February 2007

[The Brink of Law] Episode 24

So exciting! Michelle’s husband eventually finds out Bernice is still seeing Steven thinking that all Bernice was doing was trying to get close to him to take advantage of him and he no longer keeps her by his side.
The part where Bernice fought the two guys looked so cool; she also seemed quite smart to have given the money to them. Having one down, there was only Steven and Ron left to continue with their mission. The largest lot of the illegal weapons have been transported in Hong Kong and was successfully captured. It was after this incident that Michelle and Ngoh Wah tested Steven’s loyalty by giving out false information and Steven is mislead, taking a device he thinks contains evidence, but instead activates the bomb set in his car which explodes. Luckily, Steven gets out of the car in time, but his identity is also revealed and cannot get close to them again.
It is evident that Bernice is more skilled, trained as an undercover agent compared to Steven and Ron, but ironically,she is the one gets caught out first.
There’s only Ron left, but he seems to be the weakest and can easily be caught out. He acts so unnatural even around the couple. Even though it is possible that Ron is moving back to the house and getting along with his uncle Ngoh Wah (real father), I think he isn’t that convincing, but at least the father is falling for it. I liked the part where Ron was with Steven and Steven wanted to be with Ron, ignoring Shirley’s constant complaint of not letting the two to be together. I’m quite glad this brotherly relationship was close the whole time and that Shirley couldn’t go in-between them. Michelle tells Steven that Ron is his brother, trying to make him thin Ron is getting close to him because he wants to take everything away from him. I don’t think Steven believed that though, which is nice..

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