while hehe. I think if you’re bored and have anything to watch you might like to give the series a go- it  shows some interesting things about the entertainment circle. Be prepared for a lot of scheming and back-stabbing (Modern version of Beyond? War and Beauty? Maybe not AS grand) I can’t think of anything else to add at the moment, although there probably is! So feel free to leave your comments and your thoughts on the series and we can expand any other discussions/scenes etc you like  🙂

TVB The Beauty of the Game


28 Responses to “[The Beauty of the Game] Overall Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    Wow, what a great summary! I don’t even have to watch the series to already know the whole story! XD I’ve been watching bits and pieces of this drama, but probably won’t see it in full I don’t like Kate or Sharon so that would probably annoy me sooooooooo much more especially if they’re acting as bitches. I like Christine’s acting though 🙂

  • Tracey says:

    yea I was watching this series I was thinking is it me or it this series a modernize verison of Beyond

  • Nicole says:

    nothing much to say about this series (won’t watch it cos i seriously despise Kate), but i will say that my neck is growing long waiting for your BR posts. XD

    • KTVB says:

      Sorry Nicole!! Though I have to say I’m happy to hear that XD (since I got the impression there weren’t that many out there who are anticipating BR posts anymore). I shall try get the next post out this week! 🙂

  • kathy says:

    after watching this series, I don’t really know what to think of the the many “popular” actors and actresses that we like anymore. are they like how this series had portray them to be? I hate to think of it that way, since I do like many of them. It makes me wonder if they are all just putting on an act in front of the media, being all nice and stuff, since after all, all of them are pretty good at acting anyways… or are they really truly nice like “Lau Sam Ho”? Lolz! Overall, this series is quite interesting, but it could have been better with a more well written script and better actors and actresses.

    • chibi says:

      Exactly my thoughts too! It’s very possible though..there’s conflict usually where ever you work, so the chances of having this in the Entertainment Industry? Very likely. Sad to know though..especially if you find out an actor you’ve always been a fan of is so despicable! Very true about them being able to act, so acting in front of the media should be an easy job too..

      It’s best not to be too skeptical though, it’ll probably ruin your experience in watching any drama XD

  • BOL says:

    Hey… I agree with your summary… not a must watch coz it does kinda get boring, but i really liked the short guy… He’s pretty funny to watch

    • KTVB says:

      This is pretty much my first Wong Cho Lam series (I don’t follow Off Pedar). I think he’s character is quite exaggerated and can get quite annoying; but if I step back and appreciate it as humour added to the story, I don’t mind him that much =)

    • kes says:

      please don’t call him short .. He is very tall and handsom (nah…just kidding 😀 )

      I like Wong Cho Lam… he and Esther was one of the reason why I watched ‘Best Selling Secrets’.

      I agree with you guys. – more (and better) actress/actor would have made this serie more watchable.

      Christine is a great actress.
      I think she is beautiful even though she aint young (compare to the rest of the actresss) anymore. I love her hair and I thinks it suits her.

      Btw.. isn’t this serie a ‘hk-version’ of the hollywood movie ??? hmm… I forgot the name. – But its about the ‘behind scenes of the actress’. It has lots og big names in it… but I can’t remember who.

      Anyone seen it?

  • Fiona says:

    My thoughts on the cast…
    Always hated Kate Tsui
    Sharon Chan was ok
    Christine Ng is ok too
    Wong Cho lam, i think he just tries too hard. he’s not that funny T__T
    that’s pretty much all i have to say…
    i guess this drama was okay…it was worth watching it though

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    lols..im waiting for BR posts too..haha.
    hmm what specifically were the christine – kingdom storylines?? as much as i dont like kingdom’s real person ..i do enjoy her acting =]

    • chibi says:

      hm? What’s wrong with Kingdom’s real person? o_o

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Lavender!

      Thanks….! XD It’s people like you who encourage and remind me to finish off my BR posts. I shall not disappoint! (Gonna try finish next one something time week!)

      The series starts off with Christine being a famous actress, while Kingdom is a kind hearted restaurant owner and we learn she used to be in the entertainment industry yet has withdrew many years ago. We later learn why she is so against Kate in entering the industry and the “Yan- Yuun” between Christine and Kingdom. Back then, Kingdom was the more popular one- established artist while Christine first entered into the industry. Kingdom back then was a real selfish, evil arrogant woman who schemed and treated her competitors poorly. Christine and Kingdom were bitter rivals and they both schemed to get the role of “Empress Wu”. Kingdom was forced to forfeit her role when Christine got Evergreen to seek revenge, causing permanent leg injuries- forcing her to leave the entertainment industry.

      Something along those lines XD

      Hm..yea .what’s wrong with Kingdom’s real person o.o?

  • Lizzy says:

    It is said that this series is based on real life situations in HK entertainment, well… see this news article post.

