Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]
This episode is so sad…there’s so many deaths in this series, all in which were quite sad: Ha Yu, Kenneth, Ron’s father.. Add three more to the list (though one deserved to die and is meant to die).. most unexpecting is Ron!! I can’t believe he ended up dying..I always thought the main character guy can’t die like that; there must of been a miracle; he must of been able to survive it..just didn’t believe it until they revealed him.The other tragic death belonged to Stephen Wong’s character. Unable to accept what his parents have been doing all along, his father killing Ron and learning Shirley’s true face, he ends up commiting suicide in hope that his mother won’t have to worry about him anymore and give in to the police..it was very moving..

Ron eventually finds out the key device in accessing evidence was hidden in Michelle’s dog. While hiding in their room as Michelle and Ngoh Wah(her husband) came in, he sent an sms to Steven, wanting to say “dog”, but instead, typo was made into “dop”. After sending and not realising his mistake, he overhears the conversation between the couple, finding out that it was he who had killed his father. After Ron confronts with him (and knowing he was there to find evidence against him), Ngoh Wah stabs Ron in the heart. Stephen and Shirley also witness this and Michelle begs her husband not to kill the two.

Later, Shirley cannot stand Stephen anymore and lets out her anger on him, yelling at him and telling him all the things his parents had done, and the real reason she was with him. Michelle hears the conversation but doesn’t seem like Shirley is scared of her at all. The things Shirley said to Michelle made her so angry yet she couldn’t do a thing against her.

She slapped Shirley on the face, but I was surprised Shirley didn’t slap her back. After having last few moments with his mother, Stephen tells her to get a camera so they can take a photo together, Luring her away, Stephen suicides by falling into the swimming pool and drowning… =(

Ron becomes missing and the others weren’t able to find any clues at Michelle’s home. The only clue they had was the sms “dop” he sent. Knowing that Ron has gone missing, Kate comes back from Canada and they soon find Ron’s dead body ..
The police are at Michelle’s home looking for evidence; Michelle turning into the police herself after suffering from her son’s death. Eventually, Steven realises the Ron was actually trying to type”dog”, and was able to expose Ngoh Wah’s criminal activities by notifiying Madam Wong. They all try to capture him, and he holds Kate as hostage. With the help of Bernice, they ended up successfully killing him. During the random firing gun shots, Shirley was shot in the process (I knew that was coming =p). Ngoh Wah dies, Michelle is taken to a mental institution, Shirley has gone uhm frozen? (not sure what the term is), Vin is also captured, and all related illegal actions are stopped.

The only happy thing left is Bernice and Steven Ma..Steven gains back his Lawyer rights but after all those deaths, the ending feel quite sad..

The whole ‘Tong’ family is gone..the good and the bad..

I wonder though, why didn’t Ron type ‘9’ instead? Wouldn’t it be faster and easier to understand? Kate had a dog before and she called it “dog dog dog” equivalent to ‘999’ like a police dog. Or what about the cchinese character for dog?

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  • brisk says:

    Hey K, you noe wat really surprised me in the last epi..it’s the fact that ngoh wah would actually kill his own son. Also, i felt sympathy for michelle when she lost everything in the end…although she was evil and everything she still cared about her son..she did everything for her son and in the end she stilll loses everything….

  • KTVB says:

    To Brisk : Yeh..that came to a shock too. Same with Michelle~ he meant everything to her..

    To Yinyi: sorta forgot about the baby..hopefully the “tong” family can start over

  • Yinyi says:

    the “Tong” family are not exactly gone, kate’s baby is “Tong” lol

  • Kiwi says:

    Ron’s death was unexpected to me too.
    In the end i felt sorry for Michelle the most. Even though she was evil but she loved her sons. The scene where Kate visit’s Shirley in the hospital when she was paralysed reminded me of the opening scene in “the price of greed” excpet the it was Shirley who visits kate.

  • KTVB says:

    That’s a good point you have there Kiwi ^^ (about the hospital scene)

  • Summer says:

    Oh .. actually at 1st, tis movie, i though will say abt Horse, cos.. the starting of tis movie’s it start wif at Horse racing … and how Ron & Steven meet.. but.. end up, it wont really say alot abt horse, but will touched on abt fashions lo.. fr seeing Shirley, Kate , Bernice & michelle’s wearing.. their’s wearing will give me a feel of they were fashion designers..and.. tis movie.. whole movie’s over all story, i will feel is quite good.. it’s not like HOG, but.. it oso another good movie to cathed up..
    but i dun like the ending.. i dun like seeing good ppl die lo.. eps.. is him.. ar… Ron.. why will end up he die leh.. pity Kate…
    and another guy’s is pity oso… Ah Long, his parent’s doing lots of bad thing behind and his son need to suffer… so charm lo..

    but in tis movie, i need to say tat Shirley she’s good.. her acting, got slightly improve, cos is my 1st time to see her as bad ppl and , i feel she’s can make..

    to Michelle Yim, i stil remember last time while i m stil in school time.. i already love to see her.. cos.. she can act so well..and she’s pretty, fr last time till now, she oso look very pretty…

    cos last time i stil remember my grandma like to chase TVB movies, so while i m around 8 yrs old, i already know and like to watched her la, Chung Cho Hung la, Chow Yun Fatt, and tat time Andy lau very young..so Michelle Yim, i love to watched her.. haha.. hope so, she will act more movie in future.. haha…

    so, after finish watched tis The Brink of Law, my next movie, i think so will b Forensic Heroic, cos i wan to see Linda Chung’s acting, wan watched back her old movies, see her acting, is it not tat good..cos many ppl say, last time her acting is bad… ..


  • KTVB says:

    To Sumer: haha..yeh thought it was about horses too. I guess its linked to the idea of betting on horses, and being in a rich family.
    This is the first time Shirley plays an evil role so its refreshing.

  • apple says:

    Yes I feel so much sympanthy for michelle yim at the end so a touching epsiode lo

  • Skater says:

    erm. so what happen to bernice&steven?

  • ani says:

    i just watched the 22nd ep today on tvb, but couldn’t help reading the rest of the story here =( Noo.. Ron cannot die =(

  • Mandy says:

    i just cant believe Ron died… OMG he is my fav character… I feel sorry for Kate… coz she’s pregnant, goes on holiday for a bit, then comes back to find her husband dead. And if you watch back other eps, their relationship is so sweet (yeah I envied :P) its just so unfair for Ron to die… why couldnt his stupid uncle/dad/whoever stab him in his stomach or somewhere? Then there’ll still be a chance of him not dying 🙁 Ron & Kate & their baby deserve a happy future…

    Well, I think I better not drone on anymore…just want to express my sadness 🙁

  • sugar says:

    i read the spoiler where Leo dies somewhere else earlier before this final episode. I was like omg? sad really. shocking as well.

    this ending was supposed to be happy ending with steven and bernice but it’s not really happy is it? i like happy endings moree xD

  • AdeyTan says:

    Skater- they married.

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