I’m have a bad feeling about this..

At the end of last episode, Raymond’s encounter with Charmaine causes Raymond to go emotionally unstable again. Torn apart because of Charmaine’s doing, he painfully, emotionally runs to find Myolie desperately to get Charmaine out of his mind. Poor thing ='(!!!

There, he finds Myolie learning to play basketball so that she can play with him when he has some spare time (since he’s really busy these days), to help him relieve some stress. Raymond is moved, and has a sudden urge to propose to Myolie.

It’s sad..I don’t think Raymond actually loves Myolie. I see it as merely loving the support Myolie is giving him and is grateful for everything she has done for him, stood by his side through all times and helped him get back up after falling so badly. He is comfortable around her. Does he love her? He would definitely have feelings towards her, but I don’t think he loves her more than Charmaine..*sigh* I see that Raymond wants to get married with Myolie to protect his inner insecurities and because of Charmaine. He wants to forget about her, because he knows he still loves Charmaine but they shouldn’t be together. It was not possible. He loves and hates her. I am fearing what would happen next..I really want Myolie and Raymond’s wedding to go smoothly and that they could live happily ever after, but I know its not going to happen..

I think we’re supposed to feel sorry for Charmaine because of the pain of losing her mother and her baby, and not being able to be with Raymond, ruining their own wedding to take revenge~but I don’t sympathise with her. I don’t agree with her reasoning. I hated everything she did to Raymond and the Wah family, and everything she put Raymond through. She has fallen into deep danger, hatred and jealousy. All that she thinks about is taking revenge, but she doesn’t think of what her mother would actually want for her. I don’t really care that Charmaine didn’t deliberately have an abortion. Raymond is the most innocent one…She keeps thinking that she’s the only one in pain but she doesn’t know that Raymond suffered all along too. He just got back up with the help of Myolie but doesn’t want Raymond to ever get out of his miseries. She ruined their wedding with her own hands but what does she want now? She’s still expecting Raymond to be overly-obsessed with her? (He probably is anyway though..) She doesn’t want him to have happiness ever again..she wants the whole Wah family to suffer with her…She should leave him alone!

Charmaine sees Raymond and Myolie from the outside of the Bridal-clothing store.

At the end of the episode, Myolie overhears Charmaine talking to the doctor, and finds out that Charmaine actually wanted to keep the baby and didn’t lose the baby because of an abortion. Charmaine can no longer have anymore babies. Why must Myolie find out this now ? ? Myolie has a soft-heart..

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  • chibi says:

    ah…charmaine is too evil for me to like or feel sorry for her ..her actions just dont justify.

  • fox says:

    I hate why Pong have to say “sorry” to Fung. He is innocent.


  • Mikkeh says:

    this is nothing to do with this part, but oh well..

    lots of the actresses and actors hav disappeared from tvb series.. like that lil boy fom the one where he was lost and the dad went around so hard trying to find him….

    oh and theres no series that are set in the past now, where they fight in the air n stuff… i was hoping they would film stuff like that…llike face to fate…I LURVED it.. but now there’s no other shows like that T_T

  • F.B.I. says:

    ahhh altho I know it is spoilers but I still read it xD you just make too good reviews and I don’t want to watch it then see this xD

  • nina says:

    ooh my gosh, I’m so0o slow… I just finish watching episode 9… reading this episode 40+… i hate to know ahead then late watching tha begining making it bore!!!

    but anyway thanxxx for postin in…

  • aud says:

    i really hope raymond won’t hurt myolie after proposing to her man! it’ll be almost disastrous for her! 🙁

  • triumph says:

    i love all those screencaps and comments you made on Rayolie in TDOL lol 🙂

  • alicechen says:

    Hey K!! How are you lately?!! Ahh *too many spoilers here!*. I just started to watch DOL. I’m not that far yet but your posts are killing me! I want to see that slapping scene so bad!! hehe 😀

  • yui says:

    awww, it seems like every is voting for Rayolie? Charmaine’s character is extreme alright but that doesnt mean she hasnt suffered anything?! Its Tvb’s fault for showing just raymond’s suffered time and how Myolie is always there for him suffering with him. I love that slapping scene! haha 2 ladies slapping infront of hot raymond!! har-har. ktvb! you’re so unfair! Showing only scenes of Rayolie.. But thanks for the screencaps anyways!! 😛

  • F.B.I. says:

    the slaps that myolie did was pretty weird kinda random but maybe it wasn’t

  • Cheonsa says:

    I don’t agree with that you’re saying at all. You’re seriously REALLY biased with Rayolie. I think that if you were in the position of Charmaine, you would do the same thing.
    Don’t act like you wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure that all girls will feel jealousy and hatred after. I know I’m one of those people.
    I think that Charmaine has the right to be mad, and did what she did, but at then end. She still loved Raymond didn’t she?
    And they still got back together.
    To me, in the Drive of Life, they were the best couple <3
    Charmaine should've slapped Myolie some more. That's what angry women do -_-
    And the feelings that Raymond might've had for Myolie were only temporary to try and forget about Charmaine. He never truely loved her.
    So yeahh.
    Don't agree with what you say -.-

    • KTVB says:

      Relax, no need to get all hyped about it 🙂 I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of Charray supporters out there. I’m merely expressing my opinion.

      I’m a Ray fan, not Rayolie or Charray lol I admit I’m bias towards him, and just wanted his character to be happy in the series.

      I’ve said above that I think Raymond only loves Charmaine and is marrying Myolie in hope to forget about her- even though Charmaine is the one he loves.

    • Suby says:

      Cheonsa, I agree with you! Haha, okay maybe it’s just because I’m biased towards Charray..but actually this was the first drama that I saw Charray in. Before this drama, I didn’t even know of Charray! I really loved Charmaine’s character in TDOL, and I think she thought that Cham-Yan caused her mother’s death because she was emotionally unstable at that time, so she decided to blame Cham-Yan. But personally, I think Cham-Yan had to take a little bit of the blame, too. Ah well these are my own opinions anyway..

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