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I found this series quite refreshing since you don’t actually have many series talking about actors and the entertainment industry. I also read that articla and I kind of agreed to some of the things. The ending was a bit rushed and Kate kind of turned “good” again overly too quickly.

    I also felt that there wasn’t any male leads in this series (I don’t feel that Chris, Wong Cho Lam or Stephen are male leads. They still give me an impression of only being supporting actors).

    But overall, it was an ok drama. Though I hope that real actors and actresses aren’t like that in real life!

  • Random says:

    OMG I didn’t really like the series that much, mostly cause well theres too much hatred in there the only funny thing was the kid that got his nose punched and pwned by girls all the time! Like I mean come on the celebs fighting over glory by almost killing EACH OTHER! I know theres a good message: Don’t touch alchol or those drugs and ll that but you can show it as just a normal life i don’t think the celebrity life would be killing each other like that >.>

  • Cookie says:

    I think the Beauty of the Game is a less grand, slightly shorter and modern version of War and Beauty. Instead of being set in a glamorous palace, the series is set in the entertainment circle, which is glamorous in the eyes of many.
    Like the Forbidden City in War and Beauty, the New Star television network of The Beauty of the Game seems glamorous on the outside, full of idols and beauties and so on, as well as less highly-ranked contributors to the network. Like WAB’s concubines, the stars battle for popularity, hoping for the hearts of ambassadors and so on in order to help them rise and have numerous fans, high earnings and power. Like WAB’s romantic ties, TBOTG’s stars hope for Siu Sangs and rich men (instead of the Emperor), though they may actually love less powerful men in reality, but still annoyingly try to seduce the powerful. The Beauty of the Game’s mind games, tricks and backstabbing is not as thrilling, dark and unpredictable as that of War and Beauty’s, though.
    However, there is one major subject of TBOTG that stands out: the usage of drugs. It is educational and teaches society not to take drugs, which is good. Many of the events covered by TBOTG we can imagine occur in the entertainment industry. Female celebrities fighting for popular or rich men, male ones for popular or rich women…lol..drugs (surely we’ve heard of that!), scandals that we can imagine have a darker side to them (erm, attracting popular celebs to climb up maybe???). There’s no end to it! However, I think some of it went to exaggerative levels, the “metaphorical” bitching in front of the camera was a bit too obvious, some of the actions were a bit too exaggerative…
    I would compare Sharon to a mix of GiGi Lai (Yu Ying) and Charmaine (Er Chun) (more of Er Chun), Kingdom to everybody’s beloved Yu Fei Sheren Tang, Kate to a mix of GiGi and Er Chun (more of GiGi) and Christine to the I-suppose-intended-main-villain Rebecca the Empress.

  • Cookie says:

    oh yes, and I almost forgot…I’d compare the New Star network to Hong Kong television powerhouse TVB (Television Broadcasts, the parent of the series) and the network Sharon wanted to go to as TVB’s less competitive competitor ATV.
    There are so many conflicts it seems in the entertainment industry now, due to The Beauty of the Game! It seems to be a sort of realisation-trigger, but I really do hope the actors, actresses, models and singers and dancers and performers are not really that evil. They sure seem nice in front of the known camera!!

    • KTVB says:

      I couldn’t really see the connection since I didn’t watch much of WAB, but I was reminded of TVB vs ATV when Sharon and the other lady decided to join the other TV station XD

      And Yes! I hope they’re not all like that in “real life” too xD

      If some of the actors really acted like who the people did in Beauty of Game while filming..surely would leak out to the public because the people within the industry/filming crew would know

  • Annie says:

    Hey. In episode 9, i watched it.. subbtitle chinese.. i dont know chinese.. but i watched it only.. i saw that.. Kate cried .. cause Sharon didn’t friend her.. why? i dont know chinese subbtitle.. tell me about me.. thank you

  • Angie says:

    Being somebody who just restarted watching TVB stuff, I finally finished this today. It was ok, but not amazing as you guys said.

    I know you guys watched this ages ago but I have a question. Did they ever wrap up Evergreen Mak’s storyline? Do we just assume that his character’s marriage was destroyed by Christine Ng’s character? Did they ever show a flashback of Christine Ng’s character breaking up with his character (or do we all just assume it happened cause she got famous and he was still some stuntman)?

    super thanks!

  • bubble_teas says:

    I thought this series was good but the ending was like no ending. I also like the theme song by Denise Ho.

    • KTVB says:

      Mmm..well it kinda is an ending lol I think the series is all about Karma..Those who cuase harm to others dont’ end up with a good result

      Kingdom was being evil one in the past, and as a result, her legs were injured

      Christine had to suffer her consequences in the end too..

  • yinghaunchau says:

    IS so cool I want to watch this forever in my life. This is a good movie because that teach you not to be mean at all. Best friends are not like them. Friends always are good to each other.
    I like TVB. Is the best chinese thing in the world but channeel 5 is too.

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