Raymond told Charmaine that he didn’t really understand why Myolie got so angry at him after he gave away the soup she made for him to the other guy they worked with and Charmaine tells him that its because Myolie has a crush on him. Raymond didn’t believe her but Charmaine assured him that her female instincts were correct. In fact, she knew a long time ago and ended up getting Raymond to test Myolie to prove her point.

So for Myolie’s birthday, Charmaine told Raymond to ask Myolie out to dinner alone to celebrate with her, and said that would definitely dress up extremely nice and wear a dress. If he asked her what she would like to eat, she would say she wouldn’t mind and that he could decide. If he ordered something she doesn’t really like, she’ll say its fine anyway and give it a try.

When asked if she knew why he invited her out along, Myolie went shy and said she didn’t know, asking him why.

Charmaine then said that what she has planned to do after will cause Myolie to change her mood and attitude and become really upset.

Everything Charmaine said came true..
Charmaine appears with the Birthday cake, singing the birthday song and telling her that they planned to give her a surprise. They gave her a birthday present saying the two chose it together. Charmaine later tells her that after dinner they plan to go karaoke together and that she has brought along a lot of decent single men for her to meet, who are also looking for a girlfriend….
Myolie excuses herself going to the washroom and Charmaine claims to Raymond that her theory was correct. Raymond told her that they still have to work together and she told him not to worry because she already “hinted to her to back off”. Raymond said the rest of the dinner would awkward and Charmaine assured him that Myolie would say that she’s not feeling well and leave early.

I felt really sorry for Myolie’s character..I thought it was really really mean and slack of Charmaine to treat her like that. Raymond should feel bad too for pulling that kind of prank on her with Charmane, but I blame Charmaine for all those ideas.. Just to prove her own point. She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings and leaving that kind of memory for Myolie on her birthday. How would she feel?

10 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Episode 28 -Myolie’s Birthday”

  • chibi says:

    argh, Charmaine is so selfish and arrogant >.> I mean I can understand Charmaine wants Myolie to backoff her boyfriend, but other methods are just as effective without being so slack, esp on her birthday

  • kinki says:

    I am not currently watching this series.

    But I’d like to know who Raymond ends up with Charmaine or Myolie in the end?

    (I am just curious) What do you guys think? Anyone knows?

  • all I can say is “awww” after reading ur new post. that is so mean to myolie! it’s like she laughing at myolie after she proved her point! “raymond brought his girlfriend to celebrate with me” … is myolie even friends with charmaine?

  • AC says:

    I felt so bad for Myolie’s character! It was her birthday! That’s what made me hate charmaine’s character

  • reistarz says:

    Hi! I’m watching episode 39 currently. There’s a song in the show which I find it really nice! They always have this song when it comes to Raymond’s love life. Does anyone noes the song title??

  • KTVB says:

    To AC: Currently watched up to episode 33, and I’m hating Charmaine more because of what she did on their wedding day!! argh…

    To blue_angel_12: Myolie and Charmaine don’t really know each other that well, only through Raymond. A little love rivalry but I do get the impression they don’t like each other much. (Funny they have them after the same guy after TVB’s 39th Anniversary as they compete for Best Actress Award)

    To chibi: agrree!

    To kinki: I’m pretty sure Raymond will end up with Charmaine and Myolie with Feng Shao Feng because of a quick preview shot in episode 1 (10years into the future), we see the couples together. Also, in the opening theme video for the one released in China, they couplings are shown as well~ I heard that Myolie with ‘get together’ with Raymond for a while, but then he goes back to Charamine and Myolie ends up the Feng instead. I ‘m interested to see how it all happens though, because so far , Raymond’s heart is only with Charmaine (as of episode 33) and Myolie still likes Raymond. Ther’es nothing between Feng and Myolie so far, but I guess its just half way through the series~~~ will keep u informed if u’re interested! XD

    To reistarz: I think you’re talking about the Sub song by Raymond Lam called “Searching For You in Loving Memories” ^^

  • dreamer says:

    YA i agree.

    Raymond can juz tell him straight i love my gf a lot and any girl would understand already.

  • kinki says:

    thx for your thorough explanations of the couples’ relationships!

    personally, i think charmaine looks better/cuter with raymond…i am biased though..heehee..
    really happy to know they will end up together in this series!!

    really want to watch the series now!! ^^

  • Krystal says:

    Yeah Ray still likes Charmaine. He’s with Moylie cuz he’s “comfortable” with her.
    However, I don’t thin Ray will end up with Charmaine.

    I was reading about Charmaine’s character and it says that Charmaine accidently injured Ray’s father and he became paralized from the waist down. She feels very guilty and told Ray. but Ray can’t forgive her. so I THINK in the ending, she’s waiting Ray to forgive her. But I’m hoping that I am wrong.

  • lostxemotion says:

    uhhh i dont’ blame charmain for it cuz its just her role in this moviee lol -________- their jsut trying to show ut aht charmains a good but tricky person cuz she’s smart! its not like she’s heartless or nething cuz she doesn’t go up straight ot her face n asks if she likes raymond she does it in a settle way that won’t make myolie suspect that raymond noes. it hink it was a smart idea cuz even tho mmyoli’s feelings were hurt its reality that raymodn likes charmain n not her and life is like that.

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