February 2007

[The Brink of Law] Episode 23

I had a feeling Steven’s identity wouldn’t be revealed, but I actually thought that Steven would come out of the wardrobe and hit him in the head with a bottle or something..besides, that guy was drunk. At least it wasn’t predictable, and instead, Bernice knocked the hot water and it spilled on her arm stopping the situation. She also tells Ngoh Wah that she is not going to sleep with him until he divorces Michelle.
We find out that Kate is 2 months pregnant and the two plan to get married. Upon hearing this from Stephen, Shirley proposes to Stephen to marry her and he agrees. Ngoh Wah objects the idea of Shirley marrying him, so Michelle and Shirley plan the wedding while he is away out of town(I think it must be annoying for Stephen since he can’t talk properly. He doesn’t seem to be able to say or ask what he wants to. I’m sure he would have liked his father to be there for his wedding. I’m sure he would have wanted Ron to be there as well. I’m sure he would have wanted to know why his father didn’t accept the wedding..just doesn’t feel right). I think it was Kate and Ron that told Ngoh Wah about the wedding ceremony so he came back quickly to stop them; but Shirley successfully marries Stephen anyway…there really wasn’t much they could do (No one brings up the fact they are cousins ?) Shirley succeeds in securing herself..
Ngoh Wah finds out that Kate is pregnant and gives extra care and attention towards her. He was really excited to have a grandchild even planing ahead to make up a name (What if Ron doesn’t want to use his name? XD) Shirley then suggests to Michelle that Ron wants to take over the family’s wealth. Michelle hires someone to fiddle with their car and attempts to kill them off!! Steven tried to contact them but it was too late as they were already driving away. Ron and Kate do end up in the car accident but fortunately only suffered minor injuries.
I thought it was really smart how they pretended Kate’s baby was really gone so she can be safe. It tricked me too! Quite happy that Ron is now also helping them , even if it means going against his real father. Kate moves overseas to Canada, staying at Bernice’s place.

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