August 2007

[The Drive of Life] Episode 3

After playing around at Beijing with Feng and the business with the funeral is done, Feng convinces Raymond not to avoid his father anymore by going home to face him and try to compromise with him somehow. Damien gave Raymond a chance to do his own business if he gave him a proposal he was happy with. After going to some Hot Spring with Feng, Raymond decided on the spot that he wants to start a Hot Spring Hotel in Beijing. Damien ends up letting him proceed and Raymond excitedly followed his assistance’s information; heading out to buy the land.
Charmaine comes into the scene! Her character is quite amusing as well. She’s good at deceiving people to get things her way. They mistaken her as Stella Choi (the manager they needed to speak to) after Charmaine drops the business card. It turns out she’s one of their competitors (agents) for the land and she ends up getting all their information. I knew she looked suspicious because of that mischievous smile on her face when Raymond was telling her about his plans.

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