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A lot of things has happened since Episode 30. Just shortly after Raymond proposes to Charmaine and they agreed to get married, Charmaine finds out the true reason behind the death of her mother. Because Damien and his wife indirectly told her mother that she was the one who had killed Charmaine’s father, Charmaine’s mother couldn’t handle the truth, so she committed suicide. Sworn to take revenge on the Wah family, Charmaine’s hides the inner-hatred and proceeds on the wedding ceremony, pretending she didn’t know. On the wedding day, Charmaine shows up delayed (of course, not dressed up), announcing to all the guests there what evil people Raymond’s parents are, declaring they were the ones who had killed her mother! She officially announces that their wedding is canceled and walks off. The poor Raymond was lost and confused, not having a clue what was going on T_T Later, she threatens to have an abortion and get rid of their baby, forcing Raymond’s parents to give her a large sum of money and to kneel in front of her to apologise! Charmaine considered having an abortion, but then decided that she’ll keep the baby, bringing the baby up herself. However, due to an accident, she ends up losing the baby, then telling Raymond and his family she didn’t keep her words, getting rid of the baby. Charmaine leaves the scene and Raymond goes hiding in depression for months. He completely loses himself.
Only recently, Myolie ends up finding Raymond and bringing him back up..

— –

Episode 39

This is the scene after the two do lion-dancing practice together ^^

Raymond and Myolie have grown a lot closer, making everyone around think that the two liked each other. Not wanting Myolie to have any misunderstanding, Raymond decided on the day not to go and do lion dancing with her. Myolie calls Raymond’s home, looking for him and Raymond’s mum answers the phone. Raymond signals to his mother saying that he’s not home. Because Raymond’s mother didn’t hang up the phone properly, Myolie overhears Raymond’s conversation with his mother, realising that Raymond doesn’t want Myolie getting the wrong idea. After the incidence with Charmaine, Myolie was the one who helped him back up and so was grateful for everything Myolie has done for him. That was the reason why he wanted to be there for her, to do anything he can.

But I never thought that so many people would mistaken because of this” .

Myolie becomes upset and hangs up. Raymond’s mother ends up reminding him and giving him some advice.

You’ve grown up now. When it comes to love, I don’t have the right to make decisions for you. But if things have passed, just let it pass. Love isn’t about bunch of furniture (?) You can’t break it into bits and then compile it together again. All these years, Myolie has been by your side. You know that. Do you want to choose a girl who will hurt you forever, or would you hurt someone who has been by your side the whole time? ”

Raymond and Myolie Get-together scene

That night, Raymond goes to find Myolie.
She rips up the photo of the two together and pieces of the photo falls down on him. Raymond notices her at the top and approaches her.

Raymond: “Sorry. Sorry.”

Myolie: “I should be the one saying I’m sorry… I’m stupid. I’m the one who did all the useless one-sided love things. I admit, there was a moment that I thought that you really had forgotten everything from the past. I can really be placed first priority in your heart. I’m sorry, I will never be stupid anymore..I won’t bring you anymore troubles.”

As Myolie was about to run away, Raymond hugs onto her.

Raymond: “I’m sorry! I’m the stupid one. Give me one more chance. I promise you, I won’t hurt you anymore. I won’t let you suffer anymore.”
awww! so Sweet!

7 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Episode 39: Raymond & Myolie”

  • jobobi says:

    thanks for the recaps! I’m too lazy to watch it because it’s so long! I think 40 eps is a maximum for me, any longer and i would lose track of things. i was looking forward to Jewel’s Splendor, until i found out it was 80 eps O_O

  • Wendy says:

    i love epi 39, its so emotional, made me cry =( but so sweet at the same time!

  • AC says:

    I really wanted Ray and Myolie to end up together but I’m eager to see how her other relationship will start

  • Joyce says:

    Nice Rayolie’s banner!!! beautiful screencaps of Rayolie too, I felt sad for Myolie, poor her.

  • KTVB says:

    To jobobi: itss cool. I know a lot of people are skiping or have given up on the series because its very long. So I choose to put some screencpautres/moments up to keep you guys informed ^^

    To AC: me too~~

  • awww that was a sweet myo/ray episode… haha don’t like the sound of charmaine’s character!

  • Just a Girl says:

    I have also finished watching DOL. Such as the picture right at the top of Myolie and Raymond. Aww you like it too right? I think it’s episode 39. Sigh raymond grabs Myolie from behind…
    Sometimes i like watching it over and over For other series i just watch the preview channel. lols  If a handsome guy would grab me like that and ask me to give him a chance *phew!!* that would be the day :kiss:  In DOL I’ve seen most of the Hong Kong actors somewhere but the mainlanders, never seen them be

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