Raymond and Myolie got together in episode 39!! yay! I just didn’t like all the things Charmaine did to Raymond..she made him so heartbroken and he completely lost himself… I was just glad that Myolie was able to help him back up.

Before we get there, here’s a little moment from Episode 28 I thought I’d share. It was the scene right after Myolie’s birthday.

Arriving at work, Myolie starts pondering about what she should do when she sees Raymond later.

Myolie: ‘Should I pretend nothing happened? But I don’t know if Charmaine would have told him about it..What would he think..’

Raymond scares her from behind because she was deep into thought.
Raymond: “Good morning ‘OnOn’!”

Raymond: “No, it should be GaiGai’

Myolie: “huh?”

Raymond: ” OnOn is male, GaiGai is female”

Myolie: “What are you talking about?”

Raymond: “Look at your black-eyes, its darker than OnOn and GaiGai Pandas from Ocean Park. ”

Raymond: “What’s up? You’re only a year older, you don’t have to make it seem like you’ve gone older by 10 years.”

Myolie snaps back at him: “Didn’t you brush your teeth this morning?! Your mouth stinks”

Raymond: “Now that you mention it, I think I forgot to brush my teeth”

*breathes out onto his hands and sniffs*

Raymond: ” Not much smell”  *breathes out to Myolie XD*

Myolie covers up her nose: “You’re been tai!!”  (not sure how that translates xD)

hehe, cheeky Raymond. XD

8 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] A Myolie and Raymond Moment”

  • chibi says:

    lol..that’s funny..how cute. Raymond looks intimidating though.

  • aud says:

    hey ‘been tai’ is actually like a pervert like that. haha. love ur updates 🙂

  • hkangel says:

    Aww… thanks for the Rayolie screencaps! ^_^ Are you gonna do another one for them when Bing Yee resigned? 🙂

  • KTVB says:

    To hkangel: when Bing yee resigned? was this before episode 40? i don’t remember there being a special scene for it o.o please refresh my memory, and btw, gald u like the screenies!! ^^

  • hkangel says:

    Umm… pretty sure it was before Ep. 40, but I can’t remember the exact Ep. number. But it was definitely before Sau Fung jilted Pong at the altar… It was after the scene where Bing Yee fell on top of Pong after they were locked into their new accommodation. Bing Yee resigned coz she didn’t she knew she couldn’t face Pong anymore (coz of her crush on him); and so to avoid anymore awkwardness, she resigned. 🙁 Pong let her go, and before she left he flew an paper airplane to her which was his letter of recommendation. Bing Yee left and then worked for her dad’s company.

  • hahahaha love raymond’s cheeky expressions!! XD and that lost one when he said maybe he didnt brush teeth haha

  • epicviviann says:

    I think been tai means insane/crazy. Hahaha I love your site, its awesome.

    By the way, how do you make the screen caps blend in so well together?

  • sugar says:

    Awe, K, you make me want to watch TDOL just for Myo and Fung. 😛 I’m going through your screencaps, heh!

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