After hearing the things Charmaine has been saying to his father (forcing him into a corner, determined to kill off the company and offering him a bit more time if he begged her etc), Raymond goes to find Charmaine begging her to stop everything she was doing.
Raymond grabs onto Charmaine’s arm and pull her over to some street, and Myolie sees, following them.

Charmaine: “Let me go! What do you want?!”

Raymond: “You’re doing all this just because you hate me, isn’t it?”

Charmaine: “Yes, I hate everyone in the Wah family!”

Raymond: “OK, that’s simple then” (Raymond grabs a broken bottle and gives it to Charmaine)

“Hold it, stab me. You hate me right?”

Charmaine: “Let go!”

Raymond: “I’m telling you to stab me!”

Charmaine:” I’m telling you, let go!”

Raymond: “If you hate me so much, please just kill me! After you kill me, the Wah family and you won’t have anymore ‘debt’! Don’t’ harass my family! Don’t mess with ‘Wah Jit” (their car manufacturing company) ”

(Raymond is still holding onto the bottle tightly and his hands are bleeding)

Raymond: “Charmaine, I don’t want to see you suffering everyday… I don’t to see you carrying a burden everyday. Just stab me..after you stab me you can get rid of the burden….”

Raymond: “If you don’t kill me, I’m begging you, please don’t harass my family anymore. Just kill me..”

Charmaine takes the bottle off Raymond’s hands and throws it away. She hugs onto him tightly and the two of them cry..

Myolie sees the two realising that they still love each other, and she sadly leaves the scene.

After hugging for a while, Raymond realises that he shouldn’t be with Charmaine and lets her go.

Raymond: “I’m sorry..”

Raymond walks off and Charmaine stays there crying..

I felt sooo sad Myolie when they was trying on their wedding gown and taking their wedding photo. Myolie tried so hard to hold back her tears…but Raymond didn’t seem to notice..(similar to when it was obvious Charmaine was very angry before their wedding, but he didn’t realise)…I also felt very sad for her when she told Feng ShaoFeng that the wedding photo was enough for her.. T_T

Myolie decided to let Raymond go because she knew that the one Raymond truly loved was Charmaine and not her. She goes off to Beijing and leaves Raymond a letter where she reminds him of the time they met, how she fell for him, the things they’ve been through, the whole relationship between him and Charmaine and then how she witnessed the hugging scene (above). She tells him about Charmaine’s baby how Charmaine didn’t get rid of the baby deliberately…At the end, she asks him not to find her (Myolie) anymore, letting her go with some respect…


After the hugging/stabbing scene (above), Charmaine does let go, selling off all her shares back to “Wah Jit”, ‘betraying ‘Ngai Tin Hung’. After she leaves his office, Raymond chases Charmaine who got in a taxi.
The taxi stops and Raymond pulls Charmaine out of the car.

Charmaine:” What do you want now? I already gave you  back the shares! What are you doing!”

Raymond hugs onto Charmaine ” Charamine, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I know everything now. The baby was lsot due to an accident. It wasn’t your fault. I’m so sorry Charmaine..”

Very exciting scenes.. the Sub-themesong seem to fit the whole atmosphere really well making it even more dramatic!! *in love with the sub-themesong*

Looks like the end of the love triangle…all I hope now is that Charmaine won’t hurt Raymond again..~~

21 Responses to “[The Drive of Life] Episode 44 Raymond Lam & Charmaine Sheh”

  • guess says:

    right now, h.k drama ‘s story line just look alike
    the korean drama.

    emotional and trangle love

  • guess says:

    if they do not have those essence , (sentimetal ) nobody will watch any more.

    for the korean drama make the romatic scense too dramtical

  • Mabel says:

    I love reading your comments they are very insightful.

  • Mark says:

    It’s the last episode tonight…can’t wait to watch it…hehehe 😉

  • Painty says:

    OMGOSHH this is like one of my favourite scenes everrrrr!

    i just watched the last episode. it was niceee. 😀

    i so wishhhh that there’d be a sequel to it. this story is just too amazing plus Raymond and Charmaine do look sooooo good together.

  • vivi says:

    i am literlally hate charmaine uno in this sereis =_+

  • Wai Wai Noodles says:

    I was going to just read a little bit of the series with Raymond, Charmaine, and Myolie, but I end up reading the whole page…love triangle hurts.

  • FaNNy says:

    awww….omg the charRay pix are so nice!! and sweet!!! well i hope raymond actually ends up wiht her, and they have a happy ending =] well waiting for shao feng and myo pix!

  • mich says:

    myolie is too soft hearted in this show. but joe ma acting is good. toby and ron dun have much scenes.

  • aud says:

    omgosh, what a complete turn of events or rather, was this expected? i feeel really sad for myolie 🙁

  • j00ky says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Darn you Charmaine!!! grrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  • KTVB says:

    To mandyc: Looks like your comment got cut off ^^; The subthemesong sung by Raymond Lam is called 愛在記憶中找你”Searching For You in Loving Memories”

  • alice says:

    GRRR! I feel so bad for Myolie… It’s Ray’s fault for giving her false signs even though he doesn’t love her, and now that she’s fallen in love with him he’s completely ditching her to go back to Charmaine… I wanna rip his head off! Thanks for typing all of that up, though… I’m Viet so I saw the clip of Ray & Char in the alley on youtube and I only understood like half of it 🙁

  • mandyc says:

    just wondering.. what is the name of the subtheme called? it’s got a lot of tension in the song and i

  • mandyc says:

    it did get cut off=(
    but i don’t remember what i was saying..

    Thanks fro the name!

  • ray says:

    i really hate charmine

  • Sandy says:

    I can’t be bothered to sit through the whole 60 episodes. But after reading the devt of Charmaine-Raymond-Myolie love triangle, I really feel sorry for Myolie. She’s so kind-hearted. Ray shouldn’t have treated her as a substitute when he still loves Charmaine. Stupid man. Hate Charmaine (in this show that is).

  • begiddy says:

    Get real! Myolie is pathetic and Charmaine so much smarter and stronger in every way. Charmaine’s acting makes you like and hate her depending on which episode you’re watching. But I think she’s great in this who show! And she looks so much better with Raymond.

  • hello says:

    i really hate myolie.

  • Vaneffle says:

    I can’t stand Myolie. She is just so annoying.

    That ‘killing’ scene was so emotional, but it didn’t really make sense. Who would go and tell someone else to kill them so that they didn’t need to suffer anymore. After he dies, the police will get her and she will have to go to gaol. But I still really like that scene, I love all the Charray scenes in this series.

    • KTVB says:

      lol XD I think it was more of an emotional confession to Charmaine about how he wants to die because of all the pain she is causing him, and he just wants to put an end to it…so he’s “forcing” her to kill him if that would make her happy- to end the misery.

